Chris Ballard: Andrew Luck’s Week One status to be determined


The Colts said this week that there is still no timetable for when quarterback Andrew Luck is going to be able to return to the field after having right shoulder surgery this offseason and speculation about whether he’ll be ready for the start of the regular season grows the longer he’s out of action.

General Manager Chris Ballard isn’t going to put an end to that speculation. He told Tom Pelissero of NFL Media that the team still expects Luck will be activated from the physically unable to perform list before the start of the regular season, but that his status for the regular season opener against the Rams is to be determined.

Per Pelissero, Luck has made progress in his throwing program over the last two weeks and that the team remains committed to taking it as slowly as needed to ensure that Luck doesn’t suffer any further injury that would keep him out of the lineup for an extended period of time.

That may mean missing a shorter stretch of time at the start of the season, something that seems likelier with every day that passes without Luck on the practice field.

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  1. Hmmm, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are supposed to be the franchise QBs in the next draft. So perhaps Ballard and Irsay could adjust the roster so they could position themselves favorably in the 2018 draft. Nothing unethical of course.

  2. Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m not sure I’ve ever fully understand the Luck hype. Yes, a great prospect coming out of college, but he’s 3-3 in the playoffs, looks like he hasn’t been there since 2014, he seems to turn the ball over a fair amount and now this injury keeps hanging around. I’ll grant you there’s nothing he can do about the injury, it is what it is, but I guess I just don’t get the over the top hype for Luck. To me, his career to date has been a tad underachieving given all the hype he had.

  3. Dmca12 you clearly have no clue. His stats are better then Peyton Mannings first 5 years. He’s no where an underachiever, just because the defense has been bad does not mean he has been bad. 3-3 in the play offs is not a horrible stat, how many QBs make it to the playoffs?

  4. Entire offensive line (allowed 41 sacks of Luck last year) returns this year so do not expect the results to change, except Luck might not even play in 15 games in 2017.

  5. Having been through a couple of extensive shoulder surgeries, I can say emphatically that if he came off the PUP list TODAY, he would not/could not be ready for week 1. There’s no amount of rehab, weight lifting or throwing that can reverse the muscle atrophy in one month. They are not fooling anyone.

  6. OK, I’ll bite on some of this delicious looking troll-bait. I LOVE the comment about “only” being 3-3 in the playoffs. Really? Have you looked at how many QBs have a record over .500 in the playoffs? Take into account the fact he’s been able to take this team with a heretofore (look it up Pats fans) poor defense only shows his greatness. Never a losing record!

    Good things happening with this team, especially on the defense. Great shot to win the division in the first year of the Ballard re-build. Great future for this team.

  7. I do not doubt that Luck has great talent. I think what has held this team back were some poor selections in the draft, stupid decisions by the former GM – like trading a 1st round pick for Trent Richardson – and too much focus on offense at the expense of the defense. Right now no one is afraid of this team, but if Luck gets healthy/hot and the defense shows improvement this team could surprise a few teams this year.

  8. armycolts25 says:
    August 9, 2017 at 12:42 pm
    Dmca12 you clearly have no clue. His stats are better then Peyton Mannings first 5 years.

    No question that Luck is a fine QB when healthy but comparing his first 5 years stats to Peyton Manning’s can be deceptive. In Manning’s first five years Polian and Dungy had not yet succeeded into whining the competition committee into implementing the Manning rules where no DB is allowed to sneeze on a WR. I think you would fine all good QBs saw their stats improve when the Manning Rules were implemented in, I believe, the 2005 season?

  9. armycolts25: What stats? A lot of yards and touchdowns? They all do that now. A QB as great as he’s touted to be should overcome and carry the bad D, no? I like the Peyton analogy because one could argue he underachieved too. How many one and dones in the playoffs and his second Super Bowl win had nothing to do with him. I don’t dislike Luck, I just don’t see the product on the field has matched all the hype so far. If he’s as great as stated, he should be overcoming shortfalls on the team, no?

  10. Licks highlight reel is astounding. Even last year, with a bum defense, bum shoulder, and a terrible locker room luck still willed the team to 8-8. Luck was ready to play NFL since day one. I love how luck’s haters will harp on his interceptions, but they worship farve. They bring up his playoff record while they are ready to shrine tony Romo. So we are all wrong. Luck does all he can. If were gonna have a slow start like usual, let Tolkien take the hits. Save luck for when the team can keep him up.

  11. Andrew Lucks Week 1 Status Update : Still the most over rated overhyped never done anything qb in the NFL, and apparently has a shoulder issue.

    Soft, soft, soft.

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