Brock Osweiler to start Browns preseason opener


The Browns don’t have a clear leader in their quarterback competition, but they do have a starter for their first preseason game.

Browns coach Hue Jackson announced on Monday morning that Brock Osweiler will get first crack with the offense when the Browns host the Saints on Thursday night. In a statement about his decision, Jackson noted that putting Osweiler in the lineup will allow him his first significant reps with the first team this offseason.

‘At this stage in the evaluation process of our quarterbacks, we are going to have Brock start the preseason opener against the Saints on Thursday night,” Jackson said. “A lot goes into our evaluation but it’s always going to be about efficiently and effectively running the offense. You want your starter to be able to do that despite any circumstance. Brock hasn’t really gotten any first team reps and this will give him that chance. We look forward to seeing what he can do with this opportunity throughout the week and against the Saints.”

Cody Kessler, who was No. 1 in the pecking order in early training camp practices, will be the second quarterback with DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan lined up behind him. Jackson added that “everyone in that room still has the chance to earn more opportunities,” so it would seem a good week of work from Osweiler won’t do anything to settle the quarterback question in Cleveland just yet.

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  1. Wait, the Browns can’t decide who their starting quarterback is? I guess some things never change

  2. The football guy in me says that this is the logical, smart decision, as he SHOULD be the most experienced guy.
    The financial guy in me says this the same. You’re paying him, so play him.
    The cynic in me says that they want to showcase him for trade bait because they realize that they made a mistake.

    Have I missed anything?

  3. It’s preseason, so I don’t care much, but…as a Browns fan I am not hearing anything out of camp that says BO should be starting on Thursday. I know preseason is supposed to be an evaluation process but sometimes you just have to make a call and stick with it. Someone has stood out and I doubt it was Osweiler.

  4. egomaniac247 says:
    August 7, 2017 at 8:49 am
    Kinda sounds like setting him up for failure. No first team reps? Here ya go, here’s some!


    Agreed. It makes no sense the way the Browns are handling their QBs. There’s no other coach in the league who would be doing this. Not even Jeff Fisher would’ve done that and it doesn’t get any lower than that.

  5. I usually trust Hue’s judgement, but I have to wonder about giving Brock no first team reps to this point, only to make him the starter with only three practices before seeing live action. Seems like that is setting him up to fail. The Browns can’t drag this QB competition too far into camp before it will start to dissolve everything.

  6. I know this approach seems unconventional to many but it is the right move because the Browns have no idea what or who they have at qb. Best to create an uncertain situation for all involved and see if one emerges and takes the reins when they are presented with their limited opportunity. It’s like throwing your scared kid in the deep end of the pool and telling him to swim, he either will or he wont.

  7. I’ve been saying it; Osweiler will be under center for Cleveland Week 1, until Kizer is ready. Kessler has been given every chance to take this job and can’t do it. We know what Kessler is.

  8. I like the fact that Brock gets a second chance with Cle…he has the skill set to be smart and efficiently coached up as a game manager for a good run first team with a great defense. The man is huuge…well built for afc north. I predict he wins the job and plays well this year and browns flirt with a .500 record.

  9. Brock has few 1st team reps and now Hue is throwing him out there? I’m losing faith in his coaching strategy. The seasons a month away and he’s still juggling QB’s? Oh well, Brock’s got three days to get ready and make an impression. Crazy.

  10. I think there are two goals here: First, is if he performs ok he will be trade bait, which has been their goal all along. Lets face it, Pre-Season is vanilla for both offense and defense, so there are not big expectations. Second, see if he can handle being a back-up with basically the same responsibilities. Very few reps with the First Team, but expected to perform when the starting QB gets hurt. I don’t think it is as bad a strategy as others are thinking.

  11. Hue is playing this the right way, imo. Brock’s career is on the line, so he has everything, except his paychecks, to lose. Kessler is pretty much a known quantity, and Kizeris being pushed…which is a good thing.

    Six wins this year…minimum.

  12. The practice reps are what count. This might be a way to showcase Brock for trade because he’s probably the third string QB, Kessler is a very good backup he just doesn’t have the arm to be a regular starter.

  13. Winning the Cleveland Browns starting QB job is like getting a participation trophy. Might want to retire now, it’s obviously the end of the line.

  14. Seems like the Browns should be hiring a certain out of work QB that is a national treasure, hero, and the greatest QB ever to play the position. Don’t take my word for it, just ask a certain author. This guy is QB-ing Jesus and can do anything on the field; except for win.

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