No clear leader in Browns’ three-way quarterback race


Cody Kessler opened training camp as the Browns’ starting quarterback, but he hasn’t done much to keep the job.

Kessler has struggled in camp, opening the door for either veteran Brock Osweiler or rookie DeShone Kizer to take the starting job. But it’s unclear which one of those two is in the lead.

ESPN say indications are that Osweiler will start the first preseason game. But the Akron Beacon Journal reports that coach Hue Jackson hinted that Kizer will get promoted to the first string this week and start Thursday night’s preseason opener.

Jackson has said he’ll take his time determining a starter for the regular season. It may take the entire preseason for someone to emerge as the leader in this three-man race.

37 responses to “No clear leader in Browns’ three-way quarterback race

  1. We know who Kessler is. He’s the same guy he was last year during those 8 games of live action. He has hit his ceiling. He’s a poor man’s Chad Pennington.

    Now it’s time to check out Kizer in the system. He has the highest ceiling and lowest floor. Let’s see how he reacts to pressure.

    Oz is starting so that they can showcase him for a trade. These two will split time with the 1’s over the next 2 games.

  2. Why shouldn’t it be Kizer, especially if he shows promise? It’s not like osweiler or Kessler are going to lead the Browns to the Promised Land. What’ve the Browns got to lose by starting Kizer? It’s not as though they’re coming off a Super Bowl season or anything. Let the kid start if he earns it. Dak Prescott seemed to do pretty well as a rookie. Give Kizer his shot, too.

  3. As a Browns fan, I just want the best guy out there. Think about it. We don’t expect much from the QB position this year, the O-Line is strong enough to protect whomever is back there, and there’s no better learning lab than a real game. If it’s Kessler or Kizer both will still be learning. I doubt it is Osweiler, but at least he has game starting experience on two teams. Just let these guys play and stop overthinking it. I doubt someone isn’t distancing themselves from the pack.

  4. Jackson’s in a tough spot. They’re rebuilding so they should figure out what they have with Kizer. On the other hand, the ownership has a quick trigger so he needs to win some games.

  5. “It may take the entire preseason for someone to emerge as the leader in this three-man race.”

    Pre-season? Howabout the entire *season* for a leader to emerge?

  6. If you have three QB’s, do you even have one?! Osweiler has pretty much shown what he can do in the NFL, Kessler’s physical tools would seem to say ‘solid career backup’, and Kizer is still a rookie unknown quality.
    The Browns may still be a draft away from finding their franchise QB.

  7. As a Ravens fan my hope is that Kizer does not start. This kid is the real deal. Brian Kelly did his best to try to destroy him at ND but Kizer is talented, smart. They should go with him but my hope is that they won’t.

  8. Kizer is the QB of the future. It’s just a matter of timing. Hue Jackson just might want to get the kid more familiar with the offense, and build the team up around him before he throws him to the wolves. As Kizer is learning the pro game, it might be good to let him learn from watching tape of the other QB’s, and what the defenses are doing. Once the season starts, the defenses will start showing different things. I’m guessing Kizer could take over around week 4 or 5 of the regular season. It’s also possible Jackson names him the starter right away. I don’t think there is any pressure from above to rush the kid. I think these guys have the owner convinced that they’re going to build a solid foundation, and change the Browns into a winning organization. They seem to be making a lot of good moves. Kizer showed a ton of potential at Notre Dame. You could put together a highlight film that looks like a future HOFer. He also looked very bad a lot of times. Hue Jackson would know better than me about what he can fix, and why Kizer did what he did in college. I don’t know Kizer’s football IQ, or his work habits, but that’s what Jackson is betting on. And Jackson is betting on himself, and his ability to get Kizer to play up to his ability. In the mean time, Osweiler is good enough to help lead a solid team to the super bowl. He’s already done that. The Browns are putting together a solid roster, so they’re not that far away. Hold on tight Browns’ fans. Your patience is just about ready to start paying off.

  9. It was somewhat disappointing Kizer didn’t separate himself however the most troublesome issue is that Hue Jackson is still calling stupid gimmick plays. He did this very thing while Kizer was in with Corey Coleman throwing a wounded duck INT robbing Kizer of valuable reps and signaling to the team and fans that Hue Jackson can’t resist twirling his baton no matter the damage.

    What will take for Hue to cut this crap out? I’m not counting out a Gregg Williams sideline Chuck-N-Duck before the season is over.

  10. REMIND ME: Who is going to catch the ball???

    #1 wr Terrelle Pryor is in Washington
    #2 wr Gary Barnidge was released
    #3 wr Corey Coleman has potential
    #4 wr Andrew Hawkins retired
    Josh Gordon denied reinstatement

    So… another season of poorly informed, sub-moronic football fans blaming a quarterback who has no weapons.

    Ugh!!! The company I keep!!!

  11. By all accounts, Kizer didn’t play very well at the scrimmage. We’ll see what preseason brings. My guess is that Os wins the job at the beginning of the season but doesn’t keep it.

    With Os the Browns will win 5-6 games at minimum which is a huge improvement over last year. And it gives the rookie time to develop to the speed of the NFL which he will need.

  12. Kessler hasn’t been better than the other two. Probably will end up as a long term backup. Not a bad thing as it solidifies one position in the QB room. Osweiler has shown that he is capable not only in practice, but on two other teams. I don’t buy the argument that you have to see what you have in a rookie. Barring any changes, Start Osweiler until someone, through their play, forces you to promote them. Next year, draft a QB in the first round to replace the likely departed Osweiler. You’ll have Kizer, Kessler, and the rookie. Let them fight it out. Based on what I’ve seen and heard, it should come down to Kizer and the rookie with Kessler taking all of the second string reps.

  13. I see all the comments from everybody like they know which QB is better, or who had a bad day etc. it’s pretty funny. I think the Browns should let PFT er’s run the team. It seems we have a better clue than the coach or GM do.

  14. a1b24312 says:
    August 6, 2017 at 10:37 am
    Kiser is overweight and overrated. Remind me a lot of a Donovan McNabb

    So you’re saying that Browns got a QB in the second round who reminds you of a another QB who started in the NFL for 13 years, had 234 tds and 117 ints, won 16 playoff games, started in 5 NFC championship games and started a Super Bowl, was the first Qb in history to have a season with over 30 tds with fewer than 10 ints, and played in the Pro Bowl 6 times?

    Pretty good pick.

  15. When is the last time anyone heard a HC worth anything, say that he wants to talk with the baseball guy and the lawyer guy before he makes his QB decision!!!

  16. I think it is really all up to Kizer. If he shows well and that he really has a grasp of the entire offense, they might as well start him. If he proves to be a bit rusty still and Osweiler shows better than Kessler let it be his job to lose. This season isn’t about this season for the Browns, it is about setting up the future. Don’t unleash Kizer until you’re sure he’s good to go. Nothing wrong with getting another top 10 pick to put around him next season.

  17. Comment on this situation from another website:

    “Despite the fact that every single football throwing person is worse than a guy nobody in the league will sign because apparently rednecks’ feelings matter more than winning football games.”

  18. The Browns are going into 2017 with the second highest ranked offensive line in the league. A first round playmaking tight end and one of the best running back tandems in football. If they’re building an offense around a QB they’re doing it backward.

    Build a defense that can hold up in the AFC North and even guys like Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton actually look like they’re franchise QB’s when they’re numbers are no better than Cody Kesslers during their good seasons.

    As for the canned cliche responses.

    “If you have three QB’s you have none”. Funny that never seemed to be an issue for the 80’s 49ers, 90’s Cowboys, 2000’s Packers and Steelers who regularly had multiple starting caliber QB’s on their roster. How did having only one starting calibur QB work out for the 2000’s era Colts compared to those other teams?

    “The Browns have no weapons”. Pretty sure they spent free agency and the draft addressing that. The Browns will never have weapons to some people. How many pro bowl tight ends on that team have been irreplaceable just for the next guy to be just as good if not better.

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