Goodell subtly shifts his Kaepernick talking points

The overriding message hasn’t changed; Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t believe quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed. However, Goodell has altered his explanation as to which no team has signed Kaepernick.

“Teams make decisions [based] on what’s in the best interest of their team . . .  and they make those decisions individually,” Goodell said at a fan forum in Denver, via the Associated Press.

The focus on the “best interest” of the team reflects a broader analysis than the one Goodell previously said teams engage in, on three prior occasions.

From March: “My experience in 35 years is that our clubs make independent evaluations of players. They work hard to try to improve their teams. But if they think a player can help improve their team, they’re going to do that.”

From May: “It’s the same thing I said before, which is each team makes individual decisions about how they can improve their team. And if they see an opportunity to improve their team I think they do it. They evaluate players, they evaluate systems and coaches, and they all make those individual decisions to try to improve their team.”

From June: “[A]ll [teams] want to get better. And if they see an opportunity to get better as a football team, they’re going to do it. They’re going to do whatever it takes to make their football team better. So those are football decisions. They’re made all the time. I believe that if a football team feels that Colin Kaepernick, or any other player, is going to improve that team, they’re going to do it.”

Now, it’s no longer about “improving the team.” It’s about “the best interest of the team.” And for good reason; Goodell was present in Baltimore as owner Steve Bisciotti confirmed that it’s not just about what will “improve the team.” It’s about how fans and sponsors will react.

That said, I agree with Goodell’s belief that Kaepernick isn’t being blackballed. This implies coordination or collusion among the league office and the various teams. In this case, the organizations independently have decided it’s not in their best interests to sign Kaepernick.

If he was the kind of quarterback that Ron Jaworski once suggested Kaepernick would be, someone would have signed him by now. But his skills, which aren’t nearly bad enough to justify the “all about football” nonsense that some have been pushing for months, aren’t good enough to persuade a team to take on a player whose behavior shouldn’t cause him to be branded like a criminal, even if it somehow has.

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  1. This is your typical leftist journalist – control the narrative, leave out a bunch important things (that don’t help “the narrative”), and flat out lie. And they wonder how Trump could have gotten elected.

    I’ve been saying on these here boards that Kaep is not good for business because he dumped on the brand; the NFL is a very patriotic league – they sell it. They honor cops, they honor soldiers, they honor America. Kaep disrespected the police (socks with pigs in cop uniforms and calling police modern day “slave patrols”), and he dishonored the flag and those who fought, died and were maimed by war).

    The police and military are a part of the NFL. A good chunk of the fans support the police, the armed forces and most of all, they love America, and they are tired of the decades long bashing of her.

    Plus, you don’t want to tick off the military or police. You want their support. You want them on your side. Guess what they want? That’s right, Kaep on the outside looking in.

  2. Just tonight I was talking to my niece’s husband, who is a police officer. People have no idea what the police go through. Every day they’re risking their lives to protect us, and they know they could be ambushed at any time. He acknowledged that some cops aren’t cut out for that kind of work, but politics often dictates who goes where. They’re under a ton of scrutiny and mistakes are going to happen sometimes.

    What Kaepernick did was impugn the integrity of every police officer, which makes their jobs much harder. The police and the public are more at risk because of it, because people want to take more shots at police and police are more cautious than they should be to be effective. This is dangerous. Let’s not act like all he did was exercise his right to protest and it didn’t hurt anyone. He has a right to do it but the consequence fits the action.

  3. Another day, another plug for that pathetic excuse for a football player and American. If one needs any reminder as to why no one wants or needs to have him on their team, comes word today of his girlfriend calling the Ravens’ owner and Ray Lewis “slave owner and house slave.” If someone signs Kap and he gets benched, are we going to be treated to more slave owner or other black/white remarks? That, ladies and gentleman is what you get for even contemplating signing the guy. Hard to imagine the filth and invective if they do sign the guy.

    I also love all those guys saying he did nothing legal? So? Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame did nothing illegal and hasn’t had work since. Curt Schilling did nothing illegal and was fired for being anti-gay marriage. When the same clowns scream for Schilling’s hiring, then maybe we will listen.

  4. Maybe it is because he set a record for worst performance at Qb with 4 passing yards last year, or that he has not been worth spit since he was driving the ferrari of Gore, Oline and D tops in league, or that after 5 years in the league he still could not get an entire playbook digested.

    How come the other kneelers have jobs? Stills got $32M contract. What is up with that?

  5. So it is suggested here that Kaep shouldn’t be blackballed because his behavior “shouldn’t cause him to be branded like a criminal”. Well, guess what? Riley Cooper didn’t commit a criminal act and was blackballed, I don’t see you defending him. Tim Tebow wasn’t a criminal and was blackballed by some because the media circus that followed him was a distraction. I didn’t see you rabidly defending him either. It was said that some teams wouldn’t sign Brent Grimes because they didn’t want his wife to be a distraction. Did you defend him as actively? What I see is the selective defense of a guy who for WHATEVER reason may or may not be signed because of bad PR. It’s part of the territory and always will be. It’s a shame that some in the media can’t accept that.

  6. In Teddy We Trust says:
    August 4, 2017 at 12:44 am
    Just tonight I was talking to my niece’s husband, who is a police officer. People have no idea what the police go through. Every day they’re risking their lives to protect us, and they know they could be ambushed at any time. He acknowledged that some cops aren’t cut out for that kind of work, but politics often dictates who goes where. They’re under a ton of scrutiny and mistakes are going to happen sometimes.
    If Kaep ever wants to see the field again, he should do a ride along with police in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. And visit a VA hospital and talk with wounded soldiers. After that, issue a statement saying his perspective has changed, he respects the hard and dangerous work police do, and now knows the sacrifice of those who fought for the flag. Lastly, apologize, and then I’d be ok with him being allowed to play again. And if he still believes in his causes, do it in a less offensive manner.

  7. I respect anyone’s right to peacefully protest. But when he admitted he didn’t even vote in the last election he instantly became a fraud and doesn’t deserve respect from anyone, especially by the left that has been propping him up.

  8. So if you don’t hire Kaepernick you’re a racist, seriously???? How many black football players are in the NFL today? How about he’s not being hired because he’s a potential cancer in the locker room and on the field. Regardless of the situation he’s brought this celebrity upon himself. No one else started the protests and dissed the American flag and anthem, no one else wore socks depicting police as pigs, no one else talked up tyrant Fidel Castro as a wonderful leader.
    And if the reports are true that his girlfriend tweeted Biscotti a slave owner and Lewis an Uncle Tom, keep him far away from Baltimore.

  9. PFT ignoring the story that Colin’s GF tweeted directly to Ray Lewis a photo comparing he and Biscotti as slave and slave master. Wow. CK doesn’t want an NFL job, he wants the extended publicity that surrounds him looking for a job. He’s playing social justice martyr, and he’s sabotaging every chance he gets because he doesn’t want to be a QB. He wants to be a guy the league blackballs so he can be a victim.

  10. Kaepernick’s Image Problem is that his afro image reminds white people of how they felt during the 1960’s and 1970’s riots and their fears, much like the KKK makes black
    people feel about their fears and lives in earlier times before civil rights laws.
    People on both sides just don’t want to see these visual reminders period.

  11. Welcome to today’s polite society, In days past he would have been crushed by peoples honest heartfelt comments.In todays USA we are not allowed to speak our minds in disagreement to so many different controversial subjects.
    All I can say is, Kap you took a side where, (proven federal studies) have shown 8% (max)
    of population commit 54% of violent Crimes. (I can prove this). Then have A player say all the fault is the uniformed officers.
    You made your bed.. some folks don’t like being kicked in the teeth.

  12. gabbert replaced him as a starter the year before kap started taking a knee. he was going to be a backup at best before he decided to protest.

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