Donald Penn working out with Jackie Slater, Orlando Pace during holdout

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The Raiders have been going through training camp without left tackle Donald Penn as a result of Penn’s decision not to report in hopes of landing a new deal with the team before the start of the regular season.

Penn can’t simulate the conditions that are in place at camp while he’s away from the team, but he has been working out with a player who knows a few things about the tackle position. Steve Wyche of NFL Media reports that Penn has been working out with Hall of Famer Jackie Slater in California to stay ready for a change in his situation.

Wyche adds that Penn is also expected to head to St. Louis this week to work with Slater’s fellow Rams alum and Hall of Famer Orlando Pace. While plans can and do change, plans to work with Pace suggest that Pace won’t be reversing course about camp attendance in the next few days.

With Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie offering no hint of a desire to redo Penn’s deal, it doesn’t look like Penn will be back with the team in the immediate future.

15 responses to “Donald Penn working out with Jackie Slater, Orlando Pace during holdout

  1. Slater? Pace? Oh that sounds like real tough workouts. DP is creepin in the slow lane for sure. Just goes to show you a vet with enough cred can get away with skipping camp and still have his job in Sept.

  2. He single-handedly took away our post season dreams in one play, and now he holds out? You probably only have 1 season left in you anyway. This is not the message you want to send the younger players Penn. My image of you is forever shattered.

  3. Penn’s been a great signing (Saved the Raiders after they let Veldheer go) but he signed that 2 year deal, honor it. If he had a poor year would he be saying ‘i dont deserve this contract, can i have a lower salary?’ of course not.

    Plus to holdout at the start of training camp rather than say 3 months ago ‘i would like to talk about a new deal’ is trying to force the Raiders into a corner.

    Hope Reggie stays strong. With Macks contract coming up i dont want Penn getting a bigger contract. Need all the money the raiders can get

  4. I have mixed feelings about Penn not showing up….he has out performed his contract and if he hadn’t he would of been cut or asked to take a reduction….it seems it is a one way street all in mgmts favor… plus T. Jones and A Howard had contracts and the team dumped them ….I hear all the arguments about Macks contract etc., but the cap has been going up…

  5. This is why you don’t pay a guard, tackle money. Before the ink could dry on jackson’s deal, Penn is throwing a hissy wanting more. There is a reason Oakland has kept this guy in a series of two year deals in order to keep him motivated and in shape. He has done a fine job the past three seasons though and is underpaid for his position group. Carr did take a backloaded deal sk that guys like PENN could get that last payday. Maybe Penn wants a long term deal with a big signing bonus like Jackson and that’s just not going to happen at his age. But they can get him another deal with xtra bonus money. He’s crazy if he thinks the raiders are gonna give him whitworth money.

  6. psj3809 says:

    Plus to holdout at the start of training camp rather than say 3 months ago ‘i would like to talk about a new deal’ is trying to force the Raiders into a corner.


    Penn brought this up during the Combine, maybe even before; Mike Silver reported that today (Sunday). So Reggie’s known about this and doesn’t appear to have done much, probably ’cause he spent all the $$ on Lynch, Carr, and Jackson.

  7. Penn is a damn good player. Raiders need to take care of their core players. They got the cap space, why not pay him. Oh wait, Mack is going to want $25M/yr next year. good luck with that. Raiders digress this year. No playoffs but hell, you are used to that by now, yes?

  8. I think Mack is locked up for 2 more years. If correct, we need to focus on getting an ILB to boost the defense. We missed out on David Harris from the Jets, he would of helped a lot.

    Penn is good but he’s on the wrong side of 30 for a huge contract re-negotiation . He needs to man up and get into camp.

  9. Hopefully, Penn will attend camp soon! All of these negotiations should of been handled during the offseason, not when pre-season and the regular season is almost near. Don’t want to be looking in from the outside, once the season starts. Especially, at his age. Not a whole lot of teams are willing to take that risk. And the way, Mckenzie is handling it, doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime, soon. Clock’s ticking, Penn.

  10. I can’t recall the last time a Raider starting player held out for a new contract….has it ever happened? If so must have been years ago….

  11. No one has outplayed their contract more than Khalil Mack. Thank God he’s not holding out or we’d REALLY be hosed. The best player on the team (maybe the league) apparently has integrity. Take a cue Penn, quit screwing your team, get your butt to camp.

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