Hall of Fame video confuses Morten Andersen with Norwegian soccer player

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Morten Andersen grew up playing soccer, then turned out to be so good at kicking American-style footballs that tonight he’ll be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That’s a good story, but the NFL and the Hall of Fame made a big mistake when trying to tell that story.

In the official video shown when Andersen received his gold jacket and posted on social media by the NFL, a narrator says, “The soccer player from Denmark first kicked an American football in high school.” As those words are spoken, a soccer team picture is shown, with one player highlighted.

One problem: That player isn’t Andersen. Another problem: Andersen never even played for the team pictured. A third problem: The team pictured comes from Norway, not Denmark.

As explained by the Norwegian news site Nettavisen, the player highlighted in the photo is a Norwegian named Roar Strand, who played for Norway’s national team from 1994 to 2003, long after Andersen’s NFL career had begun.

So it’s a photo of the wrong player on the wrong team from the wrong country, and at the time the photo was taken, Andersen was already in the NFL. Apparently whoever was tasked with tracking down a picture of Morten Andersen in a soccer uniform isn’t very proficient with Google Images.

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  1. WTH DID YOU EXPECT? A multi billion dollar organization, that failed 5th grade SCIENCE, and admitted it in court!!!,,IDEAL GAS LAW.

  2. As HoF screwups go this is pretty small and at least this one is funny and easily corrected.
    Tony Dungy being a member ahead of Tom Flores or Don Coryell is tragic and irreversible

  3. The Hall of Fame is beginning to loose all credibility with me and becoming a farce. Last year with the football field paint debacle and this year not knowing who(player) they’re letting in..

  4. It’s not like Roar Strand is some super-obscure player – he played 42 times for his country and at three major international tournaments – and the mistake is all the more obvious for the fact that the players in the photo have large Norwegian flags on their chests. The fact that this is a shot of the Norway Euro 2000 squad makes it worse – Morten Andersen had already been to 4 of his 7 Pro Bowls when it was taken. Someone should be worried for their job because of this.

  5. reprob8 says:
    August 5, 2017 at 4:30 pm
    Makes one wonder how much competence is actually in the NFL or the Hall of Fame organization.


    If you have to ask the question, then you already have your answer.

  6. Having worked at the NFL Network, knowing how meticulous they are, I’m amazed this happened. In fact, when I watched this last night, I didn’t think the person highlighted was Morten Andersen. Now we know.

  7. Good ! The HOF is a farce anyway the latest being jerry jones, terrell davis and anderson. Jones and anderson belong nowhere near the HOF and if davis gets in playing 3 years then bo jackson should be unanimous vote . It’s a joke guys like cliff branch, cliff harris, jerry kramer, harvey martin and the great bo jackson are not in

  8. @The Truth: maybe I am a bit biased because I’m Danish but Morten Andersen (not Anderson) is the highest scoring player ever in the NFL. I know he’s a kicker but still, that is pretty impresive. Also the guy’s been named to the all decade team in two different decades. I mean it’s fair to be critical but what more does a kicker need to do to get in? I think his spot is well deserved.

  9. unclmikl says:
    August 5, 2017 at 6:41 pm
    can someone please tell me how jerruh and kurt warner made it in to the hall of flame before phil simms and robert kraft?

    Well, Jones was THE factor in a paradigm shift in American sports. When he bought the Cowboys, MLB was the dominant sports league and the NBA was at an all time high in popularity, now the NFL is king and it’s not even close. Jones wasted little time positioning himself on the television committee and was key in using that to change the balance of power in American sports leagues. He convinced FOX to outbid CBS and this factor alone changed the landscape of sports in America. That and his marketing genius (Dallas still markets their own gear and are the only ones) and all the sponsorship deals copied by the other owners make their franchises far more valuable than they would have been otherwise. The tired, old, intellectually lazy talking points of he “fired Landry” “drove Jimmy away” “meddles” are just attempts to sound smart without actually taking responsibility to be so. It’s like the guy who gets his political news from Facebook, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the guy who says ‘Kraft 5-Jones 3′ is who I refer to here.

    Meanwhile, Kraft just enjoyed becoming richer for Jones’ efforts and Billichick’s running of the team. If an owner says out of the business of football, then he’s out and Kraft is out. Key people building the league like Art Rooney and Lamar Hunt are in a class of their own.

    I’ll pass on the Warner/Simms thing.

  10. Kickers don’t belong in the hall of fame period unless you were actually a football player like george blanda

  11. I can’t wait until they confuse Roger Goodell with howdy Doody during his undeserved ceremony, at least they’ll have the right guy in that case

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