Stranded in Chicago, Kurt Warner’s family gets an assist from Michael Bidwill

New Hall of Famer Kurt Warner will have his party tonight. And a large chunk of his family nearly missed it.

Six of Warner’s seven children, a son-in-law, and a grandchild were stranded in Chicago after weather grounded their plane. Enter Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill, who sent his plane from Canton to Chicago (it’s unknown whether he actually flew it himself) to get Warner’s family to Ohio.

They’ll make it to Canton for the party, and in turn for the rest of what will be a special weekend for the Warner family as he puts the final touch on one of the greats, most unlikely careers in NFL history.

Eighteen years ago, Warner came out of nowhere to lead the Rams from a 4-12 season to a Super Bowl championship. He would later play in two more Super Bowls, one with the Rams and one with the Cardinals.