Don’t rule out Mitchell Trubisky winning Bears’ starting job


The Bears said when they signed Mike Glennon that he is their starting quarterback, and they continued to say after drafting Mitchell Trubisky that Glennon is their starting quarterback. But teams say one thing and do another all the time, and no one should be surprised if it’s Trubisky, not Glennon, under center when the Bears host the Falcons in Week One.

Last year, the Eagles spent months saying Carson Wentz would be a third-stringer throughout his rookie season — and then in September they traded Sam Bradford, demoted Chase Daniel and announced that Wentz would start. In 2014, the Jaguars insisted from draft day through the start of the regular season that Blake Bortles would spend his entire rookie year on the sideline — and then in September they gave Bortles the starting job.

John Mullin, who’s been covering Bears training camp at CSN Chicago, said this morning on PFT Live that Glennon is “well ahead” of Trubisky right now, but that could change if Trubisky outplays Glennon in the preseason.

“It would not stun me to have this kid really flash in preseason and win the job outright,” Mullin said of Trubisky. “I don’t think it’s going to happen but it wouldn’t stun me. You see them alongside each other, you see them trading off the reps and so forth. Trubisky’s got the ‘it’ factor. I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks and this kid’s got something to him. You don’t see that with Glennon. This kid, when he’s on the field, kind of lights it up a little bit.”

Bears coach John Fox will make the call, and Fox may be motivated by his own job security, and the thought that if the Bears are going to miss the playoffs again, his best bet to save himself is to show that the rookie is making progress on his way to being a franchise quarterback. If it’s close, the nod may go to Trubisky, despite the Bears’ public commitment to Glennon.

28 responses to “Don’t rule out Mitchell Trubisky winning Bears’ starting job

  1. If that happens it’s one of the reasons why this team never makes it to the playoffs. Because that worked out so good for Jacksonville.

  2. wow that’s news…who will be chicago bears’ starting QB…

    that’s kinda like who is going to be class president of middle school # 47 on the south side of chicago.

    not exactly nationally relevant.

  3. If Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t get hurt Carson Wentz most likely doesn’t see the field last year so the analogy is weak.

  4. Funny that Jim Plunkett’s name was in the news this weekend. The Patriots started him as a rookie and he averaged almost 40 sacks a season for his first three years. 14 game seasons. The first rule for starting a rookie is he has learned to get rid of the ball.

  5. Just start him so the Lions can sweep the series this season. 1-1 last year the bears played us tough. I don’t expect the same with Mitchell at the helm.

  6. John Fox does not do things to “keep his job”. That is the silliest statement a reporter could make about a man who has lived by the principles Mr. Fox has lived in accordance with all these years. Glennon is underrated and Mr Fox didn’t get his name by being a dummy.

  7. Trubisky shouldn’t get the starting job until he proves he can take care of his body. Holding onto the ball too long in the NFL can get you killed with the size and the speed of the guys bearing down on you.

  8. I personally don’t care who is under center as long as they play hard and are not boring, which would be a change from the last few years. Having a defense would be nice, too.

  9. So, two months ago, the consensus opinion was Trubisky should sit a year and grasp an NFL offense. Now, after some wild and borderline irresponsible speculation by a local TV guy, Trubisky can be a Week 1 starter!

    That’s why BIG MEDIA is a joke. It creates a narrative regardless of reality.

  10. It’s a tough spot for any GM/Coach. Da Bears aren’t good enough to just insert the rookie yet, but Glennon isn’t exactly proven, tested and true either. We have a decent run game (or at least should), Maybe the rookie can play off that like Sanchez did for the first couple years. Then again we don’t have a knockout defense anymore either.

    Really all I want is to beat Green Bay twice and get some more talent, gear up over the next couple of years.

  11. If he does win the starting job, it probably won’t be against the Denver defense this week. Or, maybe it will be considering Mike Glennon will have to go against the no fly zone. If he plays absolutely terrible, maybe they’ll use it as an excuse to give Trubisky the start for the next preseason game.

  12. I think Glennon will be boring to watch- a taller Brian Hoyer. There’s no way Trubisky starts week 1 but there’s also no way he has a complete redshirt season

  13. .
    I realize that mine is the minority opinion. However, I’m on record as thinking the Bears were 100% correct in trading up for Trubiski. They saw the guy they wanted and paid the price to get him. You cannot win consistently in the NFL without a top flight QB. On the risk to reward scale, this decision was easy for me. Let’s not forget that Bill Belichick once gladly parted with a 6th rounder to move from #44 to #42 to get the player he wanted (Gronk) just ahead of the Ravens.

    Bears fans should remember that if Trubiski happens to progress quicker than expected, Glennon can be moved to recoup any lost draft picks.

    If he turns out to be a total bust, Bears fans should remember that, based on their recent draft history, the other guy they chose probably would have been a bust too.

  14. We all kind of know how this works. The veteran QB wins the competition out of training camp. Team has losing record at the bye. Fans and media are clamoring for rookie QB and rookie QB starts game after bye.

  15. (1) Trubisky is going to be good.
    (2) Bears are going to start Glennon unless they trade him before the season. He deserves a chance. May trade him during the season if a QB goes down.

  16. Good move bears. HS football, 13 college games with numerous bad mistakes and now the Bears think he’s ready for the NFL. Haha.

  17. Both Glennon and Trubisky are solid QB, with Trubisky having a slightly higher ceiling. I doubt he’s going to overtake Glennon this year. Any move the Bears make will be a good one. Any move the Bears make will be second guessed by people who know nothing about what’s going on with the team’s plans. That should go without saying. The good news for true Bears’ fans is they now have two legit QB’s. Some of the know nothings will say if you have two QB’s that really means they don’t have any. Some people have all the clichés memorized. The future is bright in Chicago.

  18. I live and work in the heart of the ACC. Trubisky has a long long way to go to even be an NFL QB at all, let alone a starter. He wasn’t great against even mid-tier college competition. NFL offices need to turn off the TV and radio and do their own scouting. Otherwise they end up like the Bears.

  19. Mitch is not going to start. Pace has put a lot of effort into building a good locker room chemistry. Seems to me that a lot of the offensive players like Glennon. He has connected well with them. Pace going back on his word (It’s Glennon’s year) which he is on the record saying publicly, would create a locker room issue and also trust issues with the team.

    Glennon will most certainly start. My hope is he plays well enough that the Bears can trade him next season for a 1st or 2nd round pick. Hopefully Mitch can start some games towards the back end of the season. Any rookie qb is going to struggle when they first start. He really needs some experience this year. Not having him start any games will only compound those struggles into next season.

  20. Not that it should be difficult to surpass Glennon or Butt fumble boy but I sure hope Fox doesn’t put Trubisky in as the starter this year. The kid needs to develop.

  21. Don’t see him sitting all season, although that would be ideal…His chance will come sooner than later.

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