Cutler’s departure likely won’t change much for FOX

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For a change, a high-profile employee is leaving FOX absent a pending sexual harassment investigation. So what does it mean to have NFL analyst Jay Cutler gone before he ever even arrived?

Probably nothing. FOX assigned Cutler to a three-man booth, with Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis. So the easy fix would be to drop the booth to two, and move on.

CBS would have a much bigger problem, if Dak Prescott were to suffer the same fate as Ryan Tannehill and if Tony Romo were to unretire. CBS would need someone to work with Jim Nantz.

The easy answer would be to put Phil Simms back in the booth. But that would be awkward, to say the least, given the way CBS dropped Simms into limbo before assigning him to Tony Gonzalez’s empty seat at The NFL Today.

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  1. The next good game broadcast by Fox will be the first they have had in years. All Broadcast sports have gotten increasingly bad. That goes for all the networks. Everyone sounds the same and they add very little to the actual games themselves. They have become background noise.

  2. exsquidao says:
    August 6, 2017 at 2:31 pm
    Just had to get your infantile sjw dig in there.
    – – – –

    It’s not an “sjw dig”. Sounds more like a fair shot at a major problem at FOX. Don’t take it personally, even if your politics match up with theirs.

  3. You see how much of a distraction Kap was that Cutler s more palpable.

    No one wants the distraction of s guy kneeling for the National Anthem and not knowing the difference between Malcolm X on his shirt and Fidel Castro!!!

    Compare that mess to Cutler. No contest. .

  4. I love the fact that Phil Simms has been relegated to nothingness after his stupid “I won’t say Redskins” stance blew up in his face.
    Do you have the directions to Nothingness? It pays great…..

  5. With the quality of play by play and color men in the game today, they could have placed a loop tape of somebody just saying “blah, blah, blah,” and have not detracted from the booth. In fact, it would probably be better than hearing Simms wax poetic about nothing at all and Chris Collinsworth telling everyone how great he used to be.

    I miss Madden’s random noises and circling mud on players jerseys and stuck in players’ helmets.

  6. Michaels is good. Collingsworth has knowledge. But at times comes off disinterested. Buck comes off as he’d rather be doing baseball. Aikman is very good IMO. Except he tried to hard not to praise the cowboys.
    CBS is awful.

    Madden and summeral. Forever be missed.

  7. Except for Michaels and Collingsworth and Buck and Aikman I never listen to the TV announcers. The rest of the clown show shows up and tries to regurgitate what they read in the local newspapers/websites. Most of the time I turn on the TV at kickoff, listen to the local radio broadcas, and shut it off when the game is done.
    It’s refreshing to not listen to the mindless jabber.

  8. “I have always muted the tv and had play by play from the radio…..always better than the tv.”
    I do that for my Bucs too. It helps that Gene Deckerhoff is one of the most talented and entertaining broadcasters of all time.

  9. ZombieVikings says:

    August 6, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    I have always muted the tv and had play by play from the radio…..always better than the tv.


    Thats fine if you can find a TV broadcast that is on the same timed delay as the radio station. Watching the games in HD the radio broadcast is about 10 seconds ahead of the TV broacast.

  10. There is a time difference between standard TV, HDTV and radio. I hear people say all the time that they mute broadcast TV and listen to the radio and I don’t know how they do it. It would be maddening to say the least.

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