Sheldon Richardson says teams asked him to take pay cut in trade

There’s been talk about the Jets trading defensive end Sheldon Richardson since last season, but nothing has ever come to fruition.

According to Richardson, that hasn’t been because of a lack of offers for his services. Richardson says that there were teams interested in acquiring him and named the Seahawks and Redskins as teams that were in pursuit, although they wanted Richardson to give something up in order to make the deal happen.

“It’s a business, bro,” Richardson said to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “There was one team that asked me to take a pay cut … and it was Seattle. And Washington too. There were a lot of offers. A lot of good offers. You’d be surprised.”

Richardson is set to make $8.1 million this year and can become a free agent after the season. Richardson said last month that he wants to remain with the Jets and “turn it around here.” That turnaround is needed for the Jets as a whole and for Richardson as an individual after a 2016 season that fell short of what he accomplished in his first three years in the league.

Should Richardson accomplish the individual part of things, the list of suitors for his services isn’t likely to shrink. The pay cut idea probably goes out the window, though, and the Jets might not be have the same mindset about seeing Richardson in a different uniform come 2018.

13 responses to “Sheldon Richardson says teams asked him to take pay cut in trade

  1. Question: How do you get a big contract after your rookie contract ends?

    A) Act like a malcontent and underperform


    B) Shut and play well

  2. I’d guess his “good offer” interpretation is basing on the teams who offered. Seattle are a contender, the Jets clearly are not. I don’t think he’s looking at it purely on the money situation. It’s how teams like the Patriots manage to get free agents on the cheap. Players without a ring want to play for contenders. Especially those in the twilight of a career.

  3. Right now Seattle is knee deep in a Malik mess. The key is keeping the moron batch at a certain number. Teams are fine if they just have a couple, once you go past that, it’s a Lord of the Flies story.

  4. It’s a contract year so he probably balls out. The problem is, after he gets a big contract, he will probably go full Albert Haynesworth on his next team. Does Snyder go for the double?

  5. I’ve never understood why this guy gets thought of as an asset. He has pedestrian stats, and is a major PITA.

  6. Could it be possible that the Seahawks asked him to cut this year’s salary, by way of signing an extension that would ultimately be a good deal for him?

    Consider also that Seattle has had the SAME SEVEN PRO-BROWL/ALL-PRO guys together on defense for 5 YEARS NOW. That is absolutely unheard of in the NFL, going back decades. Getting to play with a group like that is probably a good deal in and of itself.

  7. Long time jets fan here.. This guy hasnt had a good season in about 3 yrs and to think they were gonna let Mo Wilk walk for this dude..We should have traded him 3 years ago when he was worth something..too many problems on the field and off..See he is in a contract year this year so now he is gonna try and play this year to get that pay day..if he has a good first half of the season then trade high jets at the deadline..Get whatever you can for him and be done.. before he ruins the rest of the young players…

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