Plan for Joe Flacco’s return to field “not quite there yet”

Getty Images

When Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco spoke to reporters during the first week of training camp, he said he hoped to be back on the field in a week after resting his injured back.

It’s been more than a week since Flacco made those comments and he has yet to return to the field, so any plans that were made for a recovery in that time frame have been scrapped. While the word from Baltimore has been that Flacco is recovering well, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said on Saturday that they aren’t ready to institute another plan for the quarterback’s return.

“The important thing is [that] there will come a time where we have a plan for him, and we’re not quite there yet, and it may come pretty quick,” Mornhinweg said, via the Baltimore Sun. “So we’ll see. Maybe I’m hoping and wishing, but I hope that comes pretty quickly.”

Flacco knows the offense, so reintegrating him into practice shouldn’t represent a major hurdle for the Ravens once he gets the green light to resume football work. Until then and unless the team changes course in their response to Flacco’s absence, Ryan Mallett will be running the offense in Baltimore.