Bears depth chart devoid of rookies as first- or second-stringers

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If any team needs rookies to contribute right away, it’s the Bears. Based on the initial, unofficial, pay-no-attention-to-it-but-please-pay-attention-to-it depth chart issued by the Bears, it looks like the coaching staff of a team that went 3-13 last year isn’t counting on them very much.

The initial depth chart shows no rookie in the starting lineup. Only one, fullback Freddie Stevenson, is a second-stringer. (Then again, the Bears list only two fullbacks.)

Rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, the player for whom the Bears traded up from No. 3 to No. 2 to acquire, appears at No. 3 on the depth chart, behind the man who looks like Napoleon Dynamite and the guy who gave the word the term “Butt Fumble.”

It’s hard not to view this as an effort by the Bears to remind all rookies of their status, and to force them to earn their stripes. If it isn’t, then the Bears need to get used to winning three games per year.

10 responses to “Bears depth chart devoid of rookies as first- or second-stringers

  1. Liked the humor on this one Florio! And I happen to agree. They gave up a lot for a third string QB, and surely someone on their rookie roster has earned the right to try and play with the 1st or at least the 2nd stringers!

  2. The Bears draft was enigmatic Mitchell Trubisky after signing Glennon and then taking a TE in the 2nd round when you don’t pick again until the 4th round. With how bad they were last year, they really needed to improve the roster more than they did.

  3. If this is a surprise to you, then you haven’t paid any attention to John Fox for the past 14 seasons. Not only does he think it’s still 1965 and despises the forward pass, he lives & dies with the “known quantity,” also known as “any player who has played before.” This is the same knucklehead that started a QB that had been on his roster for 3 days rather than play a rookie who had been with his team since the first day of training camp. And that 3-day guy was Brian St. Pierre.

    Good luck with it, Bears fans.

  4. It is just the process. By the end of camp, Trubisky, Cohen, and Shaheen will be 2nd at their individual positions. Hopefully, Eddie Jackson can earn a starting spot at FS.

  5. Too early to be making a big deal on rookies in the starting lineup. As for Trubisky, Glad he is listed as the 3rd qb. Chicago needs to develop him correctly, especially with only 1 yr. as a starter in college. “The man who looks like Napoleon Dynamite” haha, loving that.

  6. I agree the Bears need to evaluate their entire program, from ownership down to the person who cleans the locker room. Ownership is completely ignorant of what it takes to build a good team and this is demonstrated by the level of management expertise they show in the front office along with the second rate coaches and players who are not up to par with the rest of the league. I do not agree that you, Florio, have any right to question the Bears or any other team as to their practices either as a reporter or as a fan. You have shown your prejudices many, many times over the years and your agenda is apparent.

  7. If this Trubisky guy pans out, all other mistakes will be forgiven. That may be a big “if”, but hey there’s always hope.

  8. The Bears have to remind the media every other day that they are redshirting the hell out of Trubisky this season, so I don’t know why it’s still notable that he’s on the bottom of the depth chart.

    Also, isn’t the fact that they aren’t listing a bunch of rookies as starters purely because they have no better option, I don’t know, a good thing?

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