Chuck Pagano praises Marlon Mack

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Frank Gore has done well for the Colts over the past two years. At 34, it’s unclear how much longer he can do it.

Enter Marlon Mack. The fourth-round pick has had a solid training camp. On Friday, Mack drew praise from coach Chuck Pagano.

“He jumps off the tape,” Pagano told reporters. “He’s popping out here. He’s a talented guy. He’s got great athleticism. He’s showing great vision out there. We’re doing one-on-one pass protection drills against the linebackers and he’s physical. He’s got toughness. He’s not afraid to stick his face in there and pick up blitzers and then he’s a weapon out of the backfield on third down. He’s got a ways to go, like everybody else, but he’s picking things up. If he can master all three phases of being a good running back, he’s going to be a special player I think.”

Mack, who played college football at South Florida, had six touchdowns in 2016 that covered 43 or more yards. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds at the Scouting Combine. If durable at this level (he missed the mandatory minicamp in June with an undisclosed injury), Mack can be a difference maker.

And if he can be a difference maker, he can give the Colts their next workhorse tailback after Frank Gore.

3 responses to “Chuck Pagano praises Marlon Mack

  1. Im telling you he is that running back you here of every year. The guy whose drafted in the mid to late rounds and becomes one of the top running backs in the league from the start. You had Jordan Howard last year, David Johnson the year b4 that, and this year you will have Marlon Mack.

    Hes like a Brian Westbrook with the running style of Demarco Murray.

    He went to the perfect place too. The Colts havent had a legitimate rb since Edgerrin James. They got Gore 3 years to late. Yet hes still there primary runner. He was ok his first 2 years in Indy but he slowed down a lot last year especially in the second half.

    The Colts are going to have a lot of reps available. Even more then I first thought considering the fact that Luck might not play to start the year, and even if he does I doubt his arm will be anywhere close to 100% the first month+ of the year.

    No matter if they want to or not the coaches are gonna have to give those reps to a young player. That was actually the one thing I thought could hold Marlon back. Coaches are like anyone else who unintentionally develops a bias. They over look guys who got drafted late, went to a small school, wasnt a big name in college etc.. Its hard for those guys to get their shot.

    Even if they out play there competition, if its not by a lot they still wont get their chance. The coaches will find something in there game that they arent as good at, and use that as the reason why they ended up as the back up. They dont do it on purpose, they want the best players to play, theyve just been conditioned to see the positives in the game of the guy with the big name. Its why theres such a term as confirmation bias. It happens.

    Look at the Horn Pacquiao fight and the up roar over the decision in Horn’s favor. Horn out boxed him plain and simple. He was more accurate and his punches did much more damage, but people saw him as the nobody and Pac as the star. So every punch that Horn landed barely registered and every shot Pac landed seemed like a near knock out. Pacquiao like he did vs Mayweather would throw these long multi punch combinations. People were told for over a decade how fast and deadly his combos were. So when they saw him throw them, they went nuts. This was the amazing Pacquiao theyve heard about there whole life. The fact that he missed or had nearly every single punch he threw in those sequences blocked and got tag by 2 or 3 solid counters to the head by Floyd or Horn meant nothing. The guy with the big name was doing the thing that made him famous, and if he won a lot of fights and he got famous by doing it, it must mean its really effective, and if its that effective the fact that hes doing right now must mean that hes winning this round, and the fact that he did that for more then half the rounds must mean that he won more rounds then Horn. Which must mean that he won the fight. Which must make me believe that this fight was fixed and that the refs and boxing as a whole is incompetent and corrupt. Which must mean I need to go on twitter and start claiming that im done paying to watch these fights until they fix this fixed sport. Even tho I didn’t pay for this fight and haven’t watched more then 2 fights since Tyson retired.

    It happens all the time in sports in politics in business in love. Even tho I kind of rambled off point you get what I mean. There was a real chance that Mack could have been the star I believe him to be, and still end up riding the pine.

    But like I said thats why I think the Colts are the perfect team for uim. Injured Qb, a history of below average rbs, an old feature back with no rb on the roster with the ability to take over as the teams number 1 running back while at the same becoming at top 15 in the NFL.

    The Colts more then any other team in the league has the things in place that a mid to late round draft pick needs to succeed from day one. Which is reps,a team believed capable of winning a super bowl, and the lack of name recognition at their position.

    Mack couldnt ask for a better opportunity. But he and my scouting ability also has no excuse if it doesnt work out. But I stilling betting that he proves me right.

    P.S. I started scounting players 3 drafts ago. I called Marcus Peters as the best player in 15, Bosa in 16, and Tredavious White in 2017, with Carl Lawson, Montravious Adams, and Marlon Mack as big time sleepers who in the future will have people will saying they should have been first round picks. I also had Gareon Conley as a very very very close number 2 at cb behind White. I just telling you guys this for Posterity.

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