Marty Hurney unsure if he’ll lose the “interim” G.M. title in Carolina


Panthers interim General Manager Marty Hurney has been back on the job for two weeks, and he knows he’ll be on the job for another five months. Beyond that, Hurney is unclear what the future holds.

Hurney said on PFT Live that he isn’t sure if he’ll become the Panthers’ G.M. on a permanent basis in 2018 and beyond, or if he’ll move aside for some fresh blood when this season ends.

“One day at a time, that’s how this business is,” Hurney said. “Right now that’s the job and anybody who has done this job knows you have to have a very short memory, and while you have to have a long-term view, I think you still have to take it day-to-day.”

In other words, if the Panthers have a good season and Hurney is credited for making good personnel moves in his brief tenure as the “interim” G.M., it’s possible the can have the “interim” title removed. It’s also possible that Hurney will step down at the end of the season, in which case he said he’d be ready to help Panthers owner Jerry Richardson identify the right candidate to take on the job for the long term.

For now, the focus is on getting the 53-man roster ready for Week One.