DeShone Kizer on starting job: I’d love to be the guy


DeShone Kizer, as a “competitor,” expressed disappointment he won’t start the Thursday night’s exhibition opener. At the same time, the rookie knows that Brock Osweiler‘s spot at the top of the Browns’ quarterback depth chart doesn’t mean the veteran has won the job.

I’m a competitor,” Kizer said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s my ultimate goal to be out there playing. We put in a lot of work to do what we do, and I’d love to be the guy who’s stepping out there as the starting guy, but until then, this is still part of the process. We’ve been able to obviously have a certain path they want me to take.

“Coach [Hue] Jackson’s been pushing me along that path and moving me at the pace that I think is acceptable at the time and hopefully one day I’ll be the guy to step out there on gameday as the first guy to take reps. But for now, it’s about just maximizing the opportunities that are given to me.”

It’s likely the exact reaction the Browns expected — and wanted — from Kizer after Jackson informed the quarterbacks Monday that Osweiler would play first followed by, in order, Cody Kessler, Kizer and Kevin Hogan.

Kizer, though, acknowledged still having an opportunity to seize the job, with Jackson having said the depth chart is subject to change. Thus, the quarterback debate will continue in Cleveland, just as it has since the Browns returned as an expansion team in 1999.

“This is the decision that was made today and tomorrow’s tomorrow and the next day’s the next day,” said Kizer, a second-round pick. “I think right now, this is just an opportunity for myself to once again see what Brock does in this No. 1 spot. He’s the guy in there with the most experience, so to have this learning opportunity for me is going to be very valuable for my career.”

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  1. “I’m a competitor,” Kizer said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    Could have fooled anyone who has seen you choke regularly playing for Notre Dame… When will Cleveland get a GM who STOPS trying to prove he is smarter than the rest of the NFL by taking project QB’s and simply just takes the best candidate available in round 1?

  2. If any team knows how to bring along a rookie quarterback, it’s the Browns. They’ve done it dozens of times.

  3. Lots of hate out here. If you actually listen to the kid’s interviews since he got drafted, he is very humble. He doesn’t seem entitled or arrogant at all. Seems like a good kid that knows he needs more practice.

  4. The Browns are in the middle of a rebuild and I’d like to see those picks next season used on WR, S, CB, OL, LB, RB — but we need a QB. I’m not sold on any of these guys. What perplexes me is that, given the quandary and confusing behind Center, Hue calls way too many pass plays, higher than league average. I like the brain trust, the approach, but I’m not sure Hue is the guy to lead it.

  5. Hue thinks wins are important, but I think we’re only in year 2.5 of a massive overhaul. wins are not that important. Tanking is not the answer, either. I say, run Kizer out there from day one, trade Osweiler for what you can get to a desperate team with a QB emergency, and take your lumps. The Browns have the luxury of rebuilding, so they can experiment, just one more season. After next years draft, then they start looking for wins.

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