Judge refuses to quash Colorado arrest for John Bowlen

Getty Images

John Bowlen tried to avoid an arrest warrant for probation violation by claiming he was never told that his probation had begun. A Colorado judge wasn’t buying it.

Via Kieren Nicholson of the Denver Post, Arapahoe County Court Judge Darren Louis Vahle refused to quash an arrest warrant for Bowlen based on multiple potential violations of probation arising from a domestic violence conviction in 2016. A DUI arrest in California served as the catalyst, but the son of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen also allegedly failed to report to his probation officer, failed to perform community service, failed to enroll in court-ordered treatment programs, and failed to report he’d left Colorado.

John Bowlen’s lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, had challenged the arrest warrant by arguing that John Bowlen hadn’t been informed that his probation period began when the Colorado Supreme Court denied the appeal.