Ankle scare for Sammy Watkins


The good new is that Sammy Watkins currently isn’t having any foot problems. The Bills receiver narrowly avoided some bad news on Sunday.

Watkins suffered “kind of just a lie ankle twist” while running a pass route on Sunday.

He said he’ll “probably ice” the ankle and he’ll be fine. “I’ll be out there tomorrow,” Watkins said.

It was the same leg in which he had repeated foot problems, but he said the foot wasn’t affected.

“I just had a scare,” Watkins said. “I just kind of rolled it a little bit, stopped it, and then came back out here running routes, so I was fine.”

The Bills are hoping that Watkins will be better than fine all year along. Watkins surely hopes the same thing happens, given that the Bills didn’t pick up his fifth-year option. Which makes 2017 a contract year for him.

16 responses to “Ankle scare for Sammy Watkins

  1. The guy is good when he’s actually healthy, but that’s the rub as it seems he nearly breaks an ankle every time he gets off the couch. Definitely staying away from him in fantasy football this year!

  2. Nawww, Sammy is sick of hearing about his foot injuries. Atleast be respectful and wait til he’s missed 4 games this season before sounding any alarms.

  3. A lot of us think we know a lot about football, myself included. But I have no idea about predicting injuries. Sammy Watkins is as good as any WR in the NFL, but he seems to be hurt all the time. If this guy stays healthy, and gets on a team with a QB, he’ll be a 1st ballot HOFer.

  4. Sammy Watkins is as good as any WR in the NFL

    Really? Even healthy you think he is as good as Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green, Mike Evans? I think not.

  5. It happens sometimes that players have injury issues the first few years of their careers, then for some reason, the problem goes away. Maybe they learn how to take care of themselves in the offseason. I don’t know. As much as the Bills invested in Watkins, I hope this is the case for him

  6. Here in Buffalo, I’ve never seen a player get such a high rating for doing absolutely NOTHING over his brief career. Nothing…
    Time to put up or shut up Sammy.

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