DeAndre Levy files injury grievance against Lions

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DeAndre Levy has filed an injury grievance against his former team, according to ESPN’s Michael Rothstein. The Lions released the linebacker in March, nullifying the $1.75 million injury guarantee in his contract for this season by passing him on his physical.

Levy, 30, tore the meniscus in his knee in the 2016 season opener and missed 11 games after surgery. He played the final five games, including the postseason, but, per Rothstein, Levy required another surgery in April to remove cartilage and re-do the meniscus repair.

“I figured there was something wrong because they passed me on a physical when I couldn’t even sit down to a chair or get into a linebacker stance at the time,” Levy told Rothstein. “In my mind, I didn’t think about the legal contract part of it. I thought, this is [expletive] up. I can’t get into position; how can I pass a physical? I didn’t know it was a physical the first time.

“I went in for just a follow-up for my knee, we go through the exam or whatever and I see he puts ‘pass’ on it for the physical. I’m like, ‘OK, this ain’t right.’ So I called my agent, and I’m just now learning about the process.”

Levy’s career might be over, though he told ESPN he has rehabbed in Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan since his second knee surgery and hopes to try to play again.

The Lions declined comment to ESPN.

2 responses to “DeAndre Levy files injury grievance against Lions

  1. Bob Quin, while making some decent roster moves (a low bar compared to previous regimes) is off to a bad start in terms of player relations. First he asks Calvin Johnson to pay back money on his way out. Then, this contract negotiation with Stafford is beginning to drag on a bit long (even Stafford’s demeanor has changed slightly from “I wanna be a lifelong Lion” to “I guess we will see”).

    And Levy. He cuts Levy abruptly after saying just days earlier that Levy was still in their plans.

    These types of decisions add up. They set the culture for an organization, and, unfortunately, Quin is setting a tone that is not very respectful of it’s players.

  2. First, Calvin retired. He didn’t earn all that money. 2nd, Matt and his agent are asking for the moon. Eventually Quinn will cave – they all do. Lastly, Levy cut? He played very little in two years how is that abruptly? Levy seemed he was more interesting in writing his weekly articles than playing football anyway.. Notice he’s not on another team?

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