Jets list Christian Hackenberg third on initial depth chart


Quarterback Christian Hackenberg hasn’t taken a lot of snaps with the first team offense during training camp, but he has taken more than Bryce Petty in what the team called an open competition this offseason.

One might reasonably surmise that Hackenberg is the team’s No. 2 quarterback because he has taken the second-most reps behind Josh McCown. According to the depth chart that the Jets released on Tuesday, however, that’s not the case.

Petty is listed as the second-team quarterback, which bears little resemblance to what’s happening on the field. That’s often the case with the release of these preseason depth charts for teams around the league as they come with both fanfare and admonitions against taking them at face value. Another example of this comes at wide receiver where Jalin Marshall is listed as a starter despite his four-game suspension to start the year.

In some cases, though, the Jets appear to be going a more straightforward route. Rookie safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye are listed with the starting defense along with defensive linemen Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, Muhammad Wilkerson and Steve McLendon. All four might not be on the field at the same time as the Jets run a lot of 3-4 looks, but they’re all first-teamers if you’re going to draw such distinctions.

12 responses to “Jets list Christian Hackenberg third on initial depth chart

  1. The Jets don’t think Hackenberg is capable of playing QB in the NFL, yet they keep him. It just shows you how poorly they are being run.

    Jets fans should switch their allegiance to another team, because as long as Woody Woodpecker is their owner, they aren’t ever going to put a winning team on the field.

  2. 2nd rounder? Should have just stuck with what they know and picked a TE with a lazy eye.

  3. The Jets need to tank 2017 so they should start Petty and Hackenberg. Go 1-15 and get a real QB. Then cut those bums.

  4. I don’t see what the big deal is

    If the Jets do play Christian Hackenberg, they’ll accomplish their goal for 2017.
    The top pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

    And short Jets career for Hackenberg. I don’t know the logic of taking him with a 2nd round pick. If they had just reached for Dak Prescott…who knows where they would be now.

    That being said, the evaluation for NFL QBs is…mostly a crapshoot. Sure things don’t always pan out as a sure thing (RG3, after a solid rookie year) Nobody wanted Dak and the Cowboys got him since they couldn’t trade up for Paxton Lynch. And who already looks like they will be the better pro? the consolation prize for the Cowboys.

  5. tylawspick6 says:
    August 8, 2017 at 4:18 pm
    it is amazing how many blown draft picks
    or overrated draft picks this team
    has had…

    I’ll take the Jets 1st round picks over the past three drafts over the Pats any day… (Jamal Adams, Darren Lee, and Leo Williams over Malcolm Brown)

    Just saying…

  6. Meanwhile, this year’s 2nd round pick is lighting things up. Big Mac took a look of shiznizzle when they picked Maye but he is looking like a stud in the making.

  7. How bad of a QB do you have to be to be listed as a thrird string QB for the Jets? Dude, seeing as the Jet’s can’t develop a QB to save their lives, you are behind Petty. You know the guy who thinks that playing Madden helps in his development in to a serviceable QB. I’m glad after 32 years I finally gave up on the Jets. I started being a fan of a decent team who strives to be a superbowl contender not just 8-8 or a wildcard one and done. Life is great now.

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