Malcolm Jenkins: Teams not signing Kaepernick are “cowards”


With certain teams checking the wind direction before deciding if a former Super Bowl quarterback can help them, more and more people are coming to the realization that teams aren’t avoiding Colin Kaepernick for football reasons.

And Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins isn’t holding back.

Via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal, Jenkins called NFL owners “cowards” for not signing Kaepernick for fear of fan outrage.

“This is just some other teams being, quite honestly, cowards, to say that they’re afraid of backlash to sign someone to make their team better when fans’ input has never been in the equation when it comes to signing people in the past,” Jenkins said. “It’s certain owners’ way of making an example out of [Kaepernick] to discourage anybody else from doing what he did.”

Jenkins was one of the other players in the NFL to protest last year, but he hasn’t felt the same kind of blowback that Kaepernick has. Jenkins stood for the national anthem last year, but raised his fist.

Not being a quarterback and in the spotlight helps his ability to escape widespread derision, but Kaepernick has made it clear his protesting days (during games) are over.

“Four months ago, there was a debate as to whether [Kaepernick] is talented enough or whatever,” Jenkins said. “I think at this point in time when you look at the quarterbacks who have jobs around the league, and the amount of owners and GMs who have only spoken of what fans would think about his stance. I think it’s safe to throw out that talent argument, and basically focus on the fact that he doesn’t have a job solely because he didn’t stand for the anthem last year, even though he already expressed that he planned on standing this year.

“That message, to me, is loud and clear from owners as to where their priorities stand and how they go about picking and choosing who they want on their teams. It’s definitely unfortunate, but it’s shining a light on just how the NFL operates and what we deem as acceptable. It really has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong, but what affects dollars. That’s business as usual, but I think it’s an unfortunate precedent to set.”

While the Ravens and Dolphins may not add quarterbacks now because of the health of their starters, there are plenty of people who agree with Jenkins, as the season draws near and Kaepernick is still waiting for a call.

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  1. Malcolm is right. People hold the US all high up when in reality, we are awful in education, crime, incarceration rates etc… Kap deserves to be on a team he is being black balled and its sad at this point.

  2. “there are plenty of people who agree with Jenkins”

    I guess you could call 5% of football fans “plenty of people”.

  3. Yeah ok Malcom. Get back to us when you have your own multibillion dollar enterprise that you are willing to risk by pissing off half of your paying customers.

  4. None of these Marxist social justice warriors spoke out for Tebow since he’s been blackballed for his proselytizing biblical Christianity. They all seem like hypocritical black supremacists. Last season as starting qb: Tebow 8-5, Kap 1-10.

  5. I still think it’s funny that Colin Kaepernick himself opted out of the last year of his contract with the 49ers when he was slated to make $14.5 million this season. Oops.

  6. Malcolm Jenkins, By your reasoning the Eagles are cowards too, because they have yet to sign Kaepernick as well. Nobody wants Kaepernick because he is trouble… teams tend to avoid trouble at any cost. Besides, most fans of this league dislike Kaepernick and who do you think pays for your paycheck? Yes, the fans. If fans stop going to games, buy merchandise or quit watching on tv, your ridiculously large contracts will cease to exist. So to the Owners, front office, GM & coaches anything that would hinder their jobs would most likely be avoided. On top of that Kaepernick is not even that good… not good enough to overcome and surpass the negatives that definitely outweigh the positives. Sincerely, The Fans

  7. Anyone make Cutler an offer to come back?
    No they did not…he ain’t great but he’s at least as good as Kaepernick.

  8. It doesn’t matter a lick that players agree. It’s what the fans–the paying customers think. What are the owners expected to do? Ignore threats of boycotts and bad press? The public generally doesn’t like what he did, especially knowing about the way he did it and the accompanying Castro praise and anti-police socks. Jenkins thinks they are ideologically linked, and to an extent he and Kap may be. But Jenkins speaks out articulately, reasonably, etc. He went on ride slings. He raised his fist to express solidarity, but he showed respect. Kap did not. After all that nonsense, he didnt even vote. The owners are going to respond like they have.

  9. The guy is back up caliber at best and that’s generous. He has a fastball, no ability to adjust the velocity of his pass and no ability to read a defense. The 49ers reached a super bowl due to a great defense and running game. When they needed him the most he went 0-10 in the red zone where the game gets even faster. Why are we talking about him again?

  10. Why are we not talking about RG3 this way? better qb who has not been signed either. Kaepernick, like Tebow is not suited to be a starting qb in the NFL, Owners are afraid to sign him, because they are afraid to lose.

    So tired of pro athletes complaining about their rough lives, leave politics out of sports.

  11. The fans’ input is important because if there were no fans to watch football, Malcolm Jenkins and Colin Kaepernick both would be slinging burgers at McDonalds right now.

    Football players are entertainers, period. No more and no less.

  12. CK is a backup QB at best but he wants to be paid like a starting QB. He should have stuck it out with the 49ers one more season to prove the doubters wrong (which we all know he couldn’t do)

  13. If anybody ever heard Jenkins interviewed, they’d see he’s not the brightest bulb out there. Nothing to see here folks.

  14. Malcolm Jenkins and others should just shut up since each time they call out NFL teams for not signing Kap the less likely he’ll get signed. Jenkins and his ilk are not smart enough to realize that, so I’ll just enjoy as this ungrateful person remain unemployed in the NFL.

  15. Jenkins is a coward because he wouldn’t sit for the national anthem until someone else did it first.

  16. I have to agree with you. It’s so dang weird though because didn’t he get the niners to 3 straight NFC championship games and a superbowl? I mean, that’s still a great accomplishment for a QBs career. I know everyone hates on the guy, but he accomplished more than most QBs in NFL history if you really look at it. And he was great those seasons. I feel bad for the man. He deserves a chance somewhere.

    I have a really stupid question, did NFL players stop wearing jock straps? I heard something about that and I tried googling it but didn’t search too long.

    Anyway, let’s all hope these guys stay safe out there.

  17. crappygovernment says:
    August 3, 2017 at 5:40 pm
    None of these Marxist social justice warriors spoke out for Tebow since he’s been blackballed for his proselytizing biblical Christianity. They all seem like hypocritical black supremacists. Last season as starting qb: Tebow 8-5, Kap 1-10.

    Tebow was never blackballed. Teams strained to find any excuse to get him ON the roster because he was a fan favorite. Unfortunately, he was never a viable NFL player unless you have a time machine and go back to the days before the legalization of the forward pass.

  18. The Ravens are biding time until they think Flacco is ready to go. Cowards yes i think thats a good word for it.Flacco gets hurt , which is very possible, they will be finished. Mallett doesnt have the temperamemt to be a starting qb in this league. Harbaugh and company will pay the price in the end.

  19. Kaeprnick is NOT good. Any fool throwing out his stats from last year as evidence that he’s talented didn’t watch those games. As a Niners fan I did. It has become painfully clear that Kap doesn’t have the ability to adjust well. If he’s had time to prepare and has an idea of what to expect and has practiced that then he plays well. Look at every 1st game of the year he’s played in, he absolutely crushes his opponents. In 2016 his 1st half games averaged 71.4% completion with a average QB ranking of 114.4. In the 2nd half he was an abysmal 45% completion with a average QB rating of 61.5. The 49ers who finished 2-14 were within 7 points of their opponent at the end of the 1st half in 8 of the 12 games Kap played in, and in 3 of those contests we were either tied or winning at the half. The 49ers were blown out in 7 of those games because Kap sucks as a QB. He does not have the ability to process the game efficiently when there’s chaos or if he is unsure what to expect both facing the defense and executing the offense.

  20. Hey Jenk, one of those so called cowards is making you a millionare. Hope your relationship with Jeff is great and your skills dont decline too much faster…because the other 31 BILLIONARE cowards wont sign you either now. Agree wirh either side you want. The NFL owners have the same right to freedom of speech, protest, and frankly the right to hire or not hire who they want to play for or represent their team. Dont like it..they play Arena ball or Canada…just my opinion as a combat corpsman from Desert Shield/ Storm and 2 tours in Iraq.

  21. Malcolm, while in college didn’t you pick up at least a whiff of education? It is pretty obvious that people will not pay money to watch someone they dislike? I realize that it is hard to conceive, but without the fans, who will watch you so you can make outrageous money??? THINK about it for a couple hours..???

  22. crappygovernment says:
    August 3, 2017 at 5:40 pm
    None of these Marxist social justice warriors spoke out for Tebow since he’s been blackballed for his proselytizing biblical Christianity. They all seem like hypocritical black supremacists. Last season as starting qb: Tebow 8-5, Kap 1-10.

    187 23 Rate This

    Tebow and Kaepernick have one thing in common and that is that they both suck at QB. That’s why not many spoke out for Tebow and not many are speaking out for Kaepernick. If either were seriously good enough they would be playing. How was Vick for a Social Justic warrior? I think it’s cool what Tebow is doing now with Baseball but you seem just as lopsided as anyone else I’ve seen. Sick of people like you always trying to divide everyone. I turn off the news and still I see idiots everywhere. Damn.

  23. No one cares what racist Malcolm thinks. These owners don’t want to face the backlash of dealing with it, why would they?

  24. Jenkins is welcome to buy his own team, pay his own coaches, then tell them to build an offense that can cover for Kaep’s flaws as a QB. Or he can just stop proselytizing about how others should spend their money.

  25. I’m sure Kap could get a contract if he wanted. The question is whether he expects starter money or backup money. I would guess he wants more than the $14 m he walked away from.

  26. If you are going to be a social justice warrior, you had better be good enough to overcome the negatives. If you are a winner, killing it on the field, then you can get away with it. In CK’s case, he can’t. on top of it all, he Voided the last year of his deal, which would have paid him 14.5 mil. This guy is his own worst enemy. To be blunt, nobody owes you a job. It is the owners who choose, and they do so based on their own best interests.

  27. The comments are full of moronic people who probably never set foot on a football field and don’t know the difference between a will linebacker and a sam. These are the facts. In 2016, Kap ranked 17 in total QBR, which was ahead of Philip Rivers and Eli Manning and threw 16 touchdown passes against four interceptions. He also played with the worst receiving core in the NFL, shoot Torrey Smith is the quintessential No. 3 receiver and he was supposed to be the stalwart of the group. San Francisco’s No. 1 running back, Carlos Hyde, also missed a few games, and Kap played behind a shotty offensive line at best. Now I do understand most of you could never understand Kap’s stance because you’ve never experienced systematic oppression, or half of the struggles that African Americans in the U.S. face daily, so I’m sympathetic with a lot of you guys’ lack of empathy. Malcolm Jenkins hit the nail on the head by calling owners cowards. The NFL isn’t going to lose money because a team signed Kap, shoot public opinion has never really mattered in the business of football, the point is winning games. There are no backups better than Kaepernick, he is better than a few of the league’s starters, yet you guys fail to acknowledge that. If you choose not to support a team because they signed Kap, then honestly you’re the problem and I feel sorry for the generations of clueless kids that you leave behind. People complain about athletes not using their platforms to stand up for what is right, well Kap did that and now you guys are upset. Also, the NFL isn’t going to miss your money, so your choice to not watch football only affects you. Have a great day.

  28. In the immaculate words of Jeff Foxworthy, “if you’re offended by Kap taking a knee and not unarmed human beings by killed by frightened police officers who may be working the wrong job, then you just might be a racist.

  29. I’m pretty certain ole Kaep got a couple years with a good receiving corps and a bit so shoddy line. He did play in a Super Bowl. As a Bengal fan I would take either Manning or Rivers over Dalton in a heartbeat. Not Kaep. Give me Cam Newton with Kaep’s SJW stances and I’ll take him. Kaep is just a good backup. He’s owed nothing.

  30. @youngnoizecom I was just trying to illustrate that numbers aren’t an end all be all, and also maybe reacted to the all encompassing “moron” label.

    I’ll say this for Kaep…..I didn’t agree with his timing on the protest and part of me believes it was an incredibly quick idea he came up with to justify sitting, not kneeling, during the anthem. I thought it would end up being a catalyst for his implosion, but he ended up earning his voice with his play. He put so much pressure on himself and aquitted himself fairly well. That was impressive. BUT… His previous two years have to be factored in and he looked like a bad backup QB then. In the end he’s just inconsistent and that’s how he’s being treated.

  31. “The guy is back up caliber at best and that’s generous. He has a fastball, no ability to adjust the velocity of his pass and no ability to read a defense. The 49ers reached a super bowl due to a great defense and running game. When they needed him the most he went 0-10 in the red zone where the game gets even faster. Why are we talking about him again?”
    Aren’t we all done with Kap talk?? The above analysis is right on.I have seen every Niner game Kap played When Kap played for Harbaugh he was surrounded by top quality smashmouth guys and they played a style of football that exactly fit his talents. When the Niners fell apart Kap’s fatal flaws were revealed. Fans don’t get it, championship teams make ordinary players look better than they are. And really crappy teams make those same players look worse than they are.Especially QBs. I see him as a very marginal starter or solid backup. But Malcom Jenkins is wrong about why he doesn’t have a job. The owners are not afraid of all the rednecks and Republicans who hate Kap. Richard Sherman nailed it: the owners are mortified that he used “their” game/mulibillion dollar business as a continual soapbox for his political views. That is crossing an unspoken line in the sand the owners have drawn.

  32. Can Malcom Jenkins really be this dumb? Police don’t put people in prisons, their idiotic choices do, police don’t cause you and me to get speeding tickets our choice to speed does. Why is it necessary to go back and explain the most basic concepts of life to a grown man who likes to shake his fist at the sky? The way you reduce the population of prisons is to get people to stop being stupid and criminal. Jenkins is being paid a lot of money to turn people off and away from watching the NFL. I can’t express my political opinions at my work place or protest about a cause which I believe in, why he should he be able to. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

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