Jets wideout Quincy Enunwa out for the season with neck injury

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Even when the Jets aren’t trying to lose, they lose.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa is out for the season with a neck injury.

Enunwa was injured during the team’s scrimmage Saturday night, and had a previous neck problem during June practices.

The fourth-year wideout was clearly their top wide receiver, and makes their already significant offensive problems this year even worse. He caught 58 passes for 857 yards and four touchdowns last season, and was one of the few reasons for any degree of optimism there.

But it’s obviously a much larger concern for Enunwa himself, while the team is left to sort through the rubble they created.

29 responses to “Jets wideout Quincy Enunwa out for the season with neck injury

  1. Jokes aside on the state of the Jets, this is horrible for Quincy. This was a contract year and a huge opportunity for a guy that was a late round pick. Hope he can recover.

  2. You never want to see anybody get hurt, but there are franchises that are just cursed. I hope he heals to where he can play again.

  3. John Henry’s Hammer says:

    August 7, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Unfortunate, but when your number one has 58 catches you are in trouble


    He was the 3rd receiver last season behind Marshall and Decker. Since both are gone, he then became their number 1 before the injury.

  4. You know how in the English football leagues, teams that have particularly bad years will get moved out of the champions league until they get better? I think the Jets should move to the arena football league until they get better. You mean I have to watch these clowns play the Patriots twice in 2017 and lose by 5 touchdowns each time?

    I suppose I can always rake leaves on those two Sundays.

  5. Man! The Patriots already getting gifts from Miami and NY! AFC East, for sure….

  6. No matter how much hate I have for the Jets, this stinks. Hate to see injuries, especially to good young players and this guy looked promising. Hope he can be designated to return this year and make it back.

  7. That’s too bad, he’s a decent player. I remember him making some big plays against the Patriots, he looked like he could develop into a very good receiver.

    Hopefully he recovers and comes back at some point.

    Pats fan.

  8. Man this probably will be one of the worst offense in NFL history. It was still a bad offense at full strength but man now it’s a pathetic offense. Nothing but rookies and 2nd year guys at receivers, a below average offensive line, below average tight ends, and then you have the trio of Petty/McCown/Hackenberg.

    I feel bad for Todd Bowles who waited this long to get a chance at being a head coach then it had to be on a team like this.

  9. Buffalo 1-0 to start the season was already assured, now it’s time to take the under.

  10. One has to wonder if they’re red-shirting him since they’re tanking anyway. We’ll know if there’s no surgery involved. I’m not saying the injury isn’t really, only wondering if they were quick to decide to pull the plug on his season even if there was a chance of him returning during it.

  11. I’m a Pats fan but rivalry goes only so far. I feel bad for this kid.He’s a good player and seems to be a good person. I hope he recovers well.

  12. The Jets are so bad they will make the 2016 Ram offense look like the Greatest show on turf , mean while Todd Bowles has posted his resume on indeed , I see Joe Willy drinking with about 500 fans at the games in Nov.

  13. They let Decker walk out the door which is now haunting the Jets greatly and we’re not even to the first set of preseason games.

  14. 0-15, the league will cancel the week 17 matchup at New England for the same reason you don’t stick you foot in piranha infested waters in the amazon

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