Ankle scare for Sammy Watkins


The good new is that Sammy Watkins currently isn’t having any foot problems. The Bills receiver narrowly avoided some bad news on Sunday.

Watkins suffered “kind of just a lie ankle twist” while running a pass route on Sunday.

He said he’ll “probably ice” the ankle and he’ll be fine. “I’ll be out there tomorrow,” Watkins said.

It was the same leg in which he had repeated foot problems, but he said the foot wasn’t affected.

“I just had a scare,” Watkins said. “I just kind of rolled it a little bit, stopped it, and then came back out here running routes, so I was fine.”

The Bills are hoping that Watkins will be better than fine all year along. Watkins surely hopes the same thing happens, given that the Bills didn’t pick up his fifth-year option. Which makes 2017 a contract year for him.