Who would you put in the Hall of Fame?


On Thursday’s PFT Live, Hall of Famer Tony Dungy was asked this question: If you had a Hall of Fame golden ticket, who would you give it to?

Dungy said former Steelers safety Donnie Shell. Which provided the inspiration for Friday’s PFT Live question of the day. Who would you put in?

Answer below, argue about it, resort to insults if need be, and then tune in for the show at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio. We head to NBCSN at 7:00 a.m. ET. Guests include Chiefs G.M. Brett Veach, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

It caps another great week for the show, which has some potentially intriguing news coming. Potentially soon.

58 responses to “Who would you put in the Hall of Fame?

  1. The 3rd most tackles (1561) in NFL history belong to Clay Matthews Jr. 19 years in the league and sill no yellow jacket. Put him in already.

  2. Fred Taylor. 4.6 yards per carry average for his career. Top 20 all time rushing list. Jim Brown often said he was the best back in football during his time in the league.

  3. Jerry Burns. He deserves it just for his press conferences alone. In his day he was the best interview in sports even if you weren’t a Vikings fan.

    Could you imagine that guy in the era of Sportscenter?

  4. I’ll acknowledge that this is a bit of a homer vote, but I believe Jerry Kramer is long overdue for this honor.
    He helped anchor a line that would win 5 NFL Championships and 2 Super Bowls.
    Named 1st team All-Pro 5 times and to the 2nd team once.
    A member of the All Decade team of the ’60s.
    And he arguably threw one of the most important blocks in NFL history in the 1967 NFC Championship game.

  5. 7 time pro bowl
    3 time all pro
    2 super bowl rings
    ALL DECADE TEAM 70’s ( which was the greatest era of football ever) CLIFF HARRIS

  6. Joe Jacoby- No other offensive lineman should go in before fixing this overdue mistake. Taker is so modest, he doesn’t think he belongs there himself. But, Tasker and Brian Mitchell in the same year would be cool.

  7. Joe Delaney or Pat Tillman. Sure, their football careers don’t add up to the Hall of Fame, but as human beings willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect others, who better is there to represent the best men professional football has produced?

  8. Jim Marshall. End of story. Played from 1961-1979 for the Vikings with a record (not broken until Favre) 282 consecutive games. Not to mention a year in Cleveland before that and a year in the CFL before Cleveland. 1969 NFL Championship and played in 4 Super Bowls. Recovered a record 30 fumbles in his career. Only member of the “Purple People Eaters” not in the Hall. Should have been in there a long time ago. Don’t let him be one of those guys who gets put in after he dies. Put him in the Hall all ready!!!

  9. Sterling Sharpe’s 7 year stats are comparable to Terrell Davis’s 3 year run. Sharpe was the only real weapon in that offense – I mean EVERYBODY knew Favre was going to him, and yet he caught 100+ passes in a season routinely. Without the neck issue he may have set records.

  10. Jerry Kramer. I know there are several deserving others but for me, it’s got to be Kramer. The frustrating thing about Kramer’s snub is that there’s no reason for it (that we mere mortals know of). What did the guy do? Sleep with a bunch of sports writers’ wives?

  11. How about a poll of guys who don’t belong. A few guys inducted this year might lead the list. Jerry Jones, Morten Anderson and Terrell Davis.
    What are Jerry’s accomplishments?
    A kicker is bad enough but a dome kicker?
    Davis, had a good 3 years, sorry but injuries happen and each of his replacements duplicated his performance. Rueban Droughns and Olandis Gary.

  12. Drew Pearson, Cliff Harris, Jerry Kramer, Terrell Owens (I know, I know), Bill Bates, just a few off the top of my head. All deserving, some maybe a little more, but still deserving IMO.

  13. Brian Dawkins. I honestly believe he belongs without question.

    But the HOF hates safeties, and there are a number of great safeties that will be eligible in the next few years.

    Dawkins will get the shaft.

  14. Wes Welker.

    He redefined the slot position in the NFL. Pound for pound, he’d be in the argument for toughest player of all time. Fearless. Warrior. Grit.

    Great topic! Fun to read other fans selections as well.

  15. In the Weeds says:
    August 4, 2017 at 7:47 am
    Jerry Kramer.
    This from a Cowboys fan whose life Kramer ruined in 1967.
    It’s only fair.
    I appreciate your comments.
    The true elation I felt at that moment, I can only imagine the devastating feelings on the other side of that coin.
    2 great teams in one great game, though.

  16. Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos. Dude has done so much for the league. Now he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and it would be nice to get him in before he passes.

  17. It’s way past the time that Joe Klecko was inducted into the Hall of Fame. His stats speak for themselves. It’s nothing short of a crying shame he hasn’t yet gotten in.

  18. Jack Tatum. The man invented how to play the position. Ronnie Lott looked up to him, but Ronnie get all the love. Ain’t his fault stingley got hurt

  19. For those who vote for Jim Marshall, remember both the Dolphins and Steelers game plan in back to back SBs was to run left – right at him. Csonka and then Harris set SB rushing records. Sorry Marshall longevity doesn’t top average performance.

  20. Jim Plunkett. QB of 2 winning super bowl teams. 1st round bust who came off the scrap heap and led his team to two tiles in 4 years. And a good all around guy to boot. Put him in the HOF!

  21. the fact that Colin Kaepernick isn’t in yet is clearly a sign the owners and the league are colluding against him…

  22. Jerry Kramer stands alone at the top of this list. Please don’t wait till he is gone. The Senior selection committee needs to quit being “homers”.

  23. biancaneri says:
    August 4, 2017 at 7:39 am
    Joe Delaney or Pat Tillman.
    It’s the Pro FOOTBALL HOF, not the Good Guy HOF.

    And….would the Packer trolls stop voting down Jim Marshall. You just look ridiculous. Again.

  24. Ken Riley whose 65 interceptions is the most of anyone not in Hall and better than many already in.

    Ken Anderson — most accurate passer of his generation.

  25. Randall Cunningham: 3-time NFL MVP/POY [1988, 1990, 1998]; 4-time All-Pro [1988, 1990, 1992, 1998]; Higher career passer rating [81.5] than Moon, [80.9], Fouts [80.2], Elway [79.9], 12-4 won-lost record vs. Elway, Aikman and Favre in regular season. Better TD-Int. Ratio [1.545] than Favre [1.512], Kelly [1.354], Elway [1.327], Moon [1.248], Aikman [1.170], Fouts [1.049]. Only NFL QB to lead team in rushing in four consecutive seasons [1987-1990]. First NFL QB to complete 20+ TD passes and rush for 500+ yards in single season [1987-1990]. Higher W-L percentage as starting NFL QB [82-52-1:.612] than Simms [.597], Rivers [.575], Aikman [.570], Brees [.574], Warner[.577], Fouts [.506], Moon [.502]. Two longest punts [91, 80] longer than Ray Guy’s longest punt.

  26. I’ve been beating the drum for Sterling Sharpe for years. Are the Packers better with Terrel Davis or Sterling Sharpe?

    Gale Sayers was amazing but had a short career and Terrel Davis is not in his league. Lynn Swann was underutilized ’cause his stats are a joke (SB performances, I guess).

    Maybe Sharpe didn’t have the pizazz of Swann but hist stats are better and he and Sayers were the best 7 year players I’ve ever seen.

  27. Roger Craig, Steve Atwater, T.O., Edgerrin James, BDawk (not necessarily in that order)

    Ben Coates should be considered; TE is a, underrepresented position

  28. slick50kc says:
    August 4, 2017 at 10:09 am

    After putting Terrel freaking Davis in, the Hall is dead to me. What a joke.
    You finally said something rational.

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