Sheldon Richardson says Brandon Marshall “quit” on the Jets last season

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Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and former teammate Brandon Marshall nearly came to blows in the locker room last season. Richardson renewed his verbal assault Monday, saying the receiver was “drama queen-ish” and “quit on his team.”

That man knows what he did to the locker room,” Richardson said on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 98.7, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “I was the one who addressed it, and I would still address it to this day. If he can’t come out [in the] media and tell them what he did and how he actually quit on his team way before the season was over, that’s all in itself.”

Marshall and Richardson have had a rocky relationship, which became the center of the Jets’ locker room discord last season. Marshall asked for his release in the offseason and signed with the Giants.

After Marshall’s departure, Richardson said he had “15 reasons” why the locker room is better this season. Marshall wore No. 15.

Richardson reiterated Monday that he was glad Marshall was gone.

“That whole situation was sticky because we were losing, and then you’re doing little things that are drama queen-ish, and he’s dogging out this guy and that guy,” Richardson said. “It’s everybody’s fault except for his. . . . No one wanted to say something to him. Then I say something to him, the criminal, the bad guy, and the media just ran with it.”