Rollercoaster of reports complicates Ryan Tannehill situation


Dolphins fans spent Thursday on a rollercoaster of emotions, thanks in part to a rollercoaster of reporting regarding the status of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The apparent good news from NFL Media (“no structural damage to the knee”) eventually became looming bad news from ESPN, which has Tannehill on the brink of season-ending surgery. Appearing on Friday’s PFT Live, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald said that, at a minimum, Tannehill will be missing “significant” time.

Common sense suggests that the Dolphins haven’t made any decisions. This is a time for collecting information and making a prudent choice that advances the long-term and short-term interests of the player and the team. The absence of a final outcome sets the stage for a flood of information, much of which was and will be inaccurate, in order to fill the void and bait the click hooks.

Ultimately, the Dolphins and Tannehill need to decide whether the time has come to repair the ACL. Salguero said that Dr. James Andrews is now involved, and that he may indeed recommend surgery.

Until then, Matt Moore inherits the job — pending a likely move to add another veteran.

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  1. Before you get all giddy for Kaep, there is no way Miami signs him after his Fidel Castro shirt and comments. Jay Cutler will sign with Miami.

  2. Its all good. It created a way to get a good half dozen Kaepernick stories into my various news feeds.

  3. Hopefully the media backs off until doctors can finally assess the damage in tannehill’s knee. Seriously, being the first one to report a story has the risk of getting misinformation.

  4. Kaepernick would be a great add for Miami…run first offense with a potentially solid D. They’d love him down there. Guess it’s the red neck owners holding this all back tho.. ..yep better sign Cutler instead….or Osweiller

  5. I don’t understand what teams are asking their quarterbacks to do in these practices that so many end up hurt. They just played the hall of fame game yesterday!

  6. It’s a roller coaster because NOBODY wants to get the facts as opposed to wanting to be the first to get a story out there either substantiated or not……that’s why the press is so poor these days & I really don’t believe a word it says…..
    TRUST & INTEGRITY ( especially in sports reporting ) has been lost……HAVING AN AGENDA SEEMS TO BE MORE IMPORTANT IN THE EYES OF THE MEDIA as opposed to getting it right…

  7. this is a situation that raises the question????

    Just how fragile is this guy?

    No contact and he falls to the ground…..

    good thing they have Moore around he is at the very least serviceable…

    Colin going to get a call now????

    What about RGIII???

    Which would be a better fit…..

  8. Dear dolphins fans, ESPN isn’t a great source of information.


    Us psychotic Rabid Bostonians who cannot fathom a story being concocted about BALL PRESSURE.. Also, can anyone explain why Miami opted NOT to have surgery when Ryan was done last December? Wouldn’t it make sense it take care of that before it could potentially come what happened yesterday? I hate to see a guy lose a season because he supposedly would need this surgery at some point, and his team delayed the inevitable.

  9. Matt Moore has always impressed me. Underrated. The Phins will be fine… Unfortunately.

  10. I hope Kirk Cousins is paying attention… since he seems content to play on a year to year basis… some players get injured and recover to form… then some players get injured and are never the same…

    The Redskins still hold all the leverage…if they want Kirk Cousins, there is nothing stopping them from franchise tagging him again or transition tagging him and matched the offer…the narrative that the Redskins-Hating media doesn’t want you aware of: If the Redskins want Kirk Cousins, then Kirk Cousins will be a Redskin!!!

  11. No way with Kaepernick and it has nothing to do with redneck owners. Kaep prouidly wearing a Castro shirt would make him very unpopular in South Beach. Sorry Colin, actions have consequences.

  12. AJ McCarron would be a good get for the dolphins. Still young and went 2-1 as a starter for bengals and should have won bengals first playoff game in 20+ years if not for a fumble and a blow up!!!

    This is a similar situation as the Vikings last year with bridge water. If I’m the bengals I’m on line one trying to get a 1st or a 2 and a 4 for mccarron. Then since we are the bengals go ahead and sign kaep. It’s not like the bengals don’t take on reclamation projects anyway.

    That’s my .02

  13. It doesn’t matter who they bring in at QB because they aren’t beating out Matt Moore.

    People act like this guy is a scrub. Go look at his stats from last year.

    He had one bad game in the playoffs on the road against Pittsburgh.

    If it wasn’t for his performance in the previous 4 games they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.

    He’s not as good as Tannehill, but they can still compete with Matt Moore as the starter.

  14. Bring in Tebow, Manzeil, and Kaepernick and invite all the media, that’ll get the party started. If you’re gonna go down might as will go down in flames

  15. I think the Dolphins can use the Spaghetti against the wall approach. Veteran back up and Long shot. Kap is out due to the Castro thing. Then pick the best available of Moore, Tony Romo, Robert Griff, Jay Cutler and throw in Osweiler to that list plus any other decent veteran. Then throw in Johnny Manziel as a camp arm and tell him the best you can do is the practice squad at this point. Then see what happens. If Johnny has really, really, really, grown up you will find out quickly. Does he keep his mouth shut? Does he stay to 11 pm studying film? Does he take suggestions gracefully and just do them? Texas A@M failed Johnny by not forcing him to study film and benching him if he did not. Colleges are supposed to prepare kids for after college and College station did not do that. But maybe Coach Pettine’s hard line approach helped after all. Miami has benefited from the Browns throw aways before..Don Shula and Paul Warfield come to mind. But not as a first option. Just a practice squad at best. And if he proves himself and the other guys suck maybe he can get a start around October or so.

  16. I love all the people whining about how this will just be an excuse to bring up Kaep. His name appears nowhere in the article and the only place he is mentioned is in your comments. Maybe YOU’RE the one obsessed with him?

  17. The QB they bring in will be a Backup to Moore. Why all the hype? I say let Doughty take the PreSeason snaps and rest Tanny until Game 1 with the exception of a few Drives in Game 3. I am actually more concerned about losing The Guard Larsen. The Fins already had the worst Guards in the league

  18. I am not a Miami fan but Matt Moore is a good QB. He is also tough, I think it was him who took one of the most viscous hits I have ever seen against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. I thought he would be seriously injured or WORSE.

  19. jim699 says:

    August 4, 2017 at 8:35 am

    I don’t understand what teams are asking their quarterbacks to do in these practices that so many end up hurt. They just played the hall of fame game yesterday!


    That so many end up hurt? Tannehill is the only quarterback to be injured in a training camp practice

  20. “I hope Kirk Cousins is paying attention… since he seems content to play on a year to year basis… some players get injured and recover to form… then some players get injured and are never the same…”

    Yeah cause Cousins is going to have an awfully hard time living on the 40 mil he’s made in just the last 2 years, much less the millions he made before that.


  21. Well that means da Phins will only finish 3rd in the AFC East. Bills just took over 2nd, the injury bug is hitting you hard just another mediocre year for the Phins. Give good old Kamp a contract he likes to party in Miami anyway!!!!!

  22. jchemengr says:
    August 4, 2017 at 9:56 am
    The problem I see for Moore is he takes way to many sacks and QB hits and some of them have been brutal.

    Compared to Tannehill Moore is a master at avoiding sacks

  23. Moore is a solid option for the Dolphins. He is a seasoned veteran who can keep Miami focused without bringing in a circus like Tebow, Manziel or Kaepernick. They will likely do about the same with Moore as they would with Tannehill. Fortunately for the Dolphins this gives them a full preseason knowing Moore is the starter. He should be good and comfortable for the opener. Usually things like this happen in week 1 and you lose 3-4 weeks before you are fully adjusted. They won’t skip a beat.

    On the other hand, Tannehill may want to spend some of his free time this year getting his house ready for sale. If Moore looks great, Tannehill is disposable. If Moore looks terrible, the Dolphins may decide both of them are disposable and start looking for the next QB.

  24. The difference between the Vikings last year and the Dolphins this year is that the Dolphins and their fans are not morons. They know they are not one piece away from the SB. They know it is wiser to bide their time and keep building up their team into a true competitor. Even with Romo, Cutler, Favre and Manning all unretiring to compete to start, they know they’d never beat the Patriots in the playoffs this year. So they won’t panic and whiz away valuable draft capital for some castaway QB.

    Unlike the Vikings, who thought they were peers of the Packers and could actually win a playoff game with just a decent QB- now they’ve set themselves back 2 years and still don’t have an answer at QB. Amd the Packers will continue to own that division til at least when Rodgers retires.

    And before one of you from Minneso-duh pipes up about your precious 2015 division title, I will remind you that the Packers still made the playoffs and still won a game, on the road, while the Vikings lost their first game, at home, in one of the most shameful and embarrassing ways possible.

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