Jay Cutler, Adam Gase reunion could mean good things for Dolphins

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From the moment Dolphins coach Adam Gase aggressively defended quarterback Jay Cutler in May, it was clear that Gase had emerged from his one year of coaching Cutler with a willingness to do it again. Now, Gase will.

“I guess I know a different guy than what everybody else portrays,” Gase said after Cutler announced his retirement in May. “I think a lot of things that have been said about him in the past have really been [BS].”

But Gase knows that perception is reality. Which is why, as one league source previously explained it to PFT, Gase specifically worked with Cutler during their year in Chicago on eliminating aspects of his overall demeanor that suggested disinterest or resignation. “Head up,” Gase would yell to Cutler as he came off the field, and Cutler would comply — robbing cameras of images that would feed the notion that Cutler had given up or didn’t care.

It all worked well in 2015, quieting the remorse that fans were feeling after Cutler had completed the first year of a seven-year deal that had full guarantees for the initial three seasons. So John Fox and the Bears had no choice but to keep Cutler, and Gase had no choice but to make it work.

So why didn’t Gase and the Dolphins pursue Cutler months ago as a potential backup to Ryan Tannehill? As one source previously explained it to PFT, Gase didn’t want to undermine Tannehill’s status as an emerging leader. Even if Cutler would have taken backup dollars, the sense would have lingered in the locker room and beyond that Cutler was a rash of Tannehill interceptions away from taking over.

Now, Cutler is. The move implies that Tannehill won’t be back this year, although that has yet to be reported or announced. Look for the next leak or announcement to be that Tannehill will have surgery to repair his ACL.

74 responses to “Jay Cutler, Adam Gase reunion could mean good things for Dolphins

  1. Miami already has 2 L’s guaranteed since the Pats play in that division. So they got to start game planning for 14 games. Cutler is good for 20 INTs a season and at least 5 lost fumbles, so that right there is at least another 10 losses since the Dolphins dont have a stellar defense. So now they are looking at a 4 game win season. Keep in mind, Cutler will not play more than 12 games since he is injury prone, so Matt Moore will start 4 games. If you do the calculations, Moore sucks so Miami is really looking at a 1-15 season.

  2. “Coach, I think I need to go back into concussion protocol, my QB looks completely different.” — Ajayi

  3. So, he lifted his head up but he still didn’t care, still wasn’t a leader, and frankly if you’ve got to yell that to an 11yr pro QB you got problems. And note to Phin fans: Jay is 0-3 against the Pats, and with more INTs than TDs, so don’t expect this sulking addition to be some sort of kryptonite.

  4. No one doesn’t think Cutler is anything other then an apathetic, pouty, million dollar arm and ten cent head crybaby. Even people who have never seen football efore think that. There is actual documented proof of that.

  5. 7-9. Way to go Phins! Sign a guy that completely quit on his team during a playoff game. Way to show a commitment to winning.

  6. ‘So why didn’t Gase and the Dolphins pursue Cutler months ago as a potential backup to Ryan Tannehill?’

    Between the cap and his age it didn’t make sense to bring him in with Tannehill starting.
    I am of two minds about having Cutler here. In the short term it could be the difference between going anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7 and double digit wins with a trip to the playoffs but long term a 34 year old Cutler is not the future. I am more concerned about the decision making process that went into signing him. In just the short time that Gase has been here I’ve felt as though Ross was turning the corner on a dark aimless period in Phins history and were finally trying to build towards a sustainable winning culture. This smacks of once again being more concerned with the here and now rather than building for a future that could see the Phins regularly challenging a Bradyless Patriots team for the division year in and year out.

  7. I can see Tannehill being let go next season saves 20-25 million on the cap next year and this 2018 draft class is a very good QB draft. I can see Gase wanting his QB to mentor

  8. gah05 says:
    August 6, 2017 at 2:05 pm
    I could see Cutler having a career year and Tannehill being traded next year.

    I’ll meet you halfway. This may be the most complete offense Cutler has ever been in but Tannehill’s health questions and $20M per year contract will make him untradeable.

  9. Seriously, as a Phins fan I’m torn on it because of it effecting the roll over towards next years cap and the chances that Landry won’t be able to be extended.

  10. Cutler isn’t the perfect picture of an elite NFL qb by any stretch, but despite the questionable intangibles and Farve-esque INT issues, his upside is far better than Tannehill’s. As a NE fan contemplating 2 always tough Miami games, this signing really positions the Dolphins for an upset.

  11. Don’t believe the hype Miami fans,you have a real chance to win games this year. Cutler is a weapon. He’s not Brady, Rodgers, Brees or Montana but he is a tough SOB and will get the ball to your weapons. Your new quarterback will give you a chance to win every single sunday.

    As long as your D doesn’t give up automatic 80yard TD drives right after a turnover once in a while you’ll be all set.

  12. I think the Dolphins need to get a little bit of credit here for making this move. Clearly this is a move to try to do the best they can right now to win. If they didn’t care at all they would just shrugg, say, “Oh well,” and just bring in some no-name camp arm for the 3rd QB slot and just let Moore have the starting job and who cares if they tank?

    They got arguably the best QB left on the market, teamed him up with the coach that helped get the most out of him, for a talented offensive team. Will it work out? Who knows, but they are trying to put themselves in the best position to win and have a credible season.

  13. They need to let Moore compete, he has been solid spelling Ryan over the years.

    If Cutler can beat him out then fine, otherwise it isn’t fair to a guy who has stuck around, been solid when given a chance and been a good soldier.

  14. It’s about a 20% upgrade over Tanehill. Cutler is a little better but not tons better. Let’s check with Miko Grimes on the latest Dolphins QB situation!

  15. Cutler is the most physically gifted thrower, Miami has had since Dan Marino. His throwing ability in the pocket or on the run has never been the issue. Everyone knows that he has his flaws and the blessing/curse of being able to make any throw is actually one of them, but this is a pretty smart risk free fallback move by Miami. Worst case scenario, Cutler face plants and Matt Moore guides a steady but unspectacular ship.

  16. The Fins arguably present the biggest threat to the Pats in the AFC East. The word “biggest” is, of course, a relative term. Still, if Cutler can keep the all-important turnovers in check, then Miami can be competitive, and could adversely impact New England’s playoff seeding with a Dolphins win in December at Hard Rock Stadium. In their quest for back-to-back titles, the importance of home-field advantage for the Patriots throughout the playoffs can’t be overstated.

  17. .
    When a retired Jay Cutler is the proverbial “next man up” when the first QB of the season goes down, by Thanksgiving teams will be in bidding wars for Tyler Palko.

  18. I’ll meet you halfway. This may be the most complete offense Cutler has ever been in but Tannehill’s health questions and $20M per year contract will make him untradeable.
    Health yes, $20M no. That’s now average for starting QBs.

  19. Before anyone brings up the Dolphins signing Cutler and ignoring Kaepernick, remember this — the Dolphins had players who also knelt during the National Anthem and their owner supported them.
    So leave racism out of this one. The Dolphins signed Cutler because they think he’s a better QB than Kaepernick. And he is.

  20. Question — is every post in here being delayed because it is “awaiting moderation” or is it just mine?

  21. For Cutler its like- dude I get to do a 1 for 16MIL. or 5 MIL after taxes, agent, financial adviser, travel room and board, nanny expenses.

  22. Perception is not reality. That only shows how lazy and stupid people are. Glad Cutler is with someone who believes in him.

  23. Let’s not confuse this move, it is strictly about putting butts in seats and making the dolphin faithful at least attend the games. No one in their right mind actually believes that Cutler will lead any team anywhere. Never has and never will.

  24. gobuxfla says:
    August 6, 2017 at 2:57 pm
    I love it. It means the Bucs start the season 1-0. Thank you Gase
    Nah: It means you get Cutler who is known for putting the ball in the air throwing jump balls to DVP who will be covered by Brett Grimes. Liked Brett who is a very good CB but has huge problems covering big WR in his old age. And had really bad days against DVP in practice.
    It means a 3 TD day for DVP and and an epic twitter rant by Miko.
    Enough to keep everyone happy.

  25. On another note — Ladainian Tomlinson turned his Hall Of Fame acceptance speech into a political rant against President Trump. He brought up slavery and ended by quoting “one of the most eloquent orators of all time ….. President O’Bama”. What a joke. It was clearly a shot at President Trump. But the point is, it has no place being said at the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.
    I am sick and tired of these NFL guys using things like the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony to voice their political opinions. This one by the way, came from a guy who once
    They should have cut Tomlinson off during his rant. There is a time and place for everything and the Hall Of Fame platform is not for political commercials.

  26. I completely understand why they signed Cutler ahead of Kaepernick. However, Cutler almost guarantees their not making the playoffs. Kaepernick led a team to the Super Bowl. Cutler flat out quit on a team during a playoff game. Kaepernick almost won a Super Bowl. I get the whole disrespecting the National Anthem deal but Cutler didn’t accomplish anything in his career. He is now well past his prime and has had managed only 3 seasons with a winning record. He isn’t a leader, is very susceptible to injury (2009 was the last season he started all 16 games) and doesn’t motivate anyone. But this is a great signing, right?

  27. You can hate Cutler all you want but you can NOT call him a quitter. He was INJURED in that conference championship game! Have you seen his game against the Giants where he got sacked million times and got up and finished the game? And he never complained about that game! As a Bears fan, I readily admit he was not an elite QB but he was tough. Good luck in Miami, Jay!

  28. nothing epic about miko grimes. she is made of plastic, cellulite, clinical narcissism, and hate. as such she is just slightly less subhuman than kaela carpenter, and vontaez burfict.

  29. I am no Cutler fan but the Phins just got an upgrade at QB. And since they already have strong elements on this team they may have just gotten enough to make the Division less of a runaway, as it has been for the better part of 2 decades. The Jets remain talentless, the Bills….well who knows what to think about the Bills at any point. The Phins might make this side of the AFC a hair more fun. And I would take a hair.

  30. Everyones trashing Cutler but lets be honest, for a plan B QB after your starter goes down hes not bad

  31. I’m no cutler fan but when you read these comments from ” funny boys” that never stepped on a football field in,their lives it gets you kind of angry. The ones bashing him would soil themselves if a 250 lb linebacker was making a beeline for them

  32. “the Dolphins had players who also knelt during the National Anthem and their owner supported them.
    So leave racism out of this one.”

    Yes but none of those players wore a Castro shirt which makes Kap persona non grata in Miami no matter how good he is or isn’t

  33. Nice pickup getting an able starting QB (best available in fact)without having to give anything up. At least one team was willing to trade a 1st and a 4th for the same level of QB.

  34. funny how all these whiners think they know more about QBs and football than Gase. Guess what, whiners, Phins fans trust Adam Gase more than you. So whine away, no one cares…

  35. I think Cutler will appreciate this chance to play for Gase. He is not a rah rah guy and never will be. He is a good QB when he has the talent around him and is better than Tannyhill at this point in time. Is he the long term solution in Miami? Nope! But for the next two years he can help turn them around from 7-9 to 10-6 and a shot at the playoffs. Good luck Jay but remember this is your last shot so make the most of it man.

  36. Cutler is not a leader, if he was then he’d be in Chicago.
    Only reason he is a Dolphin is because Gase knows him and
    Doesn’t want to train a QB from scratch.

    Moore hasn’t shown much lately, so this could turn out very ugly for the Dolphins.

  37. Cutler was the best choice in a list of bad choices. Personally, since we’re realistically looking at drafting a QB next year, I would have put Doughty in and told him to sling the ball and make plays and see what we have in him…and take whatever W-L we come up with. But now that we have Cutler, we will cheer and hope for the best…at least that is what the REAL Dolphin fans will do…

  38. Tannehill got Miami into the playoffs last year. There is no need to dump on him. At best, this is a push. Their passing stats are close and Tannehill was a better runner when healthy. It will be interesting to see if Miami picks up Tannehill’s option in 2018.

  39. pastabelly says:
    August 6, 2017 at 6:05 pm
    “tannehill got Miami into the playoffs last year”.
    No he didn’t, Matt Moore went 3-1 in the last 4 games, Tannehill was 7-5.

  40. Lot of Pats fans pouting and stomping their feet, upset they may actually have some competition in their own division, the least competitive in the NFL. Gawd forbid they don’t have a cakewalk for their precious Tommy.

  41. aj66shanghai says:
    August 6, 2017 at 6:46 pm
    Lot of Pats fans pouting and stomping their feet, upset they may actually have some competition in their own division, the least competitive in the NFL.

    Says the fan of the team that won the weakest division n the league not just last year but over the last 10.

    2nd and goal from the 1, that little bro is still mad

  42. On May 12th 2017 Mike Florio had a PFT article about Brady being on the cover of Madden.

    pastabelly says then posted a comment and used that was only funny if you thought that Jay Cutler was a joke.


    pastabelly says:

    May 12, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Everyone knows that Jay Cutler should be honored with that cover. Stop the madness!!!!

  43. Cutler can win some games but when those big division games come up that’s when Bad Jay will show up and throw 3 INTs. If I were them I would run the ball 80% of the time.

  44. Good emergency signing, and the Phins may well split 1-1 with the Pats like they do many years, but it’s gonna be tough to upset the them for the division.

  45. Remember when Jay Cutler, who doesn’t care, chased down the guy who intercepted him and broke a bone tackling him? What a quitter. Breaking his bones and sacrificing his body. Probably winced and scrowled when he broke that bone too. Attitude case.

  46. Jay Cutler = Jeff George reincarnation in Miami. Sorry, Cutler is an abomination of leadership qualities and intangibles an NFL QB should possess naturally. Yelling “Head up” by his OC running off the field is the sad reality of where Jay Cutler fits in the upper echelon of QBs. I hope Ryan Tannehill returns soon..

  47. Re: Cutler vs Thill, stats are sliightly better for Tannehill.
    In the 5 years he played so far Thill has an 86.5 QB rating. Components are a completion % of 62.7, TD % of 4, int % of 2.5 and 7 yards per attempt.
    Over his 12 years Cutler QB rating was 85.7. Comp % was 61.9, TD % 4.6, Int % 3.3 and 7.2 Yds/att.
    Cutler throw more TD per att but also more interceptions.
    Both had his best years under Gase.

  48. One thing Packer fans never worried about when they played the Bears was a crucial interception being thrown by Cutler. He wasn’t a bad QB at all, but had the recurring ability to throw a turnover at the worst moment for the Bears. Not that I minded.

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