Goodell says he supports a shorter preseason


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows the quality of play in the preseason stinks.

“When I go around to fans, that’s maybe the No. 1 thing I hear,” Goodell said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday. “The NFL should do things to the highest possible standards. Preseason games are not that.”

Goodell said he thinks the NFL could reduce the preseason schedule from four games to three and not lose anything.

“There’s value to them, building a team, evaluating players,” he said. “But there are other ways of doing that. I think we could do it in three [games]. Almost every coach has agreed we could get done what we need to in three games.”

The question is whether Goodell will try to push the players to accept a longer regular season in exchange for a shorter preseason. He indicated that any change to the schedule would be negotiated with the players, and not simply determined by the league.

“Any change in the [overall game] structure, we said that we would collectively bargain,” he said.

Many players would be on board with a shorter preseason. But if Goodell wants a longer regular season or some other concession in exchange for a shorter preseason, that could lead to a battle with the players.

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  1. People would be ok with the current preseason schedule if they weren’t getting gouged for ticket prices. Treat the games like MLB Spring Training games. Separate them out from regular season ticket packages, discount them greatly and fans would show, especially those with a family who otherwise may not be able to afford a regular season game.

  2. Nothing that can’t be solved by relying on the greed of all parties involved.

  3. …..and an extra post season round…. there I finished it..

    Ya know so instead of that $50 preseason ticket and half filled stadiums, which in turn means less concessions, lets have longer post season

  4. This is an obvious ploy to get a longer regular season (18 games). Also, how are coaches supposed to evaluate players in game time situations. I know that teams could hold scrimmages. but if the activity level ends up being the same anyway, why eliminate the games?

  5. I think 2 games would be better.

    The 4th preseason game is absolutely horrible, so even if you chopped it down to 3 games, that 3rd game will still be unwatchable.

    If you drop it down to 2 games, the starters will be playing at least 50% of the snaps in both.

  6. I support a shorter pre-season and a shorter tenure as commissioner for Roger the Clown.

  7. Games one and four are total garbage. You could really get away with only two preseason contests. It’s a crime that teams charge for games one and four.

    That said, those are two games of local TV revenue that would be lost. Doubt that sits well. Hence extending the regular season.

    Maybe 18 games, but players can only be active for 16 of them and have an expanded roster through the first six weeks of the season to continue evaluating players on the fence.

  8. 17 regular + 2 byes + 2 preseason + 1 scrimmage + 55 man rosters

    start season with mid-August nights- imited to domes ons londayafternames, Su

    17th game played interconference geographic rivals at 16 neutral NFL wannabe cities: London, Toronto, San Antonio, St Louis, Mexico City

    everyone makes more $$$: players, owners, TV, etc.
    fans get more true football, less exhibition charades

  9. I have a solution (but it’s not a good one) So here it is:

    Have 3 Pre-season games and 17 regular season games with the following conditions

    Each player on a teams 53 man roster can only play in 16 regular season games so every week 3 players on each team must sit out one game

    Next during week 10 all starting QB’s must sit out that game

    Thumbs up if you don’t have a better idea

    Thumbs down if you have a better idea and you will post what that better idea is

  10. Reason fans are mad at the preseason is the fact that they are coaxed into buying worthless tickets with season ticket packages.

    Teams shouldn’t be allowed to force season ticket holders to buy the preseason tickets.

  11. One thing to consider: make 2 of the games for the fringe guys only, and do not force them on season ticket plans. Those pre-season games mean something to those guys. We can name a bunch of guys that made a roster because of preseason and had a great career because of it. Look at Terrell Davis, now a hall of famer. He made his name on that great special teams play in Tokyo and got noticed. The rest is history.

    What I find insulting is when the networks promote pre-season games and show pictures of the star players in the ad. Spare me the disrespect.

  12. Goodell wants a longer regular season and has talked about adding playoff teams. And he was a big proponent of Thursday Night football. But yea player safety is of utmost importance. Clown show.

  13. Wonder what head coaches he has been talking with? The ones I listen to feel they have less time with their players now and would like more time to teach.

  14. As long as the Jets get to play the Giants in pre-season nothing else matters. It’s the Jets’ Superbowl you know.

  15. The players are taught in practice and show what they have learned in games. Another example of the self proclaimed experts not having a clue.

  16. Roger’s for it because he wants a longer regular season or expanded playoffs, which I’m pretty sure most people are (rightly) against. It’s a war of attrition well before the season ends. Expanding the # of games does no one any favors, except for the owners, the vast majority of whom I increasingly hate.

  17. Three pre-season games:
    One Home
    One Road
    One Neutral Site

    Hall of Fame Game is not an extra game/week. It counts as one of the neutral site games. Neutral sites concept is similar to the “barnstorming” days of baseball but using mostly college stadiums (while college games are being played at pro stadium neutral sites).

    Boom. Problem solved.

  18. Yep maybe a compromise Take 2 games from Preseason, add 1 Regular Season game at a neutral site where you can branch out to parts of the country that don’t get NFL…or overseas, and add 2 weeks to the season for 2 additional byes so that the players can get more rest during the season.

  19. Preseason games 1 and 4 aren’t even real games. The only people who play are the ones ranked 46-90 on the depth chart. Stop playing them. Back when the preseason was shortened from 6 weeks to 4, coaches cried that it was the end of civilization, that there was no possible way they could prepare with only 4 games. They’ll be fine with 2. Make the preseason 2 games. Get on with it already.

  20. mvalvt says:
    August 9, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Games one and four are total garbage. You could really get away with only two preseason contests. It’s a crime that teams charge for games one and four.

    That said, those are two games of local TV revenue that would be lost. Doubt that sits well. Hence extending the regular season.

    Maybe 18 games, but players can only be active for 16 of them and have an expanded roster through the first six weeks of the season to continue evaluating players on the fence.

    These games are not supposed to be the 1s against the 1s like real games…they are to evaluate the players that are not starters to set the roster. For the starters it’s just a chance to get some rhythm which is why they don’t play much.

  21. Sixteen regular season games is enough Mr. Goodell. Don’t dare increase the schedule and say you care about player safety. Also, while you are at it , cancel the travesty that is Thursday Night Football.

  22. Goodell is all in favor of reducing the number of preseason games….as long as they are replaced by adding an equal number of games to the regular season. That way, the owners will still be able to charge for 10 home games every season. There is no way that number is going to be allowed to decrease.

  23. Easy solution – add an extra bye week. No additional games, but an extra week of TV revenue with no risk to player injuries for the post-season.

    NFL football is complex and cutting back on pre-season game s= worse games at the start of the season. Fans who buy tickets to the first few games wont be getting their moneys worth.

  24. Just abolish preseason……

    Its a compete fraud.

    Keep the rosters at 90; (so you have the players for a spring/development league); abolish pre-season and replace it with more organised intra-team scrimmages, and go to a 19 game regular season with 90 players.

    Give current players on a 16-game contract the option to opt-out of games 17-19 and away we go……

    More home games for teams that want them; more room to play more games at neutral venues and expansion cities; more football for young players coaches and officials, more games to earn more bucks from the broadcasters, more $$$$$ for the players and more meaningful football for everyone.


  25. Seems to me since the CBA changed that limited the amount of practices and practices with contact that the quality of the first four games or so sucks.
    * accelerate cut to final roster size and increase the number of guys on the practice squad. This maximizes practice time for those that will be playing
    * cut preseason games to two but, they can only play on Saturday or Sunday.One game home, one away with a week off in between.
    * visiting teams arrive four days prior and participate in joint practices. The structure of which could be somewhat mandated to ensure consistency and controlled contact

  26. I think 3 pre-season games are fine, and one extra bye week per team. No less TV revenue, and better for the health of the players. Also, do away with the Thursday after Sunday games. Only have teams coming off a bye week play Thursday, or just do away with them. Or just do one every once in a while, not every week. I’m all for the owners making money, but I’d bet most of the smart owners would agree.

  27. wait till he demands (an) extra regular season game(s). With Goodell, it’s all about ‘follow the money’.
    Altruistic motives he surely does not have.

  28. Are you kidding me! What in God’s world does does this limo riding puppet know about player evaluation or development? Absolutely zilch, zero. I’d love to hear what Tom Coughlin and Bill Belchick said to each other about this idiot”s opinion at their joint camp today. A moron getting 40 million a year who can’t grasp 9th grade physics.

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