NFL hires Trent Baalke in consulting role

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Former 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke has landed a new job.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Baalke has been hired by the NFL as a football operations consultant. Baalke is expected to work in a variety of areas, including officiating video review and player development and evaluation.

Former Giants coach and current Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin served in a similar role with the league during the 2016 season. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz also served as a consultant to the league’s officiating department in 2015.

Baalke was fired by the 49ers after the team went 2-14 during the 2016 season. He took over the job in 2011 and had immediate success with Jim Harbaugh as coach, but things went the other way quickly when Harbaugh left the team after the 2014 season.

30 responses to “NFL hires Trent Baalke in consulting role

  1. I guess the NFL wants to screw up what they have going. Whoever made this decision needs to be fired. Goodell? Did you see what he and Jed did to the 49ers?

  2. He must have some serious dirt on someone to be able to get a job like that.

  3. And then Baalke immediately began searching for an office assistant for typing duty, but only interviewed people coming off broken wrists and/or previously amputated fingers.

  4. Great hire. Next the NFL should place Kim Jong Un in charge of player saftey. Also may I suggest Bernie Madoff for financial advisor.

  5. This guy couldn’t evaluate the back of his hand let alone the entire league in important roles like this. This guy is completely incompetent and will always be known for riding the coattails of Jimmy H his entire life

  6. I’m shocked that the NFL would hire this guy after the destruction he oversaw in Santa Clara. Heck, even if Buffalo Wild Wings were to hire him as the assistant to the assistant manager, they probably wouldn’t let him work Sundays due to the NFL telecasts being on, and being concerned that he’d screw something up.

  7. I’m better than you because I like a better football team than you says:

    I don’t remember the comment just really like the name

  8. Baalke had put together some decent talent, but Harbaugh really got the most out of everything. And for some reason, Baalke couldn’t stand that Harbaugh got all the credit.

    He learned the hard way, really good coaches are hard to find. Even if they are difficult to deal with at times. And, maybe, don’t promote the defensive line coach just because he was your loyal spy.

  9. The incompetence of 345 really shouldn’t shock us, but somehow they manage to do just that!!!
    Talk about the blind leading the blind…..
    Can’t wait to hear Jolly Roger talk about integrity & how the hiring of T Baalke brings that to the consulting position he was hired for….. Lol

  10. Classic case of incompetence rising to the top. And why would the NFL be doing player evaluation? The individual teams already spend tons of time doing that and nothing the league made available to everybody would make any difference.

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