Broncos list Siemian and Lynch as co-starters at quarterback


The Broncos, are, yet again, having a quarterback competition.

So, yet again, they’re not declaring a preference.

The first official (unofficial) depth chart released by the team (actually their PR staff) shows Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch as co-starters.

The two have rotated with the first and second offenses through camp, and coach Vance Joseph has said he’s going to do most of his evaluation during practices (when they’re going against one of the better defenses in the league).

One of them will have to start this week when they open the preseason against the Bears, which will be our first indication of a lean.

Ostensibly, Siemian provides the higher floor, while 2016 first-rounder Lynch offers a higher ceiling, but there has been no suggestion so far that Lynch is ready to overtake the incumbent.


12 responses to “Broncos list Siemian and Lynch as co-starters at quarterback

  1. Another year of wasted defensive effort coming up. Last year the Broncos defense held the Patriots to only 16 points and they still lost. Ultimately the blame lies with Elway for not having a QB succession plan in place.

  2. This is about Elway protecting his pride, and trying like heck to make Lynch a starting QB. People should remember though that Siemian isn’t really a seventh round draft pick, he was only picked that low because he had a serious knee injury at that point. Otherwise you probably see him go around round 3, and we all know the difference between 1st and 3rd round QB’s can be negligible. The fact is, they just need to start the best player and stop grooming Lynch because of his draft status.

  3. Coach it’s not like you’re at a bar and have to choose between two 10’s, it’s 2am you got two 6’s in your sights, just pick one already…

  4. If I was an NFL coach, my training camp depth charts would include only the third stringers and players not likely to make the team as the #1 players at each position. Heck, I might include secretaries and janitors in the list, maybe even members of the cheerleading squad, just to watch the medias heads explode. LOL.
    Why tip your hand when their is no need to?
    Imagine the press you could get by listing females on your depth chart!

  5. Hey, why not try a 2QB offense? I mean both out there at the same time. I remember when teams didn’t have to use up 1/2 their cap on a QB. They could have 1 & 1a. Remember when backups regularly played if a starter was flailing?

  6. Elway did good to sign that long term deal now, because he’s been terrible at finding QB’s.

  7. Lemmy Aksyadis says:
    August 7, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Hey, why not try a 2QB offense?

    I’ve thought that too, but it seems like they should be of different styles like a passer and a scrambler.

  8. Bahahahaha! What does this say about a 1st round QB that Horseface traded up to get who can’t beat out a mediocre late round QB whose upside is a poor man’s Alex Smith?
    Answer: Lynch = BUST!

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