Matt Moore: I’ve done this before

Matt Moore is the No. 1 quarterback in Miami for the time being and he offered a reminder on Friday that it’s not the first time that he’s found himself in that position.

You don’t even have to look back that far to remember when Moore started for the Dolphins. He closed out the 2016 regular season as the starter and led the offense in the team’s playoff loss to the Steelers while Ryan Tannehill was out with a partially torn ACL in his left knee. Tannehill’s status for 2017 is up in the air after he hurt the knee again Thursday and Moore is confident that he’s up to the task of filling in.

“This is part of my role,” Moore said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “I’ve done this before, in stepping up and being ready, if need be. That’s what I know. And that’s kind of the attitude I have moving forward. … When you get a chance to have more than 11 guys actually play in games, it does a lot for confidence, so especially at the quarterback position, I’ve gotten to play with a lot of these guys with live bullets. It’s good. And we’re just focused now on getting better, whoever is in there, getting better together and just moving forward.”

The Dolphins will likely make a move to bolster the position if Tannehill is going to be out and that player may prove to be a better option than Moore, but Moore has some time now to make his case that he’s the right guy for the job regardless of who else might be out there.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for Matt Moore to get another big chance every since his career took a dive during John Fox’s disastrous last year coaching the Panthers. I’m not a Dolphins’ fan, but I’d like to see Moore have a great year quarterbacking the Fins.

  2. Only question on Moore is can he stay healthy. Top 5 backup in the league, so Phins were smart to continually keep him around. He’ll put up big numbers, no doubt, but Phins need a quality backup behind him just in case we have to “break glass in case of emergency” again..

  3. Don’t understand why everyone would rush to bring in a QB foreign to this offense and this team. Matt Moore is not Tom Brady. I get it. But he’s been with Miami a while now, is well respected and liked by his teammates, has always been a smart QB and is capable of manning this fort. But no, let’s drag in Jay Cutler from retirement. A QB who’s own mother probably hates him and is just about as toxic as a player could be. Sounds like a great idea.

  4. I don’t think Kaepernick or Osweiler are better than Moore. Cutler probably is. If they can’t land Cutler, they should probably go with Moore and sign another guy for depth.

  5. Matt Moore is on of those QB’s, ala Josh McCown, who looks great as a short term option but does not hold up as a full year starter. They are sound on fundamentals, but are not special athletes. Once defenses get an opportunity to scheme for them, they’re toast.

  6. Tebow beat Matt Moore in 2011 along with Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger before he was blackballed for his proselytizing Biblical Christianity which is bad for many NFL-endorsed causes.

  7. That Miami ground game should help him do it passably well again, particularly if Pouncey is back. People shouldn’t be so quick to start digging the Dolphins a grave. Whether it’s Tannehill, Moore or someone else under center it’s the D that needs to step up. It was pitiful last year. Miami did alright last year in spite of the fact the defense just couldn’t get off the field. A defensive improvement could go a long way to mitigating any offensive drop off from losing Tannehill.

  8. For the people asking why they’d bring in another QB, it’s because you still need a backup QB. Now, maybe they like a guy in their pipeline better than the names still available but this isn’t new. Starting QB goes down, back up goes in, team signs new backup.

  9. Moore will be more than fine and is similar to Tannehill with the exception of mobility which the Dolphins never unleashed for Tanny anyway. The problem is depth… they are not bringing in Kaep, RGIII or Cutler because they will want to either compete for the Starter or as Cutler says- Starting Pay. They will sign someone as they need 4 QB for Camp. I would not read into any signing. However, Doughty who shows promise better get his act together if Moore goes down. For all the Tannehill Naysayers over the past 3 years… we shall finally see. His QBR was 93%+ and I think he will be missed.

  10. He’s a tough guy, smart, well liked by his teammates and he brings a gunslinger mentality to a group of talented receivers who can get open and fight for balls. He can makes plays. He isn’t a mobile as Tannehill and probably not as accurate with his intermediate throws, but he throws a much better deep ball. He will throw an errant pick from time to time and it’s that type of inconsistency that has relegated him to being a backup, but there aren’t many other backups in the league that are better than him. The bigger problem will be the offensive line. They aren’t deep and if Pouncey can’t stay on the field, they are in trouble.

  11. Maybe if he hadn’t been sacked 5 times they could have won that playoff game.

    In the reg season, an average of 5 sacks/game totals 80 sacks for the season. Nobody wins like that.

  12. I think most people – the ones I know anyway – have always regarded Moore as one of the best backups in the league, borderline starting material. A lot like Schaub chaffing behind Vick for so long.

    And there’s very little daylight between him and Tannehill. I’b be hard-pressed to say which one I’d rather have start on my team.

  13. Letting 4 more teams sign Tebow and play him is a funny way of blackballing a guy. Any way, this is not like going from the Rockies to the Great Plains in terms of talent, Miami will be fine. Unless they decide to add a circus sideshow in the form of a QB like Manziel, Cutler, Kaepernick, or God forbid Tebow. Just bring back T.J. Yates or send a low draft pick in exchange for RGIII.

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