Cardale Jones unimpressed with AJ McCarron’s new restaurant idea

Getty Images

Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron opened a new restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Tuesday. Ajian bills itself as a casual “build your own sushi” restaurant.

Chargers quarterback Cardale Jones took a shot at the idea, tweeting that a restaurant with that idea already is open. Jones referred to Fusian, an Ohio-based sushi restaurant that opened in 2010 and expanded to several locations in the state.

“Well . . . good for him,” McCarron said, via Katherine Terrell of ESPN.

McCarron paused before adding to this thoughts: “To Cardale, I guess, that’s how things [work]. Somebody comes up with something and then that’s how it spreads throughout. I’m pretty sure that’s how fast food works. McDonald’s was probably the first one and people came up with other ways to do it.”

McCarron played at Alabama. Jones played at Ohio State. So maybe it’s the college rivalry that prompted Jones to troll McCarron.