Vince Wilfork announces his retirement

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Vince Wilfork has made it official: He’s walking away from the NFL.

Wilfork, the former Patriots and Texans defensive tackle, announced today that he is retiring. That announcement has been expected all offseason.

Always an intelligent player, Wilfork found a smart way to make some money from his announcement: He had it sponsored by Kingsford charcoal, releasing a video announcing that he’ll have a “farewell tailgate” at the Patriots’ opener on September 7.

“No more cleats. I’m moving on to smoked meats,” Wifork says in the video.

Wilfork will undoubtedly enjoy plenty of barbecue in retirement.

49 responses to “Vince Wilfork announces his retirement

  1. As much as I’ve disliked the Pats, I LOVED watching that guy play…hands down one of the greatest DT’s to ever play the game.

  2. While I am not a fan of the Patriots and hate that they win a majority of the time they play, you can’t hate the talent they have. Wilfork was a dominating force for most of his career and was the heart and soul of that defense. One of the best to ever play the pure NT position.

  3. Great player, life saver, class act all the way. No small feat considering how many U of M players had trouble adjusting to life outside the protection of that program in it’s heyday.

    Sad that you could not retire a Patriot but I’m sure you’ll be back for a special day soon enough. Maybe we can even queue up a Phil Collins tune you like.

  4. Good on you Vince. Agreed – not a Pats fan at all but enjoyed watching you play. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  5. Wilfork, I wanted the Seahawks to draft you, you went two picks ahead of us. Instead of you we got Marcus Tubbs DT out of Texas who was a HUGE bust. Nice work on the long career. Enjoy retirement

  6. One of the best DT’s ever. A freak athlete too, though he didn’t fit the typical description. Could jump and run with the agility of a man half his size. Smart player, athletic player, unselfish player, team player – in short BB’s prototypical player. Best of luck in retirement VW!

  7. Another one of “failed” draft choices that Ron Borges and the rest of the Boston media ripped Belichick for every single year.

  8. One of my all time favorite Patriots player. Beast on the field and moved well for a man his size. His 40 time at the combine was actually faster than Brady’s! Loved watching him chase RB’s out of bounds. Enjoy retirement, big fella, you’ll be missed.

  9. In following the Patriots for 45 plus years Vince is one of my favorite all time Patriots players. Great Patriot and awesome TEAM player…Kudos Vince ..Enjoy !!!

  10. If you haven’t seen the video of big Vince jammin at his house while barbecuing, youtube it -Priceless! Thanks for all those years #75.

  11. He has it made. 2-time SB champ, millionaire, fan favorite, and now he can eat all the BBQ he wants.

  12. Congrats on a great career! I’ve said it before, Big Vince is my all time favorite Patriots player. I wish you well in retirement!

  13. He’s going to surprise everybody – lose 150 pounds and go into ballet.

  14. One of my all time favorite Patriots. When my son wanted a Pats jersey it was Vince’s we got him. Everyone remembers his rumbling int return against the Chargers but search his return against Oakland it was even better. IIRC it took 4 guys to get him down.

    Thanks for the memories Vince!

  15. It kind of pisses me off when the “butt fumble” play get listed on the league’s “worst plays ever list”, when it truth the play was the direct result of a simply GREAT play by Vince forklifting a 330 lb OG back into Sanchez. Vince’s GREAT play too often gets lost in the wash. But then again he had so many of them.

  16. Great guy on the field and off, he’ll be missed. One of my favorites. The hard knocks where he stands on the field in overalls behind Bill O’Brien was priceless.

  17. Enjoy your time with Bianca, Vince! Fond memories of you. I especially remember and appreciate your comment when someone poked at your wife: I am a public figure, you mess with my wife I am going to come after you.

    You understood what it was to be a football player and what it is to be a good protective husband.

  18. Good for him, I wish him well. His leaving was like Willie Mac’s…not really wanted by the player, you could tell.

  19. He ran 5.08 in the 40. He could run down about any of us who contribute to this message board. Can you imagine looking over your shoulder and seeing this guy catching up to you?

  20. laserw says:

    August 7, 2017 at 3:05 pm
    He’ll be 500 pounds in a year and will be a contestant on the biggest loser.

    We have a winner for The Biggest Loser – and he didn’t have to lose an ounce!

  21. Congratulations to you, Vince.
    You have always been a class act on and off the field.
    Love to see you back in Foxboro as a coach.
    Good Luck

  22. Not 100%, officially retired until he signs on that one day contract with the Pats. Man have we been blessed with exceptional football players and men these past 20 years.

  23. Always liked this dude and felt so terrible when Ted Johnson called his wife an unflattering name. Seeing Vince back up his wife and call this dude out and show his love for his wife was awesome, even if it made that sad story spread like wildfire. I wish Vince, his wife and his family many years of enjoyment together and all things happy. Congrats on the retirement young man!!!

  24. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 7, 2017 at 3:49 pm
    He never got a chance to sack Brady. Too bad.


    What a strange comment coming from a ‘Pats fan’ it’s almost as though you don’t really like them or something.

  25. One of the best at his position. And a solid citizen (no pun intended).
    Now that he doesn’t *have* to weigh 375 pounds, I hope he doesn’t for long.

  26. He should sign a token contract with the Pats and play a few downs in Game 1 this year so he can be part of the banner raising and retire from the team that he contributed to for so long, and made his name famous.

    Then he should open a great place called “Vince’s BBQ” somewhere in New England. We sorely need us some good ‘que around here.

  27. crush22 says:

    August 7, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Mix in a salad Vince.
    You’re a stroke waiting to happen.


    Not sure you know what a stroke is or what causes them. Very poor effort. Thanks for playing.

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