Would Teddy Bridgewater welcome a trade to the Dolphins?


A year after Teddy Bridgewater‘s torn ACL forced the Vikings to scramble in late August for a replacement, a possible torn ACL suffered by Ryan Tannehill may compel the Dolphins to do the same. What if the Dolphins would trade for Bridgewater?

While the Dolphins seem to be focused for now on free agents in lieu of getting fleeced by another team, there’s a chance Bridgewater would welcome the chance to return home to South Florida. As noted by Aj Mansour of KFAN.com, Bridgewater “liked” a tweet advocating for a trade that would bring him to the Dolphins.

Bridgewater later unliked the tweet from former NFL defensive back DeMarcus Van Dyke, but Bridgewater then dropped a trio of his own tweets reflecting positivity and, ultimately, declaring, “I can sense God is about to perform another miracle in my life.”

It would arguably be more than a miracle if the Dolphins choose to roll the dice on a Vikings quarterback with a bum knee. Eleven years ago, they shipped a second-round selection to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper and his torn knee ligament trifecta, telling free agent Drew Brees and his 26-studded shoulder, “No thanks.”

The deeper message here could be that, even if a Miami homecoming (and a DeVante Parker reunion) isn’t in the cards for Bridgewater, who has yet to pass a physical and could start the regular season on the PUP list, the guy who one year ago was regarded as the starter in Minnesota for the next decade or more could be scoping out the next step of a career cut short in the Land of 10,000 Lakes by a shredded ACL and a $100 million replacement who has never really performed to that level.

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  1. I don’t think teams can execute trades for players that aren’t cleared to play.

  2. It would solve a few problems in Minnesota, mostly PR related in my opinion. TB is well liked by the community and Zimmer, but his future as a QB is uncertain. If he warms to a trade, the Vikings could ‘reluctantly’ go along with it and avoid the fallout from the fans of cutting him later. That would be a win-win for the team and TB.

  3. Vikings will trade trade for a 3rd, and conditional pick(s)
    His rehab will be better served here in the heat, so will his confidence

  4. Seriously……this isn’t even news, won’t happen, he’s not even ready nor cleared via medical evaluation to play. He’s on PUP for the year.

  5. There are no great options, just maybes.

    Maybe Cutler is drawn out of retirement but at what cost? And he won’t want a one year contract, will he? And Miami has cap issues.

    There are no decent free agent options except Castro loving Kaep who would never fly in Miami.

    They just need a one year option until Tannehill comes back, to push Moore for a starting job or back him up and be an option should Moore fail.

    Teddy is too big a risk and won’t want to be a one year rental anyway, as its Tannehill’s team.

    A trade for a decent backup with starting experience is probably the cheapest bet that makes sense. Find a guy with one year left, and a shot at competing with Moore, and trade for picks or better yet unload an over-priced vet to clear some cap as well.

  6. Well they’re going to have to do something, might as well give Bridgewater a shot

  7. Doubt the Fins are going to give up anything for a QB that’s not able to play at the moment and quite possibly well into the season.

  8. Bridgewater is a bum just like Tannehill. Just roll with your backup, tank the season and position yourself for a shot at a good draft prospect.

  9. Let’s see…go to a place about 80 degrees warmer in January than where you currently work and live?…and pay zero in state taxes? If I must…

  10. Rick will ask for a conditional 7th round pick in 2020 and Teddy will be thrilled to get away from Vikings fan who haven’t tasted the real taste of victory. Except 2nd place in 1969 before most fans were born.

  11. I don’t think teams can execute trades for players that aren’t cleared to play.

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    Yes, they can. They shouldn’t, but they can.

  12. Bridgewater must have one helluva agent. Why else would this guy’s name be mentioned so often as a legitimate NFL quarterback? He proved no better or worse than any number of twenty other guy’s, but for some reason he’s the missing link.

    Give it a rest. Bradford is by far a better QB than Bridgewater ever came close to becoming. Bradford is legit. He did very well last year under very trying conditions. I expect he’ll do even better this year. Bridgewater was a hope, a dream, nothing more. He wants to play, I get it, he’s a football player. But come on………he’s done. In this era? He’s done.

  13. If he is healthy enough to play, or has a chance to get there, I would hope the Vikings hold on to him. He was starting to show real progress prior to the injury. Plus, I can’t imagine any team would give up much to get him until he proves he can play, so why trade him for nothing?

  14. This is a great idea, your starter has a knee injury… so trade for a guy whose knee is a big question mark.

  15. Just sucks for both guys but if it gives Teddy a shot and he plays at home that’s good with me. If I was Tannehill I’d heal up, take what they gave me and at most take a backup role with a team next year. I hope they both come out on top. Injuries in preseason are awful. They’re all awful but…

  16. Miami needs a QB first round. No way to avoid that now. And thank you for making this a two column read. Yes!!!!!! Back to normal scrawling. Now how about that reply button <>

  17. Not sure why they’d trade for a disfunctional Teddy, he want really very good when healthy.
    Bubble screen master and that’s it.

  18. Yeah Teddy is a bum!

    In 2015, That “weak-armed”, “slight bodied” QB went into Lambeau Field on a nationally televised Sunday night, with the division on the line and BEAT the “GOAT” Aaron Rodgers!

    He’s a winner
    He’s a great kid and model citizen
    But if I’m the Vikes, put him on the PUP list…then his contract rolls over into next season at the same cheap price
    MN should be in NO hurry to trade Teddy

    Just sit back and let him rehab
    Then Decide what to do

  19. my guess is that either Bridgewater or Sam Bradford will be on a new team next year and my guess is that the Redskins will sign one of them whenever they lose Kirk Cousins in free agency

  20. I don’t get it. Why would you trade for an injured QB to replace your own injured QB?

  21. You guys know that before Kaep knelt he got beat out by blaine gabbert, right?

  22. Yeah Teddy, I’m sure God is sitting in his office in the sky and said “you know what, let me blow up Ryan Tannehill’s knee so that Teddy Bridgewater could get traded to Miami. He’ll absolutely love this miracle I give him. Sorry oh well for you Ryan.”

  23. I mean, Teddy wasn’t all that great before he got hurt and considering the severity of his injury I don’t think it bodes well for his future as a franchise guy. However he’s a likable dude and you can’t help but pull for him. I think a change of scenery would be good for him because the Vikings are never going to start him over Bradford.

  24. exinsidetrader says:
    August 4, 2017 at 8:32 pm
    A guy with no knees is wanted more than a guy that took a knee.
    I love it!

    Not if it turns out he has ‘no knees’ (or an ongoing knee problem to be more accurate)

    But if he gotbhealthy again Bridgewater would be a far better QB than Kaepernick. It could be a good deal for Miami depending on what it cost them. But first Bridgewater needs to complete his recovery or the point is moot.

  25. Fins definitely need a backup. But the starter for the year will be Matt Moore, who last year in relief only went 3-1 with a 105 QB rating with 8 Td’s and 3 Int’s. Would I rather have Tanny? Hell’s yea. But is Matt Moore good enough to roll with? Most definitely. Jay Cutler DEFINITELY wouldn’t start over Moore. Kap would be interesting, but unlikely to happen…

  26. If the Dolphins are worried enough to talk to Jay Cutler, then Bridgewater is also in the mix. Bridgewater has played fairly well in the games I watched against Green Bay.

  27. How does adding another injured QB to the roster help the Dolphins? Trading for an injured QB to back up Matt Moore makes no sense at all.

  28. It would not seem to make any sense for a team to replace an injured starting QB, with another injured QB who is not ready to play?

  29. Its laughable that anyone outside of Minnesota thinks that the Teddy has any trade value at all. First, the severity of his injury can’t be underestimated. It was a devastating injury that makes his odds of a full recovery at about the same level of the Vikings winning the Superbowl, in other words, that’s a lot of zeros in that probability.

    Even if he sees the field again, what is the trade value of a Qb that throws just 14 TD’s per season? Its not like Teddy is a feared thrower, he is just another 1st round bust for Spielman who has his fair share of them

  30. ariani1985 says:
    August 4, 2017 at 10:24 pm
    why would any QB skip out on playing the greenbay defense? easy 10 TDs a year.

    Or five, with 2 coming in garbage time when you team is getting drilled 38-13.

  31. go back and watch the final drive that Bridgewater put against Seattle in the playoff game two years ago. If Walsh didn’t choke on the FG that would now be know as “The Drive”. He isn’t a fantasy football stat master but he knows how to win and lead a team.

  32. artvandelay919 says:

    Green Bay should trade Hundley to Miami for a 2nd round pick.

    A second round pick for a guy with 0 career TDs and a 20% completion percentage… Okay.

  33. Teddy is a local South Florida guy so I’m sure he’d like that. I guess the Tannehill era will be over and forgotten pretty soon.

  34. I never understood the Bridgewater hype to begin with. He was a glorified game manager when he was starting with the Vikings. Why would the Dolphins sign a guy with a bad knee injury to replace a guy with a knee injury? Cutler would be the smart choice – he would fit right into Gase’s system. He is superior to Krapernick in every way. All of the toucan hype is manufactured by the leftists in the media (including his idiotic girlfriend) and moronic fans. He wasn’t good last season – it’s obvious he was the definition of a system QB as Jim Haurbaugh coached him up very well and built a system around him to shield his limitations. Krapernick made his bed and now has to deal with the consequences. He is entitled to nothing even though Stephen A. Smith, Florio and many other talking heads believe he is.

    If things don’t go well for the Dolphins this season at least it is projected to be a very deep QB draft – Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Mason Rudolph, Luke Falk are all potential first rounders.

  35. How about making a trade with Cleveland for Osweiller or Cincinnati for A J McCarin .

  36. Bridgewater sounds EXTREMELY eager to get out of MN.

    I would not underestimate what MN could get for Teddy in this situation. In a similar situation last year, Rick Spielman panicked and gave Philly a 1st and a 4th for journeyman Sam Bradford.

  37. Why would Miami ever think of a guy who we dont know if he will ever play again, to replace a guy who cant play. Stupid talk. I read they are looking at Cutler anyways and it sounds like a close to done deal.

  38. I guess I never realized that who you sign as a QB is more about politics than about winning. Silly me. Minnesota knows that Bridgewater isn’t their answer. Bradford walked in, without even warming up, and showed them what a good QB can do. Why would Miami be interested in him? It’s a step backwards. Kaepernick would be an improvement over Tannehill, but owners are making money, even if they lose. So some of these teams are just going through the motions, as we continue going through the turnstiles. Why wouldn’t a team like Miami offer Harbaugh $20 million a year, if he was able to get a “bad” QB to the championship games every year? Something isn’t adding up.

  39. I love Teddy, I’d love to see him play again in Purple, but if the Vikings could trade him they should do so in a hot second. There’s just so much unknown, so much risk. It’s a business, and they should accept a trade offer if they receive one. Then extend Bradford and draft a QB next year. It’s a no brainer if the Dolphins are that stupid.

  40. The Vikings would be idiots to trade him at this point. There is no guarantee Bradford will make it through the season, and even if he does, Teddy could very well be the better quarterback. I would MUCH rather get rid of Bradford, but we would be wise to wait until next year and make sure Teddy is physically able to play again long term. My hope is that Teddy can see action this year and prove that he is back to 100%. Then we trade Bradford next year at this time for a handful of picks to some needy team.

  41. packer troll saying Speilman panicked and gave up a 1st & a 4th round pick. Speilman did nothing of the kind. Not only was Teddy down but a back up as well. He knew he was in no position for a bargain. He did what had to be done. He had an extra 4th round pick and used it.And this year he drafted Dalvin Cook in the 2nd round. So he got his 1st round pick.
    Speilman > TT.

  42. As a Seahawks fan, the best QBs I ever got to see through my homer glasses were Dave Krieg and Matt Hasselbeck. Not bad, not great. So when Russel Wilson came along, I wasnt sure if I was looking at the real deal, until midway through that first season.

    I feel like the Vikings fans have the same issue, but they still don’t have a great QB. So they have deluded themselves into thinking TB is going to be great, when everyone on the outside can readily ascertain that he’s a solid #2 at best.

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