Cam Newton still not throwing fully after a week off


After he threw for the first four days of training camp, the Panthers shut down quarterback Cam Newton when he had some soreness in his surgically repaired right shoulder.

Sunday, he started throwing a few medium-length passes on the side, but hasn’t resumed running a full practice yet.

While Panthers coach Ron Rivera isn’t eager to get into timetables with any injured player, he has to be aware the heightened level of interest in his former MVP. And because they’re adjusting their offense this offseason, he also understands the need to have Newton as involved as possible, even if his only snaps with the first offense are running plays.

“It’s important to get all of our people back out there on the football field so we see who’s out there and watch our projected starters work together, that’s probably the most important thing,” Rivera said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer. “That’s why, in certain opportunities, we’ll get Cam out there with the ones.

“Sure, it’s a running play. But it’s his cadence, and his timing in terms of seeing guys, the motions with him, getting the backfield set, audibles. So it’s important that all of the guys are out on the football field as much as they can be right now. And we’ve got to build it up, start getting ready for the opener on Sept. 10.”

So if the Panthers see Newton on the field at all Wednesday against the Texans, it probably would be for no more than a few handoffs. The Panthers are hoping to ramp up his activity a bit this week, but will follow the ebbs and flows of post-surgery pain and soreness.

The Panthers have also been missing second-round pick Curtis Samuel for all but one practice in camp because of a hamstring issue, and left tackle Matt Kalil has missed time with a groin injury. So if their “evolution” takes a little more time, it’s probably to be expected.

24 responses to “Cam Newton still not throwing fully after a week off

  1. Cam is Battle tested stud that folks just cannot stand to love. Mr. Newton will be fine and all the hate mongers will come around to loving the grace, finesse and toughness of the best QB since Brett Favre….not supposed to tug on Superman’s Cape!!!

  2. All snarky comments aside (I guess what else is the comments section good for, right?), this really looks bad on the Panthers organization for allowing him to finish the season. Once he was hurt and the season was lost, he should have been shut down. Imagine if he had the surgery in December. He would be much further along in his rehab. No matter what you think of Cam Newton, he provides the Panthers a real chance to win when things are clicking.

  3. “I’m changing the game” LOL.

    Why don’t you show us instead of parroting what the local [FAN-BOY] press is saying about you?

    Perform or leave.


  4. Hilarious comments! Not a fan of the Cam, but anyone watching football over time knows “running quarterbacks” don’t last long in the league. They take a beating for 4-5 years and then start to break down. Like him or not he is a star of the league and props to him.

  5. Sham Newton

    He’s great when he’s winning, but if he’s losing, game over. Their game plan should be to score first at all costs. What a monumental turd this guy is. Oh and COWARD to boot

  6. george1859 said:

    “All mouth, no game.
    In the end…bust.”

    George, how can an NFL MVP and Super Bowl quarterback be considered a bust? I guess my man Marcus Mariota needs to accomplish a lot more than I thought before that label can’t apply.

  7. Maybe the Panthers should have shut him down in December rather than play out a string of meaningless games. Once they announced his timetable to return, a simple search on the internet revealed that it was on the very optimistic side and reality was closer to 9 months. But what do I know…I’m just a guy who comments on PFT stories rather between answering work emails.

  8. daddeeo says:
    August 7, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Tennesseoilers – so you think ONE SEASON is enough to make a player great?
    Let me answer for him. Can was almost as good in 2011-13 as he was in 2015. No one noticed the first 2 years because the team stunk. You, like just about everyone else that comments on Cam articles, just hate him because you think he got paid to play at Auburn despite the NCAA admitting after a full year of trying to prove it, could not. So you just buy into the narrative that he’s a cheater just because you think so, in spite of no evidence, and you decide to believe that Cam is the first person in NFL history to do end zone dances, sulk on the sideline, blow off the press, have disgusting fashion sense and make a rotten play in a Super Bowl. In fact, all of these things have been going on since football was invented in the 1800s. Cam is no worse than anyone else for doing them.

    So can y’all PLEASE come up with some new material?????

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