Rookie WR Kenny Golladay making impression at Lions camp


The Lions scored touchdowns on a little more than 54 percent of their red zone trips last season, which was good for 17th in the league as they made their way to the postseason.

Improving that percentage would improve their chances of doing the same this season and their third-round pick in this year’s draft looks like he’ll have a role in any improvement. At 6’4″, wide receiver Kenny Golladay has the height needed to go up and get balls in the end zone and he spent Sunday’s practice doing that.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw the ball his way three times and Golladay caught all three, showing some of what led Chad Johnson to single him out for praise after a visit to Lions practice last week. Coach Jim Caldwell is also on the train.

“Every day he shows you a little something just in terms of his characteristic ability to catch the ball,” Caldwell said. “He’s long, obviously. He’s a good target. But he’s also got a real wide catching radius, so all over the field we can use him. “The other thing, oftentimes you’ll find guys that are long, that are long striders, that don’t get it going pretty quickly. But he can run. … The No. 1 thing that you got to have is speed, and he can run. So that in itself will set up a lot of other things. But I think you’ll see him get to the point too where he’s starting to kind of back guys in the corner with his height and ability to jump over the top and things of that nature.”

Golden Tate and Marvin Jones are back at wideout, but Anquan Boldin and his 67 catches have moved on. That leaves a big opening in the Lions offense and it looks like one that Golladay is going to get a chance to fill right from the start.

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  1. “This rookie will get 1000 yards and 8 TDs his first year.”


    IF he gets 800/5, I would considered it a huge 3rd round pick. Give this kid some time. Don’t set expectations so high he disappoints like Ebron.

    He is a role player year 1. If there’s an injury, then they can throw him into the fire. I expect big things from him by year 3, but let’s temper expectations at this stage. If he can fill in as a red zone target that Boldin filled, he’s going to be a big part of this offense’s success. Make defenses account for you, and you make the team better.

  2. Just what the Detroit offense needs is a wideout with some size. Tate is 5’11 and Jones is 6’1-6’2 but has a wiry frame. I can see Staffords td’s going up from 24 this season with a big target like that in the redzone. It’s not like he can count on Ebron who gets injured when he sneezes.

  3. I love all the Det love lately. I am obviously a Lions fan. I live in PA and finally seeing Lions gear and talk on national tv/radio(Good stuff, not 2008 season.) That usually means people are noticing the Lions. Lions take NFC North!

  4. Hope this kid pans out. Every pundit/publication took a big dump all over this pick right after the draft….I read everything from “who?” to the Lions took him 3 rds too early.

    If KG needs any bulletin board material it’s out there.

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