Matthew Stafford hasn’t set deadline for contract talks to end


There are a variety of ways that players have chosen to handle negotiations about contract extensions with their teams, including setting a deadline at the start of the season for talks to end so that they don’t become a running storyline while games should be the focus.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford hasn’t done that and didn’t say if he was planning to institute one during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt. He also said he doesn’t see the contract as a distraction whether he does or not.

“As far as the deadline goes, it’s something I’ll talk to my agent about,” Stafford said. “I’m not worried about it at the moment. The contract, it’s really not too difficult for me to not think about. The only time I really talk about it is with [the media]. Guys in the locker room know it’s all about football. They’ve all been through these situations before. I’m just trying to do everything I possibly can to be as good a football player as I can be and lead our team.”

Lions General Manager Bob Quinn said over the weekend that “there’s a long way to go” before the two sides strike a deal, so setting a deadline could provide the push needed to get to the finish line or it could guarantee that Stafford will be playing out the year before coming to a resolution.

16 responses to “Matthew Stafford hasn’t set deadline for contract talks to end

  1. Not sure if this is Quinn fighting for a discounted deal like Brady has done or if Stafford just wants to get out of the D. This shouldn’t be very hard. He should get about 26 M a year. It may put him #1 now, but in 3 years, he won’t even be in the top 10 of QB’s pay wise. The market gets inflated way to easy. Either that or he is trying to set a standard of getting a certain percent of the cap.

  2. He’s 30 and never won a division title or playoff game. Let him walk and save your cap space to build around another prospect.

  3. This guy needs a Head Coach that has the will and fiery a HC is supposed to have. LIONS HAVE LOST GAMES because of bad calls and our coach not wanting to argue the refs because he’s “A GOOD GUY”. Stafford is a beast and has come back and won us many games a decent coach would most likely be ahead to not have to stage a comeback. We even lost every game possible at the end of the season and STILL made the playoffs.

    Calling all coaches, calling JON GRUDEN. HE loves Quarterbacks. Or if the Lions landed Jim Harbaugh a few years back, we wouldnt be limping around anywhere like we are now. We arent in a rebuilding process, we got rid of some damn good players recently. THAT’S THE EXACT AME REASON BARRY RETIRED….. Why do I bother, I need intervention before season starts real soon lol

  4. I just don’t see him as a winner or a top 5 QB. It’s too bad so many teams often get trapped into paying a fortune for someone who isn’t going to ever get them over the hump.

  5. He can’t run the ball, can’t stop the run, and tight ends make all the plays against him. Dump the bum.

  6. dbarnes67 says:
    August 8, 2017 at 9:21 am
    He can’t run the ball, can’t stop the run, and tight ends make all the plays against him. Dump the bum.
    Uhh…. what?

  7. The amount is around $30M with a 10% increase each year. The questions are guaranteed money and number of years. The Lions will not win a Super Bowl because the will not have the cap to surround Stafford with a quality roster.

  8. @nhpats
    Stooge, im no lions fan but if stafford played his whole career in new england he also has 5 rings. You and your repetitve nonsensical ” no rings no good” argument is longmpasse’

  9. This is the biggest non-story of the pre-season. It’s just a matter of when, not if he signs with the Lions.

  10. Third best QB in the division on the third best team in the division. Sign him and be mediocre for a few years or let him walk and stink for a few years. That’s the decision.

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