U2 didn’t destroy Heinz Field, after all

Getty Images

As it turns out, Bono didn’t pay homage to Bane.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has changed an article blaming the installation of an entirely new field on a U2 concert, dropping the paywall-baiting proclamation and acknowledging that the move already has been planned.

The revised article says that the initial version “implied” that the U2 show damaged the field to the point that a full replacement was needed. However, the initial version didn’t imply anything about U2’s role in the hole that later was dug; the initial version flat-out finger-pointed to U2 as the culprit.

Heinz Field corporate communications manager Nick Sero, who was quoted in both versions of the Post-Gazette story, separately emailed PFT to complain about the error.

“Sean [Gentille] didn’t even come to the stadium for a ‘what’s new at Heinz Field’ media event I held [Friday], but if he had come he would have heard that I said it was planned to change the whole field after” the U2 concert.

Here’s where I’d wrap the thing up with some hip, witty reference to a U2 song, but I’ve yet to specifically locate the words for which I’ve been searching.