Vikings left tackle Riley Reiff still missing with back problem

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The Vikings invested a $59 million contract in Riley Reiff as part of their offseason offensive line overhaul.

But at the moment, Reiff isn’t even watching practice.

Via Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the veteran tackle has missed five straight days of practice since being carted off with a back problem last week.

Reiff came over from the Lions in free agency to replace departed left tackle Matt Kalil, and they also spent free agent dollars on former Panthers right tackle Mike Remmers.

Reiff watched practice from the sideline previously, but wasn’t present yesterday.

“He’s here,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. “[It’s] just, standing around with the back isn’t very good.”

Zimmer said Reiff was improving, but might be several days away from a return.

In his absence, the Vikings are getting a longer look at Rashod Hill, who they claimed off Jacksonville’s practice squad last year.

40 responses to “Vikings left tackle Riley Reiff still missing with back problem

  1. As a Lions fan, Reiff was a solid right tackle. Good teammate, good player, never hear anything negative from coaches or teammates. When the lions were forced to put him at left tackle he was very limited and would get exposed by average DE’s. Glad he got a big payday and it wasn’t from Detroit. Hope he gets healthy and has a good season, except against the Lions!

  2. Nice player. Hope they’re just being cautious, and I can’t blane them. I’m betting the vike’s are the surprise team in the league this year, and make a run in the playoffs. I don’t think the pack will be able to hang this year with that awful D. Signed, a pack fan. GO PACK

  3. Man, we’ve seen this story before. The last time the Vikings managed to go into the regular season with their first string LT healthy was 2012.

  4. Kaepernick is better than 1/3 of the starting QB’s in the NFL and he’s also one of the 96 best QB’s in the world right now. Anyone who disagrees with that either doesn’t understand football or they have have some kind of “non football” related reason for suggesting he shouldn’t be on a roster. This story won’t go away until something changes, and I encourage ALL players to speak up and not let the story die. The NFL is like Monsanto, they want to control everything and everybody in their respective industries. Change doesn’t come from silence…think about that for a bit, nothing that has ever changed in life, came from it NOT being spoken about. Some of these comments make me flat out sad for the state of our society

  5. The Vikings have an uphill battle already this season… If it’s going to be another year of revolving door left tackles, that battle just got 10 times as difficult. #frustrating

  6. Back injuries are not something to mess around with. There is still over a month until the first game of the season. No need to rush him. Make sure his back is cometely healed, even if it means missing the rest of training camp and all of pre-season.

  7. Great, wasn’t this the guy who was supposed to whip our OL into shape? I’m staring to lose faith in my team leadership.

  8. The way I see it, the more time he sits out with a non-season-ending injury, the less chance there is of suffering a season-ending injury. So it’s all good.

  9. Can’t help remembering all the comments like “soft” or “nothing of value will be lost” in the last thread about an injured packer. Unlike the MN trolls I wish Reiff a speedy recovery. Don’t want any injury excuses this year!

  10. As a Lions fan who watched the turnstile that Rieff was at LT, you’re better off with the rookie. As stated above, solid RT but on the left I was constantly worried about Stafford getting wrecked on any 5-step drop.

    Good man. Worked hard. Total bulldog. But at $59mil, I am glad we passed and drafted Decker. (Especially when Decker plays…)

  11. They can spend a 1st round pick on a slow practice SQUAD receiver but won’t spend over a 5th rounder on one of the most important players on a team! So they spend 59 Million on a converted RT that is fair when healthy.. When will Wilf realize he needs to boot Spielman down the road?
    Bradford I gonna get KILLED this year! and that will be 2 WASTED 1st round picks..Along with other 1st round busts, Patterson, Floyd, and Bridgewater!

  12. Zim said Sully’s back injury wasn’t a big deal either, and that turned into a season ending (and career threatening) bulging disc. Let’s hope that’s not the case this time.

    And are Pack fans really trashing Viking injuries when damn near their entire draft class is hurt?

  13. I hope Reiff heals up, I hate to players injured.
    I honestly hate to say it but this is what happens when you
    way overpay on an average player just to try and patch a problem area.

  14. This is why you build a team through the draft rather than overpaying for other team’s castoffs.


    Are you serious Carl!? Your team has been drowning for years if not for Rodgers because you never add in free agency! And, you fools constantly complain about it! Hypocrites.

  15. The most awesome play I ever saw was Antonio Cromartie’s 109 yard FG return back in 07.

  16. Ask yourself this one question: Do you think there was a legit reason why the Lions let this guy walk away?

    For all we know, the Lions were aware of the back issue and just knew is was time to move on, let him be someone else’s headache. When it comes to headaches on the offensive line, the Vikings do lead the NFL in that one category.

  17. I have not doubt that the Lions knew of these back issues. Wish our leaders and done a little more due diligence.

  18. Purple People Eaters says:
    August 7, 2017 at 10:02 am
    I have not doubt that the Lions knew of these back issues. Wish our leaders and done a little more due diligence.

    He DID pass a physical, this is called being careful!

  19. Carl Gerbschmidt says:

    This is why you build a team through the draft rather than overpaying for other team’s castoffs.

    Do you realize that TT picked up Bennett – who is now playing for his fifth team in his career. Third team in the last three years.

    Of course you don’t…

    He’s been a castoff 4 times – and you guys with your green and gold sunglasses think he’s the second coming…

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