Agent says Jay Cutler has made no decisions

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Jay Cutler hasn’t said publicly whether he’ll come out of retirement to play for the Dolphins, and his agent says that’s because he hasn’t decided.

Mark Block, a longtime friend and business partner of Cutler’s who served as his agent as he negotiated his new deal to work for FOX, wrote on Twitter this morning that any report indicating Cutler has decided to return — or not to return — is premature.

“Not sure where sources are coming from but as of 10:50am Jay Cutler hasn’t made any decisions. Stay tuned for actual on the record,” Block wrote.

Cutler was released by the Bears in March and is free to negotiate a contract with the Dolphins, or any other team. When Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered a knee injury this week, it led to immediate speculation that Cutler could head to Miami for a reunion with Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, who has a good relationship with Cutler after they spent the 2015 season together in Chicago.

Those dots are easy to connect, but it’s unclear whether Cutler actually wants to play, whether the Dolphins want him, and whether the two sides would be able to come to financial terms. There’s still plenty to sort out before we know for sure whether Cutler will be back.

18 responses to “Agent says Jay Cutler has made no decisions

  1. No way. No Cutler in Miami. Matt Moore should be the starter and we should roll with him.
    The season is over anyway. Don’t waste money on Cutler.
    Save your salary cap money. You’re gonna need it to resign Landry.

  2. The Dolphins are fine with Matt Moore as the starter, he’s actually better than Tannehill, better to have this scenario in early August then during the season.

  3. Maybe the Fins should give Brandon Doughty a closer look. He’s going into his second year and his college numbers in his last 2 years were slightly better than average. 27 games, 10,000 yards, 97 TD passes to 19 picks (yeah, those are real). He’s 6’3, 220 and they say he’s looked good in camp.

  4. More like the Dolphins haven’t made a decision yet. Jay is probably calling Gase every 15 minutes begging for a shot. Phins would be better off passing on Cutler.

  5. As a lifelong Bears fan, Cutler has never really had a chance. How many HC’s and OC’s has Cutler had in his career? Add the fact that Chicago’s line was always horrible. Sign him and I’d bet Dolphin fans would be happy.

  6. I’ve watched Matt Moore play well a couple of times in Carolina. He hasn’t really had a shot yet in my opinion. With a full off-season as a #1 I bet he could gain alot of ground.

  7. Is he even in football shape? Reminds of Brett Favre going from couch to playing for the Vikings and end up getting injured.

  8. Jay, stay retired, you should have enough money you have your health, great young family, and a good job with Fox network.

  9. I too think Matt Moore is better that Tannehill. Cutler has all the skills but that hang dog, I don’t really care attitude is really hard to get past.

  10. I wonder if Cutler is even in playing shape? Even if the Dolphins roll with Moore, they’re gonna need another QB — Tannehill should just go and have the inevitable knee surgery already.

  11. Umm, he can’t exactly make a decision until the Dolphins do. Perhaps yall should wait on that first.

  12. Roll with Moore as the starter.
    He has the support of his teammates and fan base. With that support comes confidence.

    I doubt Cutler will come back for less than $4 mil (what Moore makes), so if you pay Cutler more, he will be expected to start.
    When do you pull Moore? Immediately? Before Week 1? Will Cutler be game ready in 3-4 weeks?
    And what if Cutler is the same ol Jay? How many weeks does he get a pass for bad play??

    Keep Moore, lean on the run game, see what you have in Doughty as a backup.
    If it comes down to injury or bad play from Moore, THEN go pay Cutler or work a trade for someone’s QB.

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