One-third of Titans up for sale

Getty Images

The Titans and the NFL have had issues about the team’s ownership structure since club founder Bud Adams died and passed the team on to members of his family and there may be more coming now that one-third of the team is up for sale.

Adams’ daughter Susie Adams Smith is selling her stake in KSA Industries, which includes one-third ownership of the Titans along with many other holdings. Amy Adams Strunk, another daughter, owns one-third of the team and serves as controlling owner while the final third is held by other Adams descendants.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said before the Super Bowl that the issue has been “a designation of who was going to represent the club,” but the Titans say that has been resolved and will not be affected by the forthcoming sale.

“Amy Strunk before, after and during the sale will remain in full and complete control of Titans operations,” Titans CEO Steve Underwood said, via Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg. “Literally nothing will change about our day-to-day operations.”

Per Soshnick, the sale, which is being overseen by Goldman Sachs, does not include a path to control of the franchise.