Salguero: Tannehill MRI “inconclusive,” all options are on the table


The MRI on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill‘s already-damaged left knee reportedly showed no structural damages. Unless it didn’t.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the MRI was inconclusive. Per Salguero, all options remain on the table, and the worst-case scenario (reconstructive ACL surgery) could still happen.

So the good news really isn’t all that good. At best, the bad news hasn’t arrived yet. With the Dolphins not commenting at all on the situation, there’s an ominous feel to Salguero’s report.

And for good reason. The notion that the MRI showed no structural damage is technically incorrect; Tannehill suffered a partial tear to the ACL last year, and the ACL doesn’t heal without surgery. The question is whether the new MRI shows any greater tear to the ligament — and ultimately whether it’s torn enough to require reconstruction.

In the offseason, the Dolphins and Tannehill decided that it made more sense to proceed with an impaired ACL instead of a repaired one. The question seems to be now back on the table as to whether the ligament should be replaced.

Salguero will appear on Friday’s PFT Live with a full update on Tannehill, plus other Dolphins-related issued. Other guests, since I’m now pushing the show, include Chiefs G.M. Brett Veach and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney.

22 responses to “Salguero: Tannehill MRI “inconclusive,” all options are on the table

  1. just a heads up to the rest of the league……when you go mouthin’ the pats …ie that Miami receiver wingnut who said they were going 2-0 against TB12 this year ….or that espn reporter who spoke lies about TB12 ….he got throat cancer …then got fired…..don’t mess with TB12

  2. ACL tears are bad injuries and very difficult to predict.

    The best predictor for a future acl tear–is a prior tear.

    Given the prior injury, most likely he’ll need a minor arthroscopic surgery to actually look directly into the knee joint with a camera–see what the ligament looks like.

    They can also possibly stress the knee with him unconscious and see if it moves correctly or if the ligament looks frayed, damaged, or not providing enough support between tibia and femur.

    I hope he can play.

  3. It’s a Tom Brady- Patriots world and the rest of the AFC East is on life support until the two GOATs ( TB & BB just in case you’ve been on vacation on another planet) retire. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

  4. ok, obviously, the main point here is how will this effect Colin Kaepernick. basically, Miami will not take the Castro loving Commie, but they will take another QB out of the bullpen, clearing the way for the next desperate team for CK to get back on the sidelines and sitting down for the national anthem, where he belongs!!!

  5. Cutler… he’s better than Tannehill. Why isn’t he employed he is better than some of the 2nd and 3rd stringers on many teams… oh wait! Maybe we should start a crusade for Jay like they have for Sack-or-pick.

  6. Ryan Tannehill should regardless just get the surgery on it, because it’s not a matter of if but when it will completely tear. I had a particularly torn ACL back in high school playing basketball but choice to just let it heal on it own. My knee even when I thought it was healed would still buckle just walking until it completely torn 16 months after I had originally injured it

  7. Cutler is NOT coming out of the TV booth to be a back up.

    Even if he did come to Miami, he is:
    1. Not in football shape
    2. Not familiar with the new playbook and terms
    3. Not ready to dethrone Matt Moore

    Matt Moore is familiar with the team, players, scheme, playbook and his conditioning is game ready. Moore is the starter until proven otherwise by a better QB or healthy Tannehill.

  8. Sorry, Matt Moore is not a better QB than Ryan Tannehill. Sad part about the guy who said he’d sign Dan Marino before Kaepernick is that he really probably believes that’s a grand idea. Oh well, idiots everywhere, never any real escape.

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