Welcome to the new PFT

Meet the new house. Same as the old house. Mostly.

The time had come for a new version of the site with improved functionality. Especially on the mobile platform, where millions of you are now enjoying (or consuming without enjoying) PFT content. So after months of careful consideration and elbow grease from the NBCSports.com development team, we’ve rolled out in honor of the launch of the 2017 season (preseason) a new version of the site that balances the look and feel of the old site with the features that make it easier to load and read stories and access video on your cell phone device.

We’ll be tweaking it throughout the day and beyond in order to iron out any wrinkles that never become obvious until the switch is flipped. If you see anything that would help us out in that regard, say so in the comments.

And if you like it, feel free to say so. We need to balance out those who will complain simply because it’s different and/or simply because they reserve the right to complain about anything and/or everything.

247 responses to “Welcome to the new PFT

  1. You have your home page headlines in ALL CAPS. All caps is best when you’ve got one or two words, not a sentence. That’s not how people read or write. Use Title Case.

  2. Is this change, for change sake?

    That said, new format is not bad. Pretty much the same as the old one.

    Nice job, Florio.

  3. I don’t mind the new format overall, but I do have the following issues:

    – fonts for the page are too large for my liking
    – articles links should be in red rather than black
    – the comment boxes are now too small

  4. It does look more professional. If it results in fewer Kaepernick stories, that would be a bonus.

  5. Initial thoughts: I don’t like it. Have to scroll to far on a teams site just to see what stories are on them and the front page doesn’t crop to fit the whole mobile screen. “Sad!”

  6. Feedback:
    Profootball talk live video doesn’t play (win10 using firefox) but other videos do – if it is geographically limited please say so.
    Also, the default font for the comments box (using same Win10 & firefox) is now utterly horrible compared to before!!! I think I can get firefox to force a different font but why did you change it??

  7. As long as it doesn’t go as stupid as the other “Talk” sites. Hardball is impossible to read.

    PLEASE don’t touch the mobile app, it’s the only readable format for all non-Football Talk sites.

  8. Now it looks and feels like every other site on the Net. The old look and feel was unique and made a person feel like an insider. Why screw with a good thing and let techies mess it up?

  9. I seem to be unable to find the story you posted about the giants fan who is an key cog in the elliott investigation. Can you post the link to that article? Thank you!

  10. at least there isn’t a “Report” button right below the up or down buttons !!

    I have a feeling that poor design was the reason why many comments were deleted.

  11. Too busy, please go back to the old format. This is like the ESPN website, their website is terrible, it’s way too busy. Remember sometimes (this being one of those times)less is more-it’s pragmatic!

  12. needs more yellow lettering to really give it that Pittsburg vibe.

    Does Rooney like it?

  13. 28 responses to “Welcome to the new PFT”

    commentawaitingdeletion says:
    August 3, 2017 at 8:57 am
    Judgement will be reserved until it’s seen if comments continue to be randomly deleted at the same old ridiculous rate. A reply button would have been a welcome addition.


    I love that this is the first comment.

  14. All-caps headlines are not reader friendly, especially with smaller type now. Please, please, please, ditch the all-caps headlines.

  15. I’m fine with it, since the main page is still pretty much the same. That said, you should do what many forums and message boards do … give people the option of reverting to the old site format, if they so choose.

  16. Also, it’s all very well being told your comment is awaiting moderation, but it then doesn’t update to tell you if it was rejected, you only find that out later if you refresh the screen and suddenly see your comment isn’t there. It would be nice to know why.

  17. I would like to see some separation between articles. Maybe just a simple line to separate each article. They all run together with the new format.

    Congrats on the new page.

  18. Page bogs down loading on older computer but you can’t hold up progress. Maybe a little too busy for my liking. I’m more interested in news than video frankly….

  19. What happened to the hyperlinks to the other NBC sports blogs?! Congrats, you just made it much harder to navigate between pages.

  20. Can we have a separate comments area for those of us who are not PC to a fault? Geez, can’t post a comment that might insult a flea.

  21. There’s not much change to the look and feel, and that’s OK. Ideas for improvement:

    -As others have said, the ability to reply to a specific comment would be great.
    -An icon next to the link of an article that has one of your embedded videos. Or an ability to turn off auto play.

    Sometimes I’m on this site while at work when I’m between tasks. There, I said it. Unfortunately, I work on a computer that makes the Commodore 64 look modern. When I click on a story that has an embedded video, with no way to stop it from automatically loading, my entire machine freezes for 5 minutes. I’d love to be able to turn off auto play or see an icon next to a story link that has a video so I can pass on that article until I’m on my own, more modern equipment.

  22. Quick tips from a designer: The hierarchy of type is way off. The titles of the articles are hard to read and the spacing between lines is odd. Tighten things up a bit and you might be onto something. Great job getting rid of the “report comment” link. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally reported comments due to fat fingering that button on a mobile device.

  23. Replying directly to a comment is a good idea. I also agree about deleting comments so much. This is football. Stop being so sensitive. But in all honesty, I appreciate the work you guys put in. I like the look and design on here right now. excited to see what comes next.

  24. This is terrible. Especially on mobile. The only thing that’s needed tweaked for years is the ability to respond directly to a comment.

  25. – The responsiveness is great. Now I don’t have to have a minimum page width (or scroll) to read articles. IMO, this is the clear winner as far as upgrades.

    – The look is still meh.

    – The article headlines are terrible – stop yelling at us.

  26. Format looks good. As mentioned by others it would be cool to have a feature where we can reply to individual posts. Also, keeping the content more football related and less articles about player behaviour, harmful rumours based on little evidence and social issues would be a nice change.

  27. The all caps hurts my eyes. The comments section could use revamping but that’s been covered above. Generally I say its good to improve but I don’t think you went far enough.

  28. Why are all the headlines YELLING AT ME?

    Seriously, all caps for the headlines, but then in a very small font, make them more difficult to read than previously.

  29. I think it’s very brave of you to embrace a simple “high school newspaper” sort of design. Don’t listen to what the detractors say, they may not understand it’s simplicity and are just focusing on all the obvious flaws.

  30. Looks good. Only thing I would change is put the videos on the right so the stories can start on the left of the page. There aren’t that many videos so when you scroll down it looks like you are starting in the middle of the page.

  31. Better than NFL.com’s new layout. It’s terrible.

    And as mentioned in the first comment, please stop deleting people’s comments if they don’t align with your views.

  32. Virtually unchanged and same horrible moderators. I’ve already had a comment deleted that was simple football talk with no politics, no criticism of the writer or any other poster.

    Once upon a time you could talk football on PFT. Now the mods see intent on forcing it into childish name calling and cheater comments.

  33. You guys should display the comments from most liked to least and allow us to reply to the comments.

  34. Overall I like it. On the team pages, if like to go back to just links. Maybe a link with a preview of the first couple sentences. Too much scrolling to see if I missed anything.

  35. As noted before, the whole Home Page looks like it’s yelling at me. I know the old version had Caps, but the way this is presented is a little overwhelming. Maybe it’s the thorough black & white saturation?

  36. No ALL CAPS on headlines.

    An edit function should be available for posts. Comment box too small. Really busy web page. White background comment I kinda agree with, too.

    Not so much improved. Unless it isn’t.

  37. hmmm….still not allowed to constructively disagree with content or opinion expressed by the writer.

  38. You are worying just about apoearance. I think you were fine before, you are still fine now. But substance has been the problem here. The moderators arent moderators, they are more like the political ofgicers in some countries that control the narrative and make sure it fits their agenda. If you want to have good quality dis ussions here (do you?) you need to just let thrm happen and not try to steer them.

  39. Kinda awkward to have the-Rate This-next to the thumbs up and down. I was pressing on it to see what the deal was.

  40. I like it, the site feels much less 2005 now. And it’s much improved on mobile. In terms of constructive criticism, I’d use a dark gray rather than true black for the header and video column, as it’s a bit severe currently (and better monitors with higher contrast will only make the design appear more severe). I’d also consider using a sans serif font for the headlines for a more impactful contrast with the content.

    But there aren’t any deal-breakers that I can see, and all in all this is a nice step forward.

  41. Reading the site is much better on mobile now.

    Am I supposed to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of everyone else’s comments before I can write my own?

  42. It’s all good. No issues. Just one question: Why do some adversarial posters do so with impunity, and responses to same are blacklisted? Stop playing favorites and you’ll have a better site. Either blacklist everyone or no one.

  43. As others have said, you need to figure out moderation. I don’t know if the moderators sometimes get bored and stop approving comments, but I’ve posted straight football comments that never appear. Then on the same thread I see nonsensical comments taking shots at Obama/Trump. It’s discouraging.

  44. It’s fine. Much of the familiar functionality incorporated from the recent site without the ridiculous overhaul undergone by the sister sites that make them cumbersome now. Maybe someone should tell them to copy.

  45. No “reply” for comments please. That is the bane of every other message board/forum.

    It works great if there are less than 100 users. With thousands, it becomes an intractable mess. Thanks for staying strong in that respect.

    I will give it time to sort out what is annoying because it is new and annoying because it is poor function.

  46. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not liking it very much. First, there is way too much white. Second, the headline isn’t all caps. Third, it just looks pretty terrible overall.

  47. I like the new format. I do have the following issues:

    – Bitter Patriots fans
    – Entitled Patriots fans
    – Arrogant Patriots fans
    – Patriots fans that make every story about them
    – Patriots fans in general

  48. I’m conservative. I hate all you people making progress and trying to make things better all the time.

  49. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but (I think) the black-on-white format has a much less professional look to it. It makes this feel like a fan site instead of what it really is.

  50. Perhaps number the comments so I can easily scroll down to a specific earlier post that I made. That way I can easily see if my witty post is truly “understand” by others. That’s the point of this site is it not?

  51. How long does it take to “moderate” a comment?? Or does that mean, like so many times, that my comment just didn’t rub the writer right? C’mon now, be honest… I can take it. In fact, how bout sending a little email out to those who you censor, and tell us directly why you have decided to bully us.

  52. I really enjoy the content on the site especially as the anticipation for the season ramps up, but the random comment deletion still seems to be in effect even if it’s mundane football talk.

  53. Excellent change to Title Case for headlines. Reads much, much better!

    You should do the exact same thing in the Features section. Keep FEATURES title as ALL CAP, but switch headlines to Title Case. That is proper and effective design hierarchy. This is not an opinion, it’s backed up by studies -> people have a hard time reading sentences in ALL CAPS (plus, it the digital age, it means you are yelling). Use ALL CAPS for short bursts of info… 1 to 3 words. Thanks.

  54. The comments section needs buttons to manage large numbers. First, Last, My Comments and a count would be nice. Too much scrolling is required.

  55. Needs some structure/framework in the middle of the page in my opinion. Colors work for me though.

  56. Like the look on mobile but I wish the old format of showing article titles for each team stayed instead of forcing you to scroll.

    Don’t mind the “Awaiting moderation” line but it’s already obvious when comments are awaiting moderation- they appear to you when logged in but not when logged off. The mod bot should be tweaked too as Im sure others have said.

    Meh on “reply”- it’s got its pros and cons…

  57. Looks fine. One thing that I don’t like is that, when you click on your favorite team, the actual articles come up instead of clickable headlines. I liked when I could scan the headlines about my team & click on the articles I wanted to read. Too much scrolling the new way.

  58. Until you let posters comments remain instead of deleting many of them even when on-topic, nothing will have changed for the better. What you’ve done is window dressing, nothing of value to the user.

  59. starchybunker – Just for your edification, they responded to suggestions by making changes on the fly. So it turns out they care about our comments.

  60. Could be worse – websites these days don’t make things easier – just different – this is possibly the best worst case option that we could have had. There are times to leave well enough alone and that is why one of the most visited websites on the planet has never changed since day one – it works – it does its job- and it is easy to use.

  61. Looks much better. The main issue though is how many comments get blocked and deleted for no reason. A Reply button and threaded comments would be better too. Heck, just use the Disqus platform and it will be easier.

  62. Are you still going to allow opposing team trolls to live on our stories with their comments while deleting mine?

  63. I am still mad at Taco Bill being gone.That and the live chat during big games, I used to die laughing.

    I miss the humor aspect of the old school PFT from the suitable node period more than anything.

  64. Center-justified headlines defy just about every web usability standard out there. Makes it harder to scan and read. It’s a list of articles, and lists should be left-justified. It’s a human factor.

  65. It’s fine. I’ll get used to it.

    It seemingly loads WAY faster than the old site, which must have been burdened with about 75,000 WordPress plugins, because it NEVER fully loaded on my laptop.

    Good job. Now fix the comment section.

  66. aarons444 says:
    August 3, 2017 at 10:54 am
    I like the new format. I do have the following issues:

    – Bitter Patriots fans
    – Entitled Patriots fans
    – Arrogant Patriots fans
    – Patriots fans that make every story about them
    – Patriots fans in general

    And yet as always it’s actually some obsessed and previously defeated troll that is the first one bringing them up. Stay mad little bro! Oh yeah I almost forgot, Happy Brady Day!

  67. I liked the simpler look of the old format. But time will tell. Now if you stop writing stories about Kaepernick, that would be an improvement!!

  68. I can get use to the cosmetic changes. The blatant censorship is my main issue with the site.

  69. Would have been fine to keep the site as it was and just add the functionality to reply to someone’s comment. That would have been the best way to go.

  70. Congrats on ditching the plugins and speeding it up. The new team page format sucks and the comment deletion rate appears to somehow have gone up. The inexplicable methodology (or lack thereof) behind comment moderation here is without doubt the single greatest complaint the users of the site have, so great job ignoring that.

  71. Please search “Req: Reference on readability of centered vs left-justified text”. It has references to several research studies showing why left-aligned text is better, it takes more work to read centered text when going from line to line. You are also more likely to lose your place because you don’t have that anchor on the line above of text that you have already read.

    You need to left justify these comments or at least fill in the left you more ads to your basically unwatchable video clips.

    I am guessing this centered text is so it looks good on mobile. Please use different render code for mobile vs desktop and left justify desktop text.

  72. There was nothing wrong with the old PFT, with the exception of some of he reporting & the constant filating of Brady & Belichick.

  73. 1) Looks the same on my i-Phone as it it did before the change.
    2) I’ve always wished that (whatever the site format) you could find a way for a commenter, after posting a comment, to return directly to the next article rather than back to the article that he/she just commented on, and THEN have to go to “Home” and re-scroll through several pages to get to the next article. I hope I’m making myself clear! If not, email me and I’ll try to state the problem more clearly.
    3) No serious issues with the new look etc., and I applaud you for tryig to imrove the visuals and the functionality of this site. But if I had my druthers, I’d choose the previous format. Hands down! Change, simply for the sake of change, is rarely a good idea. Or, as they say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I didn’t think it was “broke”!

  74. As long as it never becomes what “Hardballtalk” looks like, you’re fine. What a mess. Not worth going to.

  75. Lastly please list just the headline and an excerpt from the story on the team pages. When scanning for a story through all the other team stories we do not need to scan through full articles.

  76. Window dressing. As long as you continue to delete comments that you disagree with the site is essentially useless and biased.

  77. The site is fine. People hate change. But THIS:

    Window dressing. As long as you continue to delete comments that you disagree with the site is essentially useless and biased.

    Totally agree with that!!!!!!

  78. I’m complaining about the new format just because of your snarky comment at the end of the article that suggested that some people complain just to complain. So I’m complaining about your complaint about people complaining.

  79. Never understand why my comments are being deleted. Always respectful, on topic, no cursing. That’s what I’d change.

  80. Looks nice enough. You have a lot of posters saying that you “delete too many comments”, but there are a ton of us who think it’s just the opposite. Particularly those of us who are 35+ who are fed-up with the bully mentality that has pervaded this site in the last couple of years. In my opinion you’re allowing far too many mean-spirited trolls to have free-reign on PFT. “He sucks – I hate him” is neither productive or representative of the bigger ideas you attempt to showcase. If someone there is actually reading comments, any that are way beyond the norm of dignity should be deleted and the person warned, then booted if necessary. No freedom of hate-speech argument is valid, since yours is not really a public forum, but a privately-held company/website. We’re getting WAY too much of that from politicians, pundits and bigots already. I wish PFT would support fun-loving, game-loving, football-loving FANS OF THE SPORT and rid itself of the troll-mongering that goes on day in and day out.

  81. Does it not say in my terms and conditions that I reserve the right to complain about anything and everything? Because this is different, and that frightens me and challenges my technical savvy. Cut it out, you liberal hippy millennial cupcakes!

  82. In the latest news and rumors page, the previous and next buttons should also be available on the top of the page not just on the bottom.

  83. While a reply button seems logical and more convenient, honestly it would be horrible for PFT. The same is true regarding comment moderation.

    The vitriol in the comments section is already ridiculous. One cannot even imagine how guttural unmoderated, direct comments would become.

  84. Sans Serif Font!!!!!!! It’s easier to read on electronic devices. That is a design standard. Has been since the ’90s. Other than that not too bad Florio.

  85. Fonts are too small with Win 10 and Chrome.

    I’m also not thrilled with the spam emails I started getting as soon as this went live that say “jennysdatingadvice” likes this comment and that comment, complete with links to click and “see what they’re up to.”

    And, as others have said… stop censoring comments that are not vulgar.

  86. First time on the new look PFT. Well, it made me stop yelling at the kids to get off my lawn. Now as a senior citizen I get to squawk about how much I hate change! Too bright! Too white!! Invest in a little color would ya?!

  87. I only use mobile, and it looks good to me. The only complaint I have is the font choice for the comment box. Looks a little dated. Sans Serif is fine but this font isn’t pleasing at all.

  88. Here’s my, hopefully helpful, non-snarky feedback:

    I really like the new clean look. Nice contrast. Nice separation of elements.

    Things to consider: (1) San-serif fonts have been documented as better for web readability (better for those with sight restrictions). Consider switching. (2) All initial cap titles create the appearance of SEO-desperation. If that’s your goal, I understand. Otherwise, consider a more readable sentence case titles. (3)Along similar lines, ALL CAPS titles (which I’ve seen referenced a few times in the comments) are harsh. Same recommendation — sentence case and san-serif font.

    Nice work!

  89. You claim to have fixed this site, but the Jets are still terrible and Jerry Jones is still a loudmouth. What gives?

    (I wish you would allow replies, but I suspect that’s done to contain the flamewars just a bit.)

  90. People who thought that substantive changes like less censorship or a reply button were kidding themselves. This “upgrade” was about absolutely nothing more than optimizing the site for mobile use. That said, it still works fine on my laptop and does indeed seem to much better on my phone.

  91. This is the first (and last) time i comment anything. I`ve been reading this site since the very first day it opened. Everyday i have checked what’s going on in my favorite sport as some perverted way i’ve enjoyed the “journalism” and especially the comments sections. Unfortunately with this change, it stops here. Thanks for for all the good years pft.

    – football junkie from Finland

  92. When i zoom in on the page, the text does not get larger on my computer. It would be helpful to allow the font to adjust when zooming in. Right now it is stuck on whatever font you choose. This makes it sometimes harder to read for those of us whose eyes can’t see smaller writing without glasses.

  93. I liked it immediately. Higher contrast, much easier on the eyes, better spaced stories and content. Not sure if it’s faster loading but it doesn’t seem particularly slower, which is most important thing.

    If this comment posts, lets call it a winner.

  94. Well this is at least tolerable, unlike the last attempt with giant stupid pictures and endless scrolling that lasted 16 hours before someone figured out you were about to lose 90% of your traffic.

  95. Drudge never changed his site. Still wildly successful. I think every time a sports site changes the format, it’s for the worse.

  96. The headlines would be easier to read if they were left justified instead of centered. Also, consider using a more modern font. Lastly, having the featured headlines in all caps feels like I’m getting shouted at.

    Please add a permanent link to the daily one liners. I miss them often because they fall off the front page.

  97. What’s really sad is that this used to my favorite site, hands down – back in the days when ANYTHING went in the comments, true free speech, no censorship at all, I would spend all day on here sometimes, debating, having fun, learning, laughing so hard I would cry. I got all my friends onto it, too. It was the only site we visited.

    Then things started to change, presumably in preparation for NBC to buy it, and everything REALLY went to crap after that. The “PRO” in “PROFOOTBALLTALK” now obviously stands for “PROgressive” Football Talk, because it’s evident by not only the article content, but by comment “moderation”. Correction: there’s not even a discernible basis upon which the comments are “moderated” (although anything skewing conservative or contrary to author’s opinions – same thing – is a goood bet to be disappeared. I’ve written interesting, opinionated (yet fact-based) pieces that were 100% germane to the original post, were in no way negative, demeaning, inflammatory, insensitive, off-topic, or controversial, and yet – POOF! Gone. This practice REALLY makes people wonder “what’s the point?” I know I’ve been absent for months at a time and not even missed it, when it once used to be daily/hourly fix.

    If you insist on such foolish & arbitrary practices, at least publish some kind of concrete guidelines which can be referenced. Even Fa(CIA)ebook does this, but they’re even bigger leftist shills/sensitive snowflakes than you guys. But at least they tell you why you’re being censored.

    I don’t have much faith – and this may be my last (ever) comment, on this subject or otherwise. But it won’t matter anyway, because I’ll be lucky to see it published.

  98. Heads up. On Google Chrome on my laptop, there are no links. Even when hovering. On my iPhone, all is fine.

  99. If you make each article a link that I need to click to read the rest I will never come to this site again. I HATE how prohockeytalk.com has changed and have not been back to the site since. PFT was great cause I could read a lot of info all at once on one page.

  100. Looks good. Easy to read on my tablet. No problem reading comments, except that I’m not quite sure why I’d want to–they’re so negative and often silly.

  101. Glad to see that others have the majority of their comments deleted for no reason other than it doesn’t side with the writer’s political beliefs. Not glad, but just thought it was happening to me more than others.

    If people are cussing, degrading other users, or clearly trolling feel free to delete it. But deleting an articulate, non-troll response that sheds another point of view doesn’t exactly warrant automatic deletion. The side that jumps up and down preaching tolerance seems to have the least amount of tolerance for other people.

  102. It’s not bad, but there are two things that I wish were done better. First, the pictures are now more in the way of the text than before – at least on the mobile version. Before, the pictures would be off to the side, and the text would be aligned around it. Now, however, the pictures are right there on top of the text, and I have to move my eyes around the picture to read the text. Whereas I didn’t mind the pictures before, now I can see myself starting to despise them soon enough.

    My second issue is with the menu – once again on the mobile version. I wish that the Teams in the menu were sort of collapsed at start – so that I could hit the “Teams” wording, and then the list of Teams would show up. As it is, the menu requires a LOT of scrolling to get to the bottom, which I really don’t like.

    Other than that, though, it’s not bad. It’s nice to not have to zoom in anymore in order to read the articles, that’s for certain!

  103. I’ve no problems with the new site. Functionality it is about the same, and the ad network is even slightly less annoying than the latest changes to the old site.

    I hope the moderation improves, I used to find that topical insightful posts about football were culled but idiotic posts were left there. Hopefully, you have the staffing or algorithms to take care of that.

  104. And yet as always it’s actually some obsessed and previously defeated troll that is the first one bringing them up. Stay mad little bro! Oh yeah I almost forgot, Happy Brady Day!

    Roethlisberger hints at retirement… Pats fans ‘Look at Brady, he’s so great! He’d never say anything like that’…

    Rodgers talks about his loving football again… you dweebs rail about Brady being the GOAT

    Edelman tries to TKO a teammate… Burfict accused of the same thing.. you clowns call Burfict a tea bag and appluad Edleman for being competitive.

    I used to blame social media for this. But its pretty clear most of you guys are just pond scum.

  105. My initial panic was offset after realizing your techs didn’t make the bloody mess they made at CFT. We can still scroll ALL the comments on a single page without having to continually press for the next page and the next as we now must do at CFT. The wonderful list of PFT’s Most Commented with the parenthetical number of comments still appears on the right (the list was removed when CFT was redesigned, and techs claim it can’t be reintroduced). I can still find site tools and teams, and the page isn’t so busy it with an overwhelming number of gossip ads it gives me a headache as the redesigned CFT does. I loved CFT more than I can say, but don’t visit nearly as often as I did simply because it’s just too difficult to navigate since the redesign. PFT appears to be as user-friendly as always. Thanks, Florio. As you continue tinkering, please don’t screw it up.

  106. This site is 100% my DREAM of what a talk site should look like. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. I really ENJOY all of the articles on here. I LOVE how free I am to speak my mind on here and engage in meaningful conversations with other fans. Moderation around here is REALLY fair too. I mean, this is just the BEST. All around kudos and super duper A++++ from me.

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