Broncos shoot down talk of A.J. McCarron trade

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As the Broncos continue to watch Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch battle it out for the starting quarterback job, the team has shot down a third option not named Chad Kelly.

Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post reports, citing an unnamed source, that a report linking the Broncos to Bengals quarterback A.J. Carron is “150% false.”

Statistical impossibility notwithstanding, I think we get the point. And it makes sense, for various reasons.

First, the Bengals have asked for a lot for McCarron when contacted in the past about possibly trading him. Second, the Bengals at this point may be inclined to keep him around as a potential replacement in 2018 for Andy Dalton, if Dalton stinks it up this year. Third, trading for McCarron would put the Broncos in the awkward spot of having to justify whatever they give up to get him by either giving him a significant long-term deal or using the $23-milllion-plus franchise tag in 2018. Fourth, trading for McCarron would represent a concession that they blew it when trading up in round one 16 months ago to get Paxton Lynch.

It’s simply too late for an emergency option of that magnitude, and it would cost much more than the John Elway-led franchise ever would give up for a potential franchise quarterback. If Sieman isn’t clearly better than Lynch, it makes much more sense to roll the dice with Lynch, figure out whether he’s the guy, and then move on to other plans in 2018 if neither Siemian nor Lynch can get it done in 2017.

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  1. McCarron isn’t going anywhere until they see what Jeff Driskel can do in preseason. This deal wouldn’t make sense for either team.

  2. Worth noting that the bengals believe mccarrons shoulder injury in year one gives them one more year of control and therefore he may not be a free agent until 2019.

  3. AJ McCarron is the most over rated Bengal. He wasn’t very good filling in for Andy two seasons ago. Dalton is easily a top 10 QB since coming into the league. I don’t understand all the hate. There’s no way the Bengals would choose AJ over Andy in any scenario.

  4. The issue is that Lynch is not worth a bag of peanuts. The Broncos know this and they do not want to waste a year of their good if not great defense. They have tried to do everything they can to basically give the job to Lynch and he still cannot beat out Siemian. For what ever reason (I think its Elway wanting to be right about Lynch) they just do not like the idea of Siemian.

  5. This Bronco fan thinks the QB will do better when the 0-line does better. Last year, the QB was always under pressure and the running game was shameful.

    Point is, they can’t really judge these QB’s if they’re on their backs more than a prostitute.

  6. WOw. Lynch and Simien are deemed busts by Elway.

    Just how good is Elway as a GM anyway? He bought Gomer, Welker, Talib, Ward, Ware and Emmanuel Sanders, but just who has he drafted and developed past Demarius Thomas, Chris Harris or someone like Derek Wolfe or Brandon Marshall?


  7. Lynch is probably a bust. He checks some of the boxes, but fails on some critical ones, like sound decision making. Siemian gets more hate than he deserves, imo. He’s “serviceable”. He’s never going to be one of the best ever, but he doesn’t typically lose games. When great franchise QBs are a rare thing (they are), than “serviceable” will have to do for most teams. There’s nothing wrong with using a late round pick on that. Using a first round pick on Lynch though? That’s gotta hurt.

  8. As a fan I’d like to see what McCarron can do but his trade value isn’t much because there’s little control and he is a long shot to actually be a top line starter. If Cincy isn’t competing this year they should trade him for what they can get, but if they contend for playoffs he’s probably worth more to them as a backup.

    I guess the caveat would be if a starting QB does down maybe then Bengals can get a second or third rounder for him from a team that is desperate. But he really isn’t worth a second or third round pick in my opinion.

  9. Lynch was Elway’s heir apparent until he watched Lynch throw three straight interceptions in practice. I got to believe this rumor is 90% about Lynch than the sufficiency of Siemian. You always want someone capable of leading the team if your starter goes down. After seeing Brock’s struggle, Elways starting to see that you don’t necessarily want the big bodied QB, you want a QB who can keep his cool and make the right decisions under pressure. The QB that rockets 20 TD’s and 26 interceptions doesn’t get you to a SB so decision making is top priority.

  10. Let’s face it, Siemien is too frail probably won’t finish the season and Lynch can’t read the most simple of defenses. They do have Chad Kelly but he is not ready. Chad Kelly has the most potential out of all three but I suspect he will end up with a different team.

  11. Hard to believe nobody mentioned him.

    You know who.

    No, not Tebow.

    Kaepernick Kaepernick Kaepernick Kaepernick Kaepernick. The GM is possibly the GOAT of all #7s. Makes sense to sign this #7.

  12. Trying to portray Andy Dalton as some random scrub instead of a feanchise QB is hilarious, especially coming from someone demanding an NFL Team sign 3rd rate career benchwarmer Kaepernick.

  13. lol Dalton isn’t going anywhere.

    I know the Packers are the only small market team worth learning about but that sounded totally off the wall.

  14. Never got the Lynch fascination myself, and Elway wasn’t the only one. Andy Reid wanted him, and he saved the Cowboys from themselves because they were going to draft him too. The one time I saw him play not such a great defense in Auburn, he looked totally outclassed and like he didn’t belong on the same field, and again, that was Auburn’s pedestrian defense.

  15. Everyone thinks Lynch is a bust because of the year Dak had. Paxton never started 4 years in the SEC, he didn’t play behind the Dallas wall or have a running back like Elliot.

    Lynch was always a two year project. He needs to start and Denver needs to stop wasting snaps on Trevor “Check Down Charlie” Siemian!

  16. What a joke! when you make comments like “Second, the Bengals at this point may be inclined to keep him around as a potential replacement in 2018 for Andy Dalton, if Dalton stinks it up this year.” It makes you look like a complete idiot. Andy has not come anything close to stinking up a season. Has he laid some stinker games in his career? Yes, a whole season or even back to back games? No! But hey, lets not let facts get in the way of our biased agenda. You look like an idiot or someone with a grudge when you write this kinds crap. Go do some home work, compare his stats year by year to your favorite QB and see he doesn’t deserve a fraction of the hate and disrespect he gets.

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