Jay Cutler bought jersey No. 6 from Brandon Doughty


Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler wanted to wear No. 6 in Miami, just as he did in Denver and Chicago, so he shelled out a little cash to make it happen.

Backup quarterback Brandon Doughty confirmed that Cutler bought No. 6 from him.

We worked something out,” Doughty said, via the Sun-Sentinel.

There’s no word on how much money Cutler paid Doughty for the number, but given that Cutler has made more than $100 million in his career and Doughty makes the league minimum, it probably wasn’t hard to find a dollar amount that wasn’t a lot in Cutler’s mind but was well worth it in Doughty’s mind.

Doughty said he’s thrilled to be around Cutler, another veteran he can learn from, just as he’s learned from Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore.

“I’ve only really been around him for a day,” Doughty said, “and he’s been all good. Really, really has. Good guy. I respect him a lot, I can pick at his mind. It’s just another guy I can pick at his mind. I picked at Ryan’s, I picked at Matt’s, and now I can pick at Jay’s. It’s pretty cool having another vet guy in there for sure.”

Doughty will now wear No. 7.

29 responses to “Jay Cutler bought jersey No. 6 from Brandon Doughty

  1. did anyone else do a spit take when they read “Cutler has made more than $100 Million in his career”? Damn!

  2. That #6 has led to such a legendary career…I can see why he would want to continue that legacy…his slouching and lack of leadership might not be as recognizable if not for the #6.

  3. I wish it worked this way with cubicles in my office. What, you got the desk by the water cooler? I’ll give you $1000 and my desk fan to move back by Stinky Larry.

  4. Brandon Doughty should be given an opportunity to get on the field. You never know how good a QB is until he gets on the field. I’ll bet Steve Mariucci felt real smart when Kurt Warner mentioned his name in his HOF speech. I guess Mariucci was the QB coach in Green Bay when they let Warner go, without ever giving him a chance to compete. Both Warner and Doughty looked good in college. Warner only got on the field because Trent Green got hurt. Doughty hasn’t been given a chance. They’ll say he looks bad in practice, but obviously Warner did too. After 3 trips to the super bowl and a gold jacket, maybe some of these teams should learn something from Kurt Warner’s experience. Nah. Don’t bet on it. At least Mariucci has a TV job.

  5. Now those #6 DOUGHTY jerseys are worth next to nothing.


    Have to disagree with that. You can always change the patch for “Cutler” and get like 2 bucks.

  6. Tough one here. I can’t blame Doughty for getting some coin, considering he is now the 4th QB on the team. But then there is also the aspect of being a good teammate. I guess I would have said – give me X for it and if I am still with the team at the end of the season I’ll give it back. Not really sure what I would do. I know I would not really be proud of the fact that I had to stoop to sell my number…

  7. It makes me sick that a player like Cutler has made 100 million dollars. I mean what has he done not a thing and he is NOT going to do a thing for the Dolphins.

  8. I hope Cutler plays well and the Fins are competitive this season, it will make the games more fun in the AFCE

  9. Considering what Cutlet’s career has been like thus far, he should probably consider trying a new number.

  10. Sad to watch the Cutler haters go goofy. This guy survived playing for Mikes Shanahan, Martz and Tice and he is still alive? That in itself is amazing.

  11. How about Matt Schaub #25 all time in total earnings with $82,500 million in career.

    Alex Smith #20 all time in total earnings with $93,300 million in career.

  12. Why? Youre a band aid. Youre going to pay for a number for 1 season? Makes no sense. I would have started fresh. Its not like that 6 won you anything in Chicago or Denver.

    1% problems I guess *shrug*

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