Brock Osweiler “really not” wondering about possible Dolphins interest


Dolphins coach Adam Gase said Friday that Matt Moore is our quarterback “right now,” but the team may be looking to add help from outside once they have a firmer handle on Ryan Tannehill‘s outlook after re-injuring his left knee in Thursday’s practice.

Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler have been bandied about as possibilities with Cutler’s history with Gase serving as part of the reason to connect those dots. Browns quarterback Brock Osweiler has history with Gase as well.

Gase was the Broncos quarterbacks coach in Osweiler’s rookie season and the offensive coordinator for the next two years, which could make him an option in Miami. Osweiler told Mary Kay Cabot of that he’s “really not” thinking about the chances of that happening, but he made it clear he’s a big fan of Gase’s work.

“Adam had a huge impact,” Osweiler said. “It was a little bit of tough love at first. As a rookie, you come in and you’re riding high on this wave and you just had a great college season, you just got drafted and then you get humbled a little bit, but I have nothing but love and appreciation for Adam Gase because through that tough love at times, I realized he was doing that to me to make me a better player, to get me prepared to play in the NFL. Adam Gase is one of the most brilliant minds in football regardless of the level. He’s a tremendous coach and he’s always working with people, striving to become a better coach, and he was just a great person to be around.”

Osweiler believes he’s a better quarterback now than he was when Gase left Denver after the 2014 season and that his confidence wasn’t battered by a rough 2016 in Houston. That hasn’t moved him to the top of the depth chart in Cleveland, but it could serve him well if he’s on the move again before the start of this season.

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  1. I’d rather have Moore than Osweiller. Not only is he cheaper, probably better anyway. Bring in Cutler for 1 year if they have to do anything, at least he knows offense.

  2. I would take brock over Moore but I think kaepernick is the perfect fit for the Dolphins. People talk about the bad year he had last year and forget that he was on the least talented offense in the NFL. Kaepernick might require more work for the offense by adding in more bootlegs but the upside if it pans out is huge. Last time kaepernick had a good supporting cast around him he took them to back to back NFC championship games. Is kaep a future hall of famer? No. But I do believe he can take a team this talented and keep them at .500 or above. After what I saw of matt Moore I do not think the same about him.

  3. Osweiler has offset language in his contract. The Dolphins can pay him $1 and the Browns would have to pay him the remaining $15,999,999. If the Dolphins wanted him, salary should not be the issue. The Browns have the cap room to eat it if the trade capital is high enough.

    It’s not just about Matt Moore. He is a solid player, but what happens if he goes down too? Then you are in QB hell like the Cleveland Browns have been for 20 years.

  4. Cleveland will gladly pay the bulk of Osweiler’s salary and trade him for another second round pick. That’s why they traded for him in the first place.

  5. I get the feeling it’s Cutler or no one. Osweiler is hella expensive and he’s not very good. Cutler is a whiner, but he’s got a cannon and would do well with Gase.

    And Kaepernick? No way. People betting football arguments or noting that the owner likes to go his own way with these things I have no idea of the resentment towards Castro that there is in South Florida. They are not going to take too kindly to a guy who praised him with his stork Lee in accurate facts, warm socks depicting police officers as pigs, didn’t stand for the anthem (or kneel, at first), and admitted to not even voting this year. Cuban-Americans or some of the most patriotic people there are. I actually think there would be protest and a boycott if they signed him

  6. Osweiler is both expensive AND the Browns will want a high pick. Wasn’t the rumor that they wanted a 2nd round pick?

    Time is of the essence. Their preseason games are about to start. You basically have Cutler or Osweiler having about 5 weeks. They can go with Matt Moore, and he is a very serviceable backup, but we’re talking about a whole season here. You have to get another guy in there, and if you can get someone better, you should.

    You also aren’t looking for someone for longer then one year. Cutler fits that, Osweiler and his contract does not. Long term isn’t really a consideration here, and Cutler would be coming in knowing it’s not his team long term. But it would give him one last shot with a pretty good team. Something he only had in Chicago for a couple seasons, quite a long time ago.

    He said he didn’t want to quit football, so he’d likely be very interested. It would also be a chance to jumpstart his career and maybe get some starting looks elsewhere in 2018.

    Of course maybe Cutler sat on the couch eating cheetos and drinking beer and is 40 lbs overweight. That would be the only thing that could disqualify him. If he’s in reasonably decent shape, he’s the guy they should go for.

    It’s the best overall fit for the Dolphins.

  7. Personally, I would rather go 0-16 than sign Kaepernick. He’s a disgrace to the NFL. Osweiler would make good sense if Tannehill is out for all or much of the season.
    As another commenter pointed out, the Browns could/would pay the lion’s share of Osweilers salary, and send him to Miami for maybe a 2-3 round pick.
    The Browns would get out from under having Osweiler on the roster, and gain another draft pick, while the Dolphins would gain an experienced QB, who has good history and experience with their head coach. A potential win-win.

  8. Kizer and Kessler are leading the competition in Cleveland. Osweiler could get released and Dolphins can sign him for cheap without giving up picks. Osweiler should publicly ask for his release if Browns have him with 3rd string, just to put the pressure on and lower his trade value. And he’d be willing to backup Moore. Cutler said he’d only play if he could start, such a whiner and team killer. I’d rather direct snap to Ajayi than to Cutler. Hope Ajayi gets back healthy soon.

  9. Browns will eat a lot of that Osweiler salary if the Dolphins send a 2nd round pick. Frankly, the Vikings set the market last year when they traded a 1st rounder for an underachieving Bradford (which worked out, of course… just saying, at the time it didn’t look that good). I bet the Dolphins could give up a 2nd and only be responsible for $4 Million of Brock’s 2017-18 salary. Plus he’s very familiar with Gase’s system.

  10. Why would the Browns release him? That saves them no money, they get no assets, AND he is better than the other potential 3rd stringer Kevin Hogan.

    Brock is a Cleveland Brown unless someone is offering draft picks.

  11. Why does everyone keep predicting a QB signing of THESE Guys? They are going to sign a Camp Arm as a 4th and the it will be Moore and Doughty. As we approach Sept. the Dolphins will then sign one of the many Backup Options as security that showed promise, especially if they look better than Hales and “said 4th”. They do not need to add a Starter. They already stated Moore is the #1.

  12. laxcoach37 says:

    August 4, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Why does everyone keep predicting a QB signing of THESE Guys? …… They do not need to add a Starter. They already stated Moore is the #1.

    Moore is not a starting caliber QB. That is why they are looking at bringing in Cutler. Cutler can play and has all the tools. He lacks in the decision making department but that can be mitigated (somewhat) by good coaching and play calling. Cutler gives them a chance to make a run. Moore gives them a chance to do exactly what they did last year. They already know what they have in Moore. The fact that they are looking at signing Cutler speaks volumes about what they think they have in Moore.

  13. Cubans don’t care if CK had a Castro shirt on…this is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard yet. As if the Dolphins brass really gives a damn about the Cuban population in Miami…lol!! Kaepernick is best qb available and it’s not even close. He’s better than the bottom half of NFL current starters. This league and country is becoming so embarrassing. SMH

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