Report: Jaguars unlikely to bring Branden Albert back


Branden Albert has told the Jaguars he wants to return from his brief retirement, but now the question is whether the Jaguars want Albert on their team. And the answer to that may be no.

According to an ESPN report, the Jags are “unlikely to allow him to” return to the team.

The Jaguars can’t stop Albert from coming out of retirement, but they can release him, or try to trade him to another team. The 32-year-old Albert has a base salary of $8.875 million this season, so it’s easy to see why the Jaguars wouldn’t want him if they think he’s not fully committed. It’s also hard to see any other team trading for Albert at that salary.

So the most likely scenario would seem to be that Albert officially ends his retirement, gets released by the Jaguars and then shops his services to other teams, hoping to sign on as a free agent somewhere. Albert started 12 games for the Dolphins last year, and a left tackle who can start is going to have options on the free market.

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    With the shortage of quality left tackles, and “injury season” fast approaching, there will be some desperate team who’ll be begging Albert to suit up.

    Think of the Vikings last year. They would have gladly taken Albert then

  2. The Vikings already have two injured LT’s. Not sure of the Cap situation after handing out new contracts on defense but if there’s some cash left than they need to take a run at Albert.

  3. Back to the Fins so that Tunsil can man guard again after free agent signing and projected starter Ted Larsen’s torn bicep.

  4. Punk move BA!

    I think the Jags, who have plenty of cap room, should eat the cash and make this punk ride the pine as a backup swing tackle, in case our young guys get hurt.

  5. Why should they? They have zero incentive to bring back a guy that is only there to collect a paycheck. If they are that stupid, he will get “injured” before week one.

  6. i was just bullcorning…..and u know this maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!

    -smokey from Friday

  7. That look on Albert’s face is him realizing he messed up…just like now. He’ll be lucky to have any team show interest in him now. He’s only good enough to be a backup and he’s going to dislike playing for a fraction of what he would have made had he not been a malcontent most of the offseason. He just sabotaged himself.

  8. That look on his face is the one of “I just made a $5.875 million dollar mistake.” he will come back, Tom Coughlin will cut him and he will sign somewhere else for about $3 mil as a backup.

  9. Can’t stop a player under contract from showing up and getting paid. The only other options are to release him or trade him, but you can’t just stop him from showing up.

  10. Cordy Glenn is questionable with a persistent ankle injury. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Bills bring in Albert as insurance but not at the current price tag and not via trade. Only if he was cut and could be signed as a free agent on a one year deal.

  11. If the Jags release him, does he still owe the $3.4 million to them in signing bonus repayment (the real reason he is “coming out of retirement”)?

  12. He didn’t show up for OTA’s (not mandatory, I know), then he came to camp overweight and displayed a bad attitude; then he committed a false start penalty in practice and was pulled off the field for it; then he retired. Then he and his agent decided there were 8.9 million reasons to try to make the team and get “injured”.

    So…he comes back and knock, knock, knocks on the door except it isn’t Heaven’s Door, it’s Coughlin’s door and he slams it shut.

  13. This is all just a ruse. He doesn’t want to play and, more importantly, he doesn’t want to pay the Jaguars $3.4M. So, he announces his retirement and then a week later says nevermind. Not many teams can afford over 8 million dollars for a guy who clearly does not want to work. When they cut him he will just keep his money and continue as before.

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