Jamal Adams leaves practice with a sprained ankle


Well, it certainly beats dying on the football field. But Jets rookie Jamal Adams might have preferred to not test his theory so early.

According to the Associated Press, the first-rounder sprained his ankle in practice yesterday, and coach Todd Bowles said they weren’t sure about the severity of the injury.

Adams tweeted out an hour after practice that he was “okay,” and that “God is good,” which is good news for him in case his comments earlier in the week ever come true.

Adams had to backtrack after initially saying he’d be fine dying on the field, comments which have largely been chalked up to his being “young and dumb.”

He can now add “and sore” to that list, though Bowles said he didn’t think Adams would need an MRI. Bowles also said he didn’t think too much about Adams’ comments, which took on a life of their own quickly.

“You knew what he meant, but when there’s no news going on and you want to make news, you can make news any time you want,” Bowles said. “Here in the city, in New York, especially, when you misstep and make a mistake with a quote or something like that, people take it and run with it.”

Now they’re most worried about when Adams will be able to run again, as they’re counting on him owning a starting job from day one.