Kevin White: Watching college film was “just reminiscing”


On Monday, Bears wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni discussed how he’s been working with third-year wideout Kevin White and told a story about watching film of White from West Virginia because “wanted him to see how he owned the ball in the air” while he was in college.

Azzanni also said that the team wants to “block out the noise” for White because they want him to stay positive after his first two NFL seasons saw him play in just four games because of injuries. Azzanni’s comments made noise in several outlets and White didn’t seem thrilled about it on Wednesday.

White said a tweet reading “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see” that appeared after Azzanni’s comments made the rounds wasn’t a direct response, but noted that people can take a story and turn it into something that isn’t true. He said watching the college film was “just reminiscing” and it was actually something he did with other members of the receiving corps.

“As far as the college film, that was among players — me, Kendall Wright, Victor Cruz,” White said, via Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was actually Kendall’s idea to watch each other’s college film since we had a little time off. Watched mine, then watched Kendall’s, then watched Victor Cruz when he was with the Giants. As far as that goes, that’s all I know.”

White’s comments came after what Jahns described as an “impressive day” on the practice field for White. After two frustrating seasons that have provided little return on the first-round pick they used to get White to Chicago, the Bears will likely take as many of those as they can get regardless of what spurs them on behind the scenes.