Ezekiel Elliott’s jump into kettle would still be a penalty


Ezekiel Elliott has, at least so far, stayed out of hot water.

But if he jumps back in the kettle, he could get burned.

According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com, NFL officials are showing players that Elliott’s Thanksgiving celebration of jumping into the giant Salvation Army kettle still qualifies as a celebration penalty.

The league is trying to loosen up on celebrations, but they still frown on using things other than the ball as a prop. That includes dunking over the goalpost, and apparently jumping into giant red pots.

The play in question was included in the officiating video the league shares with teams during training camps.

Going to the ground to celebrate, group celebrations and using the ball as a prop are legal, as long as they don’t include violent or offensive imagery. We’re still waiting to find out if the righteous arrows of God count as a violent image.