Jason Taylor’s ex-wife is suing him for $3.4 million

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The story of Jason Taylor’s marriage to the sister of his teammate Zach Thomas was often told during Taylor’s playing career. But a day before Taylor’s Hall of Fame enshrinement, it’s his divorce that’s making headlines.

Jason Taylor and Katina Thomas Taylor divorced in 2015, and the Miami Herald reports that Katina is now suing Jason, saying he paid her $3.4 million less than the $8.67 million their divorce settlement called for.

Katina claims Jason is “willfully and deliberately refusing” to pay, and that Jason has at least $6.9 million in assets, meaning he has the ability to pay the remaining $3.4 million.

According to court documents, Jason is paying $4,000 a month in child support and is providing for health insurance for the couple’s three children.

12 responses to “Jason Taylor’s ex-wife is suing him for $3.4 million

  1. As a man who was born around the time when one could still legally smoke cigarettes on a cross-country flight, I have been told by more than one female attorney that it’s “idiotic” for a man to enter into a modern marriage without a prenup. Please see Exhibit A, above.

  2. In this day of “equality of all”, why does one gender get to plead,,ohh helpless, sorry me,? There should no longer be such process,,

  3. I remember when the NFL played one of their first games in London and they had a giant blowup of Jason Taylor by the entrance to promote the game… how the mighty have fallen.

  4. $4000/mo for 3 kids = $1333.34/mo per child. Can Jason live off $1333.34/mo? Jason is a multi-millionaire, why would he live off $1333/mo? But his children, yeah sure why not.

    If you don’t want to pay out big money in a divorce settlement…get divorced BEFORE you start philandering. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand for people with a lot to lose.

  5. The man should pay what he owes. Rockhead thinking when you imply women are in it for the money or are gold diggers. Not to say there aren’t some women like that. There are plenty of men who use women like objects, too. But in this case, who do you think carried and gave birth to those kids and took care of them all of this time? Women who marry athletes have to subordinate their goals and dreams to make the whole family thing go smoothly. And many of those guys are divas and are chronically needy, and then run around behind their wives’ back. Tom Brady has often noted the sacrifices his wife and family have made to support his career. The man made an agreement.

  6. ‘The man should pay what he owes’

    I guess it all depends on where you derive your self respect from. Clearly, there is a sliding scale

    If my wife and I divorced and I got $5M+ I would never let my lawyers talk me into keeping it going for more.

    But I suppose it comes down to how vindictive you want to be right? Any catastrophe I can walk away from whole or better is enough for me.

    Some of us are clearly born with the B gene, and some of us aren’t.

    So much for Womens lib am I right?

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