Ben McAdoo: Eli Manning having a productive camp

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Since Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning have worked together, the Giants quarterback completed 63.1 percent of his passes in 2014, threw 35 touchdowns in 2015 and won 11 games last season. If training camp is any indication, Manning might have better numbers across the board this season.

McAdoo said in an interview on ESPN Radio on Tuesday that Manning is playing at a higher level at this point in training camp than the previous three camps. The second-year head coach expanded on that Wednesday in his daily press briefing.

“He’s completing the ball at a high percentage; he knows the offense like the back of his hand; and he has been in the offense for four years now, so he has been able to teach others,” McAdoo said, via Tom Rock of Newsday.

Manning is teaching instead of learning, answering questions other players have about plays or routes.

“That is the best way to learn, the best way to master it,” McAdoo said.

During team periods in training camp, Manning has completed 70.1 percent of his passes, according to NJ Advance Media’s statistics.

Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. are among the starters not expected to play Friday night against the Steelers. Both sat out last year’s preseason opener, too, and McAdoo said the Giants would treat “it very similar to the way we treated last year’s [first preseason] game.”

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin already has ruled out quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and receiver Antonio Brown for Friday.

5 responses to “Ben McAdoo: Eli Manning having a productive camp

  1. Giants won 2 SB’s with an average OL using the run and shoot. Problem is, you need intelligent receivers and the Giants had Amani Toomer (who was/is intelligent) and Plaxico was always open because of his size. The rest of them…


    Too bad Plax shot himself in ’08, as that was the best team in the past 20 years.

  2. The way Mannings grab at every last nickel, E-Lie has to wince at the big checks to those equipment managers before his trial comes up.

  3. 3 comments and 2 are from Pats fans still salty from 07 and 11. Don’t try to deny it, either, if it wasn’t true they would not be here trolling.

  4. Actually really like and respect both Coughlin and Ben. The Giants flat out won. Good for them, they were better when it counted.

    Leaving the Giants glorious history behind for a minute and on to the present reality:
    If your very own Skiba brothers don’t get their hush money and plenty of it, they’re going to “tell the whole effing world about Eli Manning and his equip sales.” The boy never should have doubled down with that indignant lie-athon press conference that worked for his retired brother.

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